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We Will Miss You Bob

Friends, it is with sadness that I share the news that Bob Chapman has lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Bob passed away yesterday, June 4, 2012.

Bob was the editor of the International Forecaster and he had been fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer for the last several months. Bob was a pioneer in the info war to educate the people of the world about the globalist banking cabal and their plans for a New World Order.

If you are of the Spiritual persuasion, please consider saying a prayer for Bob’s wife Judy and Bob’s family.

Bob was a long time friend to SGTreport and to Liberty-minded folks all over the planet. I can tell you first hand that Bob was also a really neat person and a very generous soul.

Bob, you are in our thoughts as you transition from this world into the next. Thanks for all you did while you were with us.

Here’s one of my last chats with Bob Chapman, recorded during better days back in February, 2012.

You live life on the edge every day just driving your car on the highway with your kids. Why not live life on the edge for freedom?” – Alex Jones

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77 comments to We Will Miss You Bob

  • Zyll

    My sincere condolences. We will miss you Bob.

    • Mr Numbertaker

      Bob was certainly one of the good guys. A true Gentleman.

      He was never afraid to ‘call it how he saw it’, and I for one always valued his opinions and insight. His presentation style was unique. He will be greatly missed.

      My deepest sympathy goes out to his family.

      • Steve_D

        Bob was a real Gentleman, a true freedom loving Gent. One of the good guys.

        He will be sorely missed, his knowledge and passion will stay with me forever.

        Rest in peace Bob. And to his Family…. You’ll never walk alone

  • david

    This is terrible news. He was a good, respectable man, truly serving a protecting the American People. This is a very big loss for us ladies and gentlemen.

    Julian assange once said “I feel that I have made my days count, so I certainly would not want to exchange days that can be counted for days that cannot,”

    Thanks Bob, you have accomplished very much.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Bob Chapman was one of the great truth tellers, I will miss him. My condolences to his family.

  • Dan

    RIP Bob. Thanks for all you have done.

  • Julian

    Oh no. That’s really sad news. I always enjoyed Bob’s interviews. I thought he sounded very unwell on the last one I listened to, but I didn’t realise it was that bad.

    My thoughts are with his family.
    He fought the fight for us all, and he’ll now watch from afar as his truisms fall in place.

    The little I have at least has a chance to protect me and my family as this storm unravels.
    Thank you Bob for all your knowledge in helping me prepare where I can and it ain’t much!

    God bless you sir from here in the UK.

  • Mother Patriot

    Mr. Chapman was a real “old school” gentleman. His wisdom, humor and truth will be missed.
    God Speed the Right!
    Mother Patriot

  • FiveThousand

    I will miss Bob’s help in understanding the world.

    Condolences to his friends and family.

  • Rossion


    Thank you for bring Bob to me via your SGT Report. I always looked very forward to your discussions. His pursuit for Liberty and Education will be missed but will also remain his legacy.

    I prayed that he is smiling down on his wife and family.

  • Warp

    Bob was the one I would look for each day on alternative media to listen to. He was just everywhere until he wasn’t. I feel sad that he will no longer grace the airwaves with his wisdom. Bob, you will be missed.

  • Rabbit

    I always looked forward to listening to interviews with Bob. He was a true gentleman who took the time to answer whatever questions I had via email. I think I speak for everyone when I say I appreciate everything he has done to spread knowledge and understanding. RIP Bob.

  • WMoksg

    To Mr Chapman, who had generously imparted his knowledge and wisdom , may God bless his soul and to his family , our sincere condolences from Singapore.

  • Scott Sando

    Thank you for all you did Bob, the fight still goes on thanks to you.

  • Rod

    I am so awfully sorry to hear of this news. I never missed an episode of Bob’s audio or newsletter since I was turned on to him a few years back. He was and remains a mentor and almost father like figure. RIP Bob. Aughhh. Terrible news. His family should be extremely proud of Bob’s steadfast dedication to liberty and patriotism. So sorry.

  • GoodOleBoy

    It’s not the end, it’s the beginning. My prayers go out to his family. Be sure to keep his wife, Judy, in your prayers as she had a brain aneurism from the stress and was hospitalized for a time. Their are many other things that the family is facing. He will truly be missed but his legacy and wisedom will live on forever imbedded in the web for all to see and hear if they so choose.

