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Central Banks Chomping At the Bit: Perpetual ‘QE’

by Pater Tenebrarum, Financial Sense:

In recent days, numerous central bank bureaucrats have given us hints that another round of pump priming is more or less imminent. It started with John Williams, president of the San Francisco Fed who mused about ‘QE without a limit’. The FT reported:

“The US will make little progress tackling high unemployment before 2014 unless the Federal Reserve eases policy further, one of the central bank’s leading officials has warned in the run-up to a meeting next week where the option of “QE3” will be on the table.The comments by John Williams, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, show how the weak economy is pushing the central bank towards action to support growth.If the Fed launched another round of quantitative easing, Mr Williams suggested that buying mortgage-backed securities rather than Treasuries would have a stronger effect on financial conditions. “There’s a lot more you can buy without interfering with market function and you maybe get a little more bang for the buck,” he said.

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2 comments to Central Banks Chomping At the Bit: Perpetual ‘QE’

  • Glitter1

    Watch carfully going forward for the Congress to suspend the Debt-Ceiling. Then you will see QE to Infinity.

  • Ed_B

    Unless it has escaped their notice, none of the QEs has worked to jump start the US economy. When one does something and the result is not what one desires, then one tries something else that might work better. Doing the same thing over and over in the hope that it will work eventually is not a rational plan. Unless, of course, there is a different plan than has been stated all along that doesn’t care if the US economy improves.

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