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Bitcoin Attacked By Brazil’s Securities Commission, Under The Control of International Finance

from Silver Vigilante:

The equivalent of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil, Comissão de Valores Mobiliários or CVM, has signed a decision ordering the administrator of Grupo de Investimento Bitcoin to cease the government-perceived investment fund. The fund is currently operating with less than $4,500 USD (!). For a peasant in the U.S. trying to raise a family, that is a monthly wage, barely a cell on the financial serpent’s tongue. At Grupo de Investimento Bitcoin, the only funds accepted for investment and profit-taking are bitcoins. Of the decision by the CVM, the group was not informed. Nonetheless, they have been suffering fines of R $5,000 per day, despite not knowing the fine. The group learned through an attorney of the actions being taken against it (likely, the government collections arms will not except bitcoin).

This is no surprise coming from a government that has arisen in the aftermath of a U.S. and western-led coup. . Brazil experienced a coup in 1964, in which the U.S. and the partners, according to Noam Chomsky, installed “the first of a series of neo-Nazi National Security States and [initiated] a plague of repression without precedent in the hemisphere, always strongly backed by Washington” and hailed of course by the establishment as a great triumph for freedom and democracy. In 1976, during this brutal reign of oppression, the CVM was formed.

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