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AZ Congressman Says We Will LOSE Our Fight For The Constitution [EPS #168]

[Ed. Note: The tone of Pete’s show can be volatile, even caustic. So much so that we are treading lightly about posting his material and chose not to post his last show. Your feedback on this or any other issue is of course always welcome below.]

from PeterSantilliTV:

At the top of this episode, Pete plays shocking audio of a Congressman from Arizona Dist 1, Rep. Paul Gosar stating, “Folks…be careful what you tread here, because if all you are going to do is stand just for the Constitution and nothing less, you will lose….”.

Needless to say, Pete goes into a trademarked tirade about defending the U.S. Constitution and insists upon the Congressman resigning for fraudulently disobeying his oath of office.

Pete Santilli presents a very logical, but radical plan for removing politicians from office; replacing them with unemployed people; and with 1 day, revamping our entire system. Despite being considered a “domestic terrorist” by the Department of Homeland Security for his live of liberty and concern for preserving our sovereignty, Pete presents a compelling plan to abolish our government and banking system.

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1 comment to AZ Congressman Says We Will LOSE Our Fight For The Constitution [EPS #168]

  • Anon Patriot

    The U.S. Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND, and precisely what all these politicians swore an oath to uphold. They have failed to uphold that oath. Does this make them TRAITORS? If we were able to ask George Washington this question, I think he’d answer “Yes.” The State is “We, the People”, NOT the politicians in the District of Criminals. The politicians are the ENEMIES OF THE STATE.

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