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Watching the Clock: Will a Total Economic Collapse Occur in September-October?

by SGT

People like to ask about dates. “When do you think the collapse will happen?” they ask. What are your thoughts on the Mayan calendar? How ’bout December 21st, 2012?

Most of us informed and awake folks aren’t interested in trying to predict specific dates. That’s an art best left to Nostradamus. That said, highly respected truth tellers James Turk and John Williams have both tied dates to predictions. In an interview with James Turk he told me that he thinks we will see $400 silver and $8,000 gold some time between 2013-2015. And John Williams firmly believes the die has been cast for hyperinflation in the United States, likely beginning in 2014.

Over the past 48 hours we’ve stumbled across three separate pieces of information, all predicting essentially the exact same thing regarding a fall 2012 economic collapse. Serendipity or coincidence, it’s information I want to pass on. As always, discussion is welcomed below.

The first warning is from a St. Louis based police officer who called into the Alex Jones radio show on Sunday, June 24th. The second warning comes our way via the Silver Doctors. And the third came today from unflappable Director of UBS Floor Operations Art Cashin. All three warnings are presented here for your benefit and consideration:

The first warning came our way via the Sunday broadcast of the Alex Jones radio show. Jones announced that he only wanted to take calls from members of the military or police. A man identifying himself as a police officer named ‘Jim’ called in to report some startling information.

We have been told that in October we need to be prepared for an event that will require us to use air and ground support, in conjunction with the military here.

During the call Jim comes across as passionate, sincere and very shaken by the information he tries to share. After the commercial break, Jim gets choked up as he tries to convey his appreciation for what Alex Jones has tried to do in terms of waking people up in the effort to save the Republic from the clutches of the forces seeking to destroy it. Now, nearly in tears, Jim concludes by saying “This country’s dead Alex. It’s gone” before unexpectedly hanging up.

Here’s the entire call including the head of the show with the date of the broadcast for posterity’s sake. I edited out the commercial break, and posted this call on my backup You Tube channel SGTreport, so please subscribe in case my main channel SGTbull07 is ever disabled or removed by You Tube.

Warning 2 from Silver Doctors, on Monday:

LEAP/2020 has issued a RED ALERT for the Western banking system, stating that Europe’s hour of payment has arrived, and compares the next two months to the Israelites circling Jericho for 7 days prior to blasting the trumpets. LEAP/2020′s red alert states the Western banking system’s trumpet blast will occur in September or October.

The seven blasts of the trumpets of Jericho marking the September October 2012 period will cause the “Dollar Wall’s” last sections and the walls which have protected the world as we know it since 1945 to collapse. The shock of the autumn 2008 will seem like a small summer storm compared to what will affect planet in several months.

The third warning comes by way of Art Cashin and Zero Hedge on Tuesday morning:

While Europe is dominating headlines this week, UBS’ Art Cashin suggests “mark your calendar and cross your fingers” as he notes the disproportionate prevalence of events that occur in September. Focusing on The Economist’s Greg Ip’s recent post on a possible seasonal pattern in banking crises, via this recent Reinhart & Rogoff extension paper by Laeven and Valencia, he notes: “The frequency with which the world goes to hell in September seems hardly random.” Unfortunately the authors provide no explanation for this beyond observing, “An interesting pattern emerges: banking crises tend to start in the second half of the year, with large September and December effects.”

No one can possibly know exactly when the death of the Western fiat banking system will occur. We just know that it will collapse – it cannot be stopped. And increasingly it looks like it will happen sooner rather than later.

This is not fear porn. It’s the reality of the dire times we now find ourselves in. Take heed, and prepare the best you can.

We are all in this mess together.

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154 comments to Watching the Clock: Will a Total Economic Collapse Occur in September-October?

  • Loren

    Night follows day and it is about to get very dark in the world.

  • Zyll

    Thanks SGT, for mirroring that important intel from Alex Jones. I appreciate your due diligence as a Watchman.