  • bestkeylar

    My condolences to the Chapman family. I admired and respected Bob’s views greatly.

  • We Are Change Windsor

    RIP BOB. It is with great sadness to hear of the loss of such a great man. His inspiration and wisdom will live on forever in the minds of the millions of people he touched. I will greatly miss the commentary and insight he gave of the global crime syndicate and how to defeat them.


  • AgShaman

    Yep…Bob had left his mark on many….I think many would be served well to take a page outta his book….and continue to fight the good fight like Bob did…

  • Tony

    My prayers for the Chapman Family. Bob was a great man, a true American hero who cared for humanity at risk to his own safety, RIP Bob

  • alustoon

    I am very sad. He is gone so fast. Rest in Peace dear Bob. The stone which you helped to push is rolling unstoppable.

  • aelas

    rest in peace bob, thanks for all the great advice and intervieuws you shared with us

  • Johnyknox07

    I emailed Bob once to ask his financial opinion on the direction I should take and he emailed me back quickly with a long email filled with advice and gave me names and numbers of financial advisers in my area. I really appreciated his quick response and legitimate concern he showed me in his email. I have been listening to Bob for a while now and I am really going to miss his unique take based on his experience and personality.

    God Bless Bob,
    You will be missed, but hopefully we learned enough from you to keep the fight moving forward!

  • snowmover

    My condolences also to Bobs family.I know you will be watching over them from above.I will miss your insights. People like you are needed down here to battle the darkside.From where you are now, you see all the truth, and i hope you can slip us a little inside info now and then.
    Thanks again Bob.

  • Jayber

    This is sad, sad news–although not totally unexpected after his daughter’s email. Our prayers here go out to his wife and family as they deal with their loss and continuing trials.

    God speed, Bob. Your caring, wit, wisdom and insights will be much missed. Thank you for all you have done.

  • dishesdealer417

    This is really sad. Fukishima Daiichi takes out another good one. I’m sorry but I really think we are dying over here from the radiation. Cancer is just everywhere these days.

  • F. Steele

    This is really sad and a loss for the gold & silver community. Bob was a smart guy but always had a way of putting things in terms that anyone could understand. You could tell from his voice he was an honest and caring individual. RIP Bob Chapman and peace to your family.

  • Antman

    Sean it was your first interview with Bob that i stumbled on over the net that changed my life forever. My family will never forget you Bob xx

  • Mike

    Thanks Bob for everything.. You were a good man and will be missed..

  • Randy


    Thank you for the last two years of education you have provided for me. I always carefully listened and enjoyed your interviews. THank you for helping to prepare me and my family for what lies ahead. I am so grateful. May God truly bless you for all you have done for the people. We will miss you.

  • zepster

    He was a staunch defender of human rights – sad to see him go.

  • Scott Sando

    Guys, Alex Jones on his show now, says Bob Chapman is still alive. Whats the truth?

    • Scott Sando

      I just checked Bobs website the International Forecaster and there’s no mention of his passing, and he published a article on the 3rd.

  • Dorrogeray

    Reportedly, Bob Chapman that died was a soccer player. I assume that doesn’t change his dire health.

  • Rico

    Thank you for all of your tireless work Bob. We will carry the torch until it is finished. Now go invade the sleep time of the financial thugs like Dimon, Bernanke, Paulson, Blankfein, et al like the Ghost of Christmas Past. Godspeed to you and peace to your family.

  • Bobby

    RIP Bob Chapman.
    I ranked him in the top 3 of the broad based economic commentators.
    Chapman, James Dines and Doug Casey…what a great loss!
    Amazing, here today and gone tomorrow…

  • BUZZ

    A warrior of truth has fallen.

    Perhaps it was a blessing in that he will not have to witness the destruction of the republic.

    Bob helped wake me up and I am very greatful.


  • Wolfe Jordan

    Fare well Bob. One final Salute to you Sir!

  • eagleeye

    He always sounded like a happy-go-lucky bloke. Thanks Bob, you were one of the first people to wake me up to waht’s going on.

  • bbobrm

    I am so sad right now . Bob was a wonderful light in these dark times . Thank you Sean for passing on this terrible news. My condolences to Judy and the rest of his family and closest loved ones.

