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CIA “Manages” Drug Trade, Mexican Official Says

by Alex Newman, The New American:

The Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement in drug trafficking is back in the media spotlight after a spokesman for the violence-plagued Mexican state of Chihuahua became the latest high-profile individual to accuse the CIA, which has been linked to narcotics trafficking for decades, of ongoing efforts to “manage the drug trade.” The infamous American spy agency refused to comment.

In a recent interview, Chihuahua state spokesman Guillermo Terrazas Villanueva told Al Jazeera that the CIA and other international “security” outfits “don’t fight drug traffickers.” Instead, Villanueva argued, they try to control and manage the illegal drug market for their own benefit.

“It’s like pest control companies, they only control,” Villanueva told the Qatar-based media outlet last month at his office in Juarez. “If you finish off the pests, you are out of a job. If they finish the drug business, they finish their jobs.”

Another Mexican official, apparently a mid-level officer with Mexico’s equivalent of the U.S. Department of “Homeland Security,” echoed those remarks, saying he knew that the allegations against the CIA were correct based on talks with American agents in Mexico. “It’s true, they want to control it,” the official told Al Jazeera on condition of anonymity.

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5 comments to CIA “Manages” Drug Trade, Mexican Official Says

  • ChainMailArmor

    The “war on drugs” is a joke and has been since it’s inception. Anyone that has read Michael Levine’s books would definitely know this to be true. During his time at the DEA he was continuously sabotaged when trying to bring down big targets. So much so when he left the DEA he told all in his books.

  • Lone Wolf

    Agree war on drugs is a joke…illigit and licit drugs more prevalent than ever. Legal pharmaceutical use and illegal drug use has grown to be huge business. Americans seem happy to be drugged of their pain rather than face reality. If they did face reality, perhaps the change they want would come much faster. People are less and less consequential to the powers that be because they pay less and less tax with many out of work and the rest sufferring declining purchasing power. Taxes are just not keeping up with the spending desires for world domination. I have ststed many times before the only war on drugs is to elimnate the competition. Beware many other wars waged are after the same aim.

  • Lone Wolf

    ststed = stated

  • Steve_D

    How long before Mr Guillermo Terrazas Villanueva’s headless body is found on the Mexican border?

  • Ed_B

    “How long before Mr Guillermo Terrazas Villanueva’s headless body is found on the Mexican border?”

    Depends on who he REALLY works for.

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