  • Loren

    Get your sling shots ready, Goliath wants another go. Sharpen your swords, get the baseball bats ready and tell the American people that with gun in hand they are the largest standing army in the world. It is time to act like the patriots we are. Bring it on traitors. Have we got a message for you.

  • Nathan

    Sean, I too have been noticing a repeating theme of September/October. Although, honestly, I think if our banking system makes it that long, twil be a miracle.

    One thing’s for certain, the clock’s ticking, and our time to prepare is running out.

  • Tony

    James Turk? LMFAO like he is in anyway credible. If I had a £ for every time he was wrong Id be bloody rich. As for the Alex Jones caller, nothing would surprise me with this clown, even that he paid some ejit to call in.

    • SGT

      Glad to hear you have all the answers Tony, thanks for sharing, very helpful. As for James Turk, I KNOW him personally, and he’s a very kind and honorable person.

      • Tony

        Im kind an honorable, that does not make me right or a trustworthy source.

        • dishesdealer417

          Do you have James Turk’s pedigree in the business of metals & finance???

          • Tony

            You call being wrong all the time PEDIGREE? you know hes known as the $70 silverman

            • dishesdealer417

              You obviously have an axe to grind with Turk. There is somebody here with a “I hate Maloney” campaign going on and Ranting Andy hates some guy I’ve never heard of and now chris Duane is going after every freaking body else as being wrong.

              Is this a kind of stir crazy, let the crap fall already mania??

              • Tony

                Who said anything about axes to grind, I dont know him dont care to know him just know hes been wrong so many times and when I highlight it people like you point fingers of hate at me? I read Mike Maloneys book and followed his work, have I mentioned his name here?
                There are two sides to this coin, yes there is bad shit happening but how many times have we heard this collapse crap……all these truthers have made predictions and they have all been wrong including Duane?

                • dishesdealer417

                  Turk has not been wrong all the time. that is simply not true. He may have been wrong part of the time but that doesn’t make everything he says untrue. Celente has been wrong on the timing too but he is not wrong overall on what is happening. He has stated that he underestimated the will of the elite to break any laws to keep this mess up. Now he doesn’t really give out dates.

                  I can say the sky is purple and be wrong but it is a logical fallacy to say that everything I then state is wrong too.

              • Josh

                Dishesdealer…no disrespect at all, but Tony has a very valid point. James Turk has been premature or flat-out wrong on his past forecasts and if memory serves me correctly, he often appears on King World News (a complete mess of jouranlistic eisegesis if there ever was one). Alex Jones has been right on some things and sensationally wrong on other things. His journalistic eisegesis also gives him a credibility issue, unfortunately.

                Tony also shot back at SGT’s circular reasoning with his own similar counter. At face value, I can’t take SGT’s assertion that he knows James Turk as a credible statement when SGT himself is rather anonymous and often times brings “Kings of Eisegesis” to his broadcasts, such as the laughable Lindsey Williams.

                For the record, I respect SGT Report, but I want to point out glaring gaps of quantification in the sources.

                • SGT

                  OK then, I should have added, James Turk is a very “credible” precious metals information source for anyone with a brain and the ability to look back at his decade+ prediction history. He “predicted” $400 silver and $8,000 gold, in 2001 or so when silver was near $4 and gold was near $250. Give it a rest fellas. Dissing James Turk today is best categorized as arm-chair Quarterbacking by Johnny-come-latelies.

                • Josh

                  SGT…fair point about James Turk’s credibility. I am actually in the middle of reading his book so I know he’s credentialed and generally on-point. My point was more towards his recent calls, but I will drop it since it’s rather nit-picky.

                • Glitter1

                  Turk and others are credible commentators in an un-manipulated system. The Banksters, Insider Hedge Funds, JP, HSBC, PPT all have their minions reading all the commentaries i.e., SGT, KWN,Info Wars,& others daily. So the insiders take the satisfaction in crushing the market. They know what we know before we know it and use insider manipulation to pull the rug from under all of us.We will win, keep the faith.

                • Ken

                  Josh and Tony. Good to hear there is still some common sense out there. I agree with all their comments about Turk, Lindsey Williams and Alex Jones.