  • Philip Roberts

    I am shocked. I lost my sister to this ruthless disease a year and a half ago. I had read Mr Chapman’s work for eight years. He was such an inspiration. Dear Sean, thank you for your respect for Mr. Chapman. I will miss his articles, he was so on the money and he just had things in proper perspective. May his loved ones get through this troubled time.

  • Mark S.

    It is really nice to see all of the wonderful things written about Bob. Many of these old Patriots are passing on. Not too often do you see people standing up for the truth and speaking out. I really want to thank Sean for all of his endeavors for filtering out so much crap! In the last 10 years, i have been using the internet as my only source of what is going on in the world. In the last few years i have been using SGTReport to filter out alot of the garbage that is put out into cyberspace. When i first stumbled onto this site, i was pleasantly suprised to see that so many of the people that i admire (like Bob Chapman and others), being interviewed here, and also links to interviews with others. Bob will be missed, and thank you again for all you are doing Sean for being our “filter”!

  • Carol Ferguson

    Bob was an selfless man, i will miss him greatly. I am sure Bob will
    be working for us in his rightful place in heaven. God Bless Bob Chapman

  • Ed Hunter

    I’ve listened to Bob for several years and had a really good email correspondence with him. When I first heard his voice change a few months back I knew it could not be good. I’ll miss him as I know many of us will.

    A note about Bob’s generosity: he carried me for a year on the Forecaster while I was unemployed. I told him about my problem, he said, “how’s a year, free?”

    That’s also how you can remember Bob Chapman. Mostly he was a great American Patriot, one of the last of the post-WWII generation of loyal countrymen who blazed a Freedom Trail so that the rest of us could find our way.

    Thanks Bob for everything you did for us.

  • Scott Sando

    How do we Know Bobs dead?

  • schnitzel

    Bob, you were a wonderful man that open my eyes and saved my family from economic ruin. You will be greatly missed! You will always be thought of on a daily basis. You were loved. Take care my friend.

  • Radek

    Dear Jeni,

    We will miss you father greatly. He was a great person. I will remember him and his kind soul.

    all the best,

  • El Racoon Libre

    Like Obiwan Kenobe, this master jedi passes away just before the great battle.

    Too sad he will not see the Collapsus.

    Rest in peace Bob, rest in peace.

  • cassano

    Bob Chapman was a true warrior
    i thought of him like an uncle
    i will feel his absence
    i am sure that his greatest regret is that he will not finish the battle he has engaged in for the last 50 years and so close to the end game
    near the end i sensed that he was working harder than usual / than he should have
    he knew and he wanted to be there when the walls of Jericho fell- he knew there were others who would carry on – but he wanted to be point
    i am sure he is there in spirit

    we will all miss you Bob
    Gods speed and God bless

  • schnitzel

    This is a link to an interview with Jeni Chapman a few days before his passing. Its very touching and emotional. He was the greatest!
    Its the june 4th interview 2nd down starts at 28:40min in:

    And Bob’s obituary:

  • FiveThousand

    Late last year I emailed Bob with a theory of mine about North Korea.

    I opined that the whole construct of NK being a rogue nation was by design of TPTB (ie. the cabal). He agreed that this is the case – he had long thought that.

    The tip for me was seeing arms made in NK being used by the CIA backed rebels in Libya (as seen in an RT segment about the rebels).

    Thanks, Bob.

  • John B

    R.I.P. Bob Chapman; you were a patriot and a truth teller of the first order.
    There are few that can fill the shoes of such a great man. You will be missed, but not forgotten. The NWO should be very afraid of what this man stood for and what he taught us.

  • chrisiden

    i just heard that Bob is still alive although weak…. anyone else hear about this?
    please post…

  • Sue M

    Bob Chapman’s newsletter were an important education for me. I was privileged to be a subscriber for several years. He was a scholar and a gentleman.
    I will miss his on-target writings.

  • Jeff

    This is sad. I’ve spent so many hours learning from Bob. This leaves me feeling unguided and I sure hope somebody is there to pick up the fight. R.I.P. Bob and God bless his family in these times.

  • Neo

    RIP Bob. Thank you for all you have done.

  • Josh

    I miss you already Bob. You mean so much to all of us.

  • RumbleGuts

    R.I.P. Bob Chapman, and prayers sent for his family and friends, you included Sgtbull.

  • WOLF

    BOB lives in all of us he did his job and spread his fire.