        • iguana one

          Then why comment at all? Truth is staring at you. Truth is always more bizzare than fiction. Really. It is.

  • Phez

    That is a very interesting phone call on AJ. Odd enough I find this absolutely true. For instance, I was driving in traffic the other day and happen to notice a police officer pulling a car over, as I approached the scene, the officer had his side arm drawn and to my surprise, the driver of the pulled over car was a young teenage girl. I really thought nothing of it as I do not know the circumstances for which the officer felt the need to draw his weapon. But a few days later, I witnessed the same thing, and yet again the vehicle pulled over was driven by another younger person. Now after reading this and talking with some other folks who are “in the know” with law enforcement, I truly feel there is something going on behind the scenes. My advice is to just go on about your business and keep your nose clean. It is not law enforcement I am concerned with, it is the citizens that will feel the need to rebel irresponsibly causing much unnecessary civil unrest that we need to be aware of. Tuck those valuables away from your homes and keep a steady eye in your neighbor hoods. Keep your pals “Smith and Wesson” close by! Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again!!!

  • dishesdealer417

    Just because one guy said it with a lot of emotion doesn’t mean it is true, but, on the other hand it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Alex Jones doesn’t know for sure any of these people are police or military.

    While there are much larger populations in the northern part of the state (K.C. & St. L) I would think they would need to worry more about the rugged heavily armed individualists in the rest of the mostly rural state. But then maybe they know not to mess with the rest of us because we are so heavily armed and spread out all over. It is more efficent to control the populations of the big cities then have to dilute manpower all over the rest of the state.

    • Phez

      Right, and I just don’t know how much trust I can put in Alex Jones. But the situations I described in my above post raise my suspicions somewhat, but as I said, I don’t know those individual circumstances either. Most people who just mind their own business and keep their noses clean should only have to worry about the yahoos who might feel the need to be disruptive……

  • AJW

    SGT, I think that the previous story you posted about the General was a fake.

    No doubt TPTB would like to setup FEMA regions, but the way it was written just seemed like BS to me.

    Could TPTB have attempted to post this fake story in order to gauge our reaction and test our resolve?


    • SGT

      I should have set that previous piece up better. The person who sent it to me has been a long-time SGTreport reader. We have exchanged e-mails from time to time and he has shared other information with me regarding the mortgage fraud, etc. The information and links he’s provided in the past have been helpful in the search for truth. That “letter” did not come from some random poster I have never heard of before – Again, I wish I had set that up better but it was 1:00 am and I was beat – also, his real name is not “Mike W”, he asked that I use that to protect his privacy.

      • AJW

        Crap, I was hoping that it was a fake story.

        Oh well, I still don’t think that there is any way that they can pull this off. People are waking up fast. Once the “good old boys” in the red states start to wake up in mass, then it is game over for TPTB.


        • Frank Zak

          The story on the General was obviously real.

          I have sat on my balcony and watched the black
          op operations in Downtown L. A. They used Blackhawk
          Helocopters and guys were coming down ropes onto
          skyscrapers. It was all over the news.

          So many thousands of troups came from out of state
          into California in January, Russia actually asked
          the USA Gov what was going on.

          I was a major blogger on the coming real estate crash
          in early 2006 getting people prepared and contacting
          editors. There were many of us telling the public.
          I sold my own home and moved into a rental for the
          first time in my life.

          Now I have returned and can buy nearly twice as much.

          No one believed us. The Fed Chairman said in congress
          early 2006 it has never happenned before and won’t happen now. He
          also said a couple years ago they would not monetize
          the debt.

          I have been a real estate broker over 30 years. I know for a fact
          they were being warned by high powered people a catastrophe
          was about to occur. They lied to the public.

          If you blog about the Fed they will find you. They are
          malicious bastards. Moles all over the blogosphere.

          Like Celente says, they are criminals. They are the root
          of all evil. The Fed must go. MUST GO.

  • Nathan

    Oh, and look…is it any coincidence that this man from St. Louis says this, right on the heels of this military exercise? They can’t be coincidence.