  • Hman

    Sorry to hear of this news. RIP BOB, his message continue to live.

  • Jon

    I listened to Bob for years, sad day. God bless you.

  • eric

    Alex jones says hes alive… bob chapmab the soccer player? Is dead

  • lindsey


  • Mike

    As a man that has worked with precious metals my entire career, I looked for mentors such as Bob. I followed Bob’s observations closely and I am deeply indebted to him (and Sean for making such an effort to awaken people with his interviews) for his foresight. My deepest condolences and prayers are with his family. May we keep the vigilance and passion he tried to instill in us all so that he will be remembered as the patriot he was………..


  • Silver Tsunami

    Wow! I did not know he was so sick…he never let on.
    This is the equivalent of losing a top General during a time of war.
    RIP our Friend of Freedom! You will be sorely missed!
    For those of you with breath left to fight, I implore you, FIGHT ON! FIGHT ON!

  • kpt hörntand

    What a guy, what a true american hero as i view the US from a tiny tv-screen during the 70-80s.
    I hope you guys give him public respect when all settles down, bob chapman road, bob chapman statue.
    Bob woke my friend up and educated then both of us.
    Thanks for posting that excellent video, nice hear it again.

  • Sue

    Been a fan and paid subscriber to the International Forecaster for the last several years– it is INTERESTING…

    Bob Chapman, who died on June 4, has given a GREAT GIFT to Americans– and the world, through the continuing viability of America — with his ‘final Issue’ dated Saturday, June 2 :

    He provides an article by Mike Bucks about CAFR (which Walter Burien has been tirelessly researching and publicizing for many thankless years) — the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports that EVERY stale, local and city and town keep. They are ‘secret’ accounts that often contain millions, hundreds, even billions of dollars worth of assets and investments– all kept ‘hidden’ from the citizens, while the governments cry ‘Poverty! Need more taxes!’

    The article makes a compelling case for states setting up their own banks for citizens using these ‘secret’ funds brought into the open– like the very successful North Dakota state bank.


    Do America a favor — read Bob Chapman’s Final Newsletter (free!) from June 3 and if you believe it — make it go VIRAL!!

  • Elise

    From: Judy Chapman
    Sent: Sun, June 3, 2012 9:14:28 AM
    Subject: Bob Chapman
    June 2, 2012

    My name is Jeni and I am Bob and Judy Chapman’s daughter. Over the past months many of you have emailed Bob and Judy concerning my fathers health and his replies have been very vague. Some people have been talking on the radio and Bob feels you deserve to hear everything so you know the truth.

    In January 2012 Bob went to a medical doctor and had tests and CT scans done, Bob was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that had already metastasized to his liver, he was not a candidate for surgery or radiation therefore Bob chose to try alternative treatments, many of which came via email from his many friends and followers. During these treatments he was not seen by medical doctors. He was led to believe that the cancer was being arrested. I noticed, as many of you did from listening to Bob on the radio that his voice had changed and something was wrong. Bob continued to say that he was just tired and he would be back to himself soon. My dad did not even tell me what was going on, but like allot of you I could tell something was wrong. When I asked my mom, she struggled not to say anything, as directed by Bob.

    At the end of April I booked a flight to go see my parents and what was going on with Bobs’ health because now my concern was great as he was no longer acting like himself. I phoned Bob’s business partner, Victor Hugo, to arrange for him to pick me up from the airport. While on the phone I asked how Judy was doing and Victor stated that they had just admitted her to the hospital, she had a brain aneurism due to the stress of the situation I was about to face. Finding out that way was disheartening but I arrived at Bob and Judy’s house the day Judy returned from the hospital. Thank the Lord, she was alright and is on medication now.

    Once I saw my dad I cried. He had lost 70 pounds and was very weak. His business partner was in charge of both Bob and Judy’s care. There was no food in the house, only fruits, vegetables, and chicken broth which they were feeding Bob on the direction from the person in charge of the alternate therapy he chose. My mother did not drive so she relied on Victor to get what they needed.

    My dad has been type 2 diabetic for a number of years and so I checked his blood sugar and it was almost 400, a normal adult should be around 100. I explained this to Victor and Bob, along with the fact that Bob needed to be consuming calories, water, taking insulin, and walking. Bob was very dehydrated and malnourished.