    • dishesdealer417

      Yeah, he could be an unstable attention seeking fan boy of Alex Jones who saw the headline all over the alternate media and decided to get some attention for himself too.

      I would like some of these callers & letter writers to have some kind of vetting before I am going to believe them. “Jim” and “mike” are too nebulous. Now the other writers (Turk and Doc) who have real names and reputations on the line will get my attention. I respect James Turk. Art Cashin seems to have a decent handle on the general situation in my opinion so I am willing to give some credence to what they say.

  • zepster

    I don’t know – many false alarms since ’08. Perhaps we end up with a big war over Syria, perhaps not. Have to see.

  • Clint

    SGT, wondering if you have ever considered a Galt’s Gulch? 20-50 like minded libertarians, who also are “preppers” and believe in honest money could easily come together and pool their money and buy a 150 acre ranch in the American Redoubt for 30 – 40 thousand per family. So you basically create your own community making sure the community has at least a doctor, an ex-military guy who is awake and a couple of farmers. I’m the farmer. And I believe that the best way to make it out of this coming collapse is to be around like minded people. If nothing more than for security reasons of looting and theft. Love to know what you think. Thanks for all your hard work in compiling these websites instead of me having to go to each place one by one. Take care.

    • dishesdealer417

      I think Chris Duane on Silver shield report is already pushing that concept for those joining his money paid only club.

      • PitBull Pappa

        As a member of the silver shield report… I can neither confirm nor deny that accusation…;)

        I like you’re open minded logical thinking dishes… you’re contrarian view points are refreshing to read.

        Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


        • dishesdealer417

          Huh? He does videos saying he wants a galt’s gulch sort of place and you have to pay to get into his whatever clubby thing so… is kind of obvious.

          • PitBull Pappa

            Well… tell me what is wrong with wanting to set up a like minded community of like minded individuals after the collapse occurs? And the reason there is a fee to join the SSR is because of the types of stupid fucktards who come to free open forums to talk sh!t and start controversy for sh!t’s n’ giggles. Just look at some of the comments on this post alone and you can see what I’m refering to. There are some really cool and open minded individuals here like us and then there are those who just don’t get it.

            Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


    • dishesdealer417

      And Doug Casey for the rich crowd are pushing some compound in Argentina but Argentina has a bad bad history of politcal & monetary instability. Just Read Fernand Ferfal Aguirre’s book on the devaluations and outright theft of most of their citizens wealth.

      The president of Argentina just “nationalized” which mean stole by force a spanish Oil comany. But then she said it was okay because they didn’t take all of it. Do they think they can trust her not to take what they have?? She has already stolen by force from foreigners.

      • bubba

        dishes…I have research casey’s cafeyette la de da…they are looking for servants to work the napa valley lifestyle…cheap labor for them, etc.etc.etc…..

        presidents as we know can be paid off to look the other way…just more of the same somewhere else.

        • dishesdealer417

          Yeah, I think I read that because they are way out in the country up north of the major cities then they think they will be okay and they have some ex governor elite on the golf club roster for free or something like that so they think that will make them okay but I don’t buy it.

          The local Argentinian elites aren’t going to want a bunch of rich far more northern american (americans & canadian) rich folk coming in to compete with them for power, influence, servants etc. They need to watch out for the local elites who may very well take what they have and kick them out or kill them. Unless their kids inter-marry with blood ties to the local Argentinian elite, then they aren’t going to be safe. Doug Casey has a good reputation in the field but a good repuatation wouldn’t make me forego my own judgment about Argentina.

          I would rather be in mexico where they will be nice to any tourist with money to spend because if they don’t other tourists won’t come there and they are really dependent on tourist money. Even if a lot of americans are buying the crap about narco terrorists slaughtering thousands on the streets of every town, asian and russian tourists are pouring in. They don’t hurt tourists there in the tourist areas. Go into a local bad neighborhood and you might as well be going in the south side of chicago gang territory, but how is that different than here at home???