    Next, I called a medical doctor I personally know where they lived and arranged for him to supply Bob with a calorie drip, and insulin. Then I reviewed Bobs condition with the alternative therapist and Victor and they both assured me that Bob was getting better, even though they had no proof because Bob had not seen a medical doctor since January and therefore had received no more CT scans. He did have blood work taken, from his home, and sent out to the lab by Victor, however that showed the cancer count going down. Victor tried to tell my friend the medical doctor that my dad did not need the drip without my knowledge, however the doctor approached me to confirm this and I made sure that Bob got what he really needed to improve his health and return my parents to the states. It took me 2 ½ weeks to build Bob’s strength and weight (he gained 6 pounds) to allow him to fly back.

    Upon arrival, I brought Bob to a Radiological Oncologist to review his blood work and scans. The Oncologist asked my dad about his treatments since January and Bob proceeded to explain them and ended with his comment that the cancer in his pancreas was arrested. The doctor was in awe, and informed Bob that he was gravely mistaken. The Oncologist had printed out Bob’s CT scans and showed and explained them to Bob. The cancer in his pancreas in January was only 1 inch by 2 ½ inches and now was 5 inches by 7 inches. The cancer cells in the liver began as 2 spots in January, and were now 4 times as large. He also informed us that the monthly blood results supplied by Victor could not be Bob’s. He said “This blood work does not match your scans.” Bob was devastated, to think that he was betrayed by the man he worked with and trusted for 10 years. This Oncologist stated that Bob was not a candidate for radiation and referred us to a Medical Oncologist.

    After Bob’s appointment with the Medical Oncologist, blood work and a PET scan was ordered and Bob was scheduled to have a port put in for fluids, blood work, and any future treatment of the cancer. The next couple of days Bob and Judy relaxed with family by going out shopping and hitting some golf balls. Bob spoke to some people on the phone and did some dictation with me for the upcoming IF. Bob also, as always continued to personally respond to all of your emails. My dad loved being on the radio and writing the IF.

    On Tuesday, May 22nd Bob went in for his pre-op appointment at the hospital and everything went well, when we returned home he was tired so he took a nap, I told him I would wake him for lunch. At 1:30, when I went to wake him, he could not stand on his own. I took him to the emergency room. Around 11pm he was transferred to ICU and we learned the severity of my dad’s condition.

    We learned: Bob has had a urinary tract infection for so long that it had infected his blood, his blood sugar was still very high, his blood pressure was so low that they needed to give him the maximum amount of medicine just to get his blood pressure up to 90/50. He had one blood clot in his right leg and multiple in his left. His kidneys were beginning to fail and his liver was already not working. We all were surprised because we had no idea Bob had this many underlying conditions. Because of the blood clots and cancer, his platelet count was 27 and his white blood cell count was low. The doctors could not insert the MediPort, a TP line, or stints for his liver and filters for his blood clots because of the possibility of him bleeding out during these procedures, or even being able to recover. While in ICU Bob called and said good bye to his sisters and childhood friends that he was still in contact with.

    On Monday, May 28th, we brought him home where he spends his days with his immediate family. My mother has been seen by a physician here and her blood pressure is being controlled.

    Bob has not spoken to his partner, Victor. We have tried to contact him by phone and email and he has not responded. He controlled everything for Bob and Judy, from their accounts to the IF website. This is why you all received this week’s IF via email. We have been told by Bob and Judy’s previous neighbors, that someone has gone into their home and removed their furniture and belongings. Neither Bob nor Judy will return there, they will remain with me and my family in the states.
    Bob wants the IF to continue so we will do our best to bring you editorials from various individuals that share Bob’s views. We are working on a new site address and email, as Victor is in control of the current one. As soon as we re-launch the IF, we will email everyone. Please keep your eyes open for this email as there will be many changes coming.

    Thank you for the emails of love, prayers, concerns, and stories. There is nothing more rewarding then to read or talk to you and hear how my father has touched your life. I read them to my dad or relay the conversations I have had with some of you. It makes me cry, not in sorrow, but in joy because I am so proud of my father. He is such a compassionate man willing to help everyone from a 10 year old that needed soccer cleats, to a 70 year old couple that needed advice on their retirement. Over the years, he personally responded to everyone he could. Those are some shoes to fill, but we are willing to try.

    I hope you will continue to support the IF and keep Bob’s dream alive.

    Thank you,


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