          • Jj

            I suspect it will be open season on any American abroad. The image of the rich gringo is just too powerful, and will be exploited when the finger pointing starts. Even smart people will concede it is human nature to find an object to vent on, in order to begin a recovery. These mind sets will even condemn the Canadian, not waiting for passports or believing the most convincing. I bristled when first hearing of my countrymen running away, but have come to grips with it. I know my neighbors and will be proud to stand with them in whatever comes. The feint of heart will only confuse resolve. For me, THAT is America.

  • Kimo

    Fraud Ring In Hacking Attack On 60 Banks
    Some 60m euro is stolen from bank accounts in a massive cyber raid, after fraudsters raid dozens of banks around the world.

    This came out on Silver Doctors and is on Sky News. SGT what have you heard or anyone out there? This thing is here and now. We should see Gold and Silver Skyrocket! Now this is just a guess. People should run and take their money out of the system.

  • Kimo

    Fraud Ring In Hacking Attack On 60 Banks
    Some 60m euro is stolen from bank accounts in a massive cyber raid, after fraudsters raid dozens of banks around the world.

    This came out on Silver Doctors and is on Sky News. SGT what have you heard or anyone out there? This thing is here and now. We should see Gold and Silver Skyrocket! Now this is just a guess. People should run and take their money out of the system.

  • Scott Sando

    Why St Louis? Has there been any cops coming forward from other cities? I did a quick search on the St Louis area and came up with the New Madrid Seismic Zone I wouldn’t possibly suggest that the elite would use HAARP to trigger the New Madrid fault,would I.

    • Scott Sando

      FEMA warning.

      In a report filed in November 2008, The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency warned that a serious earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone could result in “the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States,” further predicting “widespread and catastrophic” damage across Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and particularly Tennessee, where a 7.7 magnitude quake or greater would cause damage to tens of thousands of structures affecting water distribution, transportation systems, and other vital infrastructure. The earthquake is expected to also result in many thousands of fatalities, with more than 4,000 of the fatalities expected in Memphis alone.

      The potential for the recurrence of large earthquakes and their impact today on densely populated cities in and around the seismic zone has generated much research devoted to understanding in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. By studying evidence of past quakes and closely monitoring ground motion and current earthquake activity, scientists attempt to understand their causes and recurrence intervals.

      • dishesdealer417

        I get soo tired of people who talk about the New Madrid seismic zone. I’ll bet they don’t even know how to pronounce it correctly and no it isn’t how it looks.

        I live in the Ozarks and for full disclosure, we do have earthquake insurance on the house. However, it costs almost nothing a year because the risk is almost nothing according to the insurance company.

        If Haarp is a reality then we might have something to worry about, otherwise NO. Extensive research has been done on the fault and it only blows every around 400-600 years and it blew a massive quake with aftershocks in 1811-1812.

        Do you ever stop to think that chemtrails over america are anti-haarp defenses againt china’s program? If you can spray chemicals that make haarp work, then is it possible that there are other chemicals that can be sprayed to stop another country from using their haarp weapon against us? Either way we are all probably going to get black lung disease or something from all the chemicals they are spraying

        • Scott Sando

          Cool, just throwing it in the mix.

          • dishesdealer417

            If the New Madrid fault blows a big one and we still have electricity and internet in this area to the east of the boothill (fault zone) then I will be the first to let you know how it is going from the trenches.

            If the fault blows on a north/south axis again like it did in 1811 then we should be mostly okay here, however, if it blows on a east/west then we could be in trouble up here on the ozarks plateau because we would get a nasty shaking and with all the undocumented caves underground a lot of houses/streets are going to end up falling into big holes. At least that is what a geology major I was dating back in college told me.

        • alena

          why would they spray China then too?! Why does USA own China money? Why is China supported in any other economic way and ‘PROTECTED’ as a political system?! Have you ever thought of that?

  • Josh

    We have issues with quantification and bias that need to be considered:

    “The first warning came our way via the Sunday broadcast of the Alex Jones radio show…” People that know me personally know that I love listening to the Alex Jones show. That said, a lot of the crazy stuff (which essentially is the entire radio program nowadays) needs to be taken with a troy ounce of salt. First problem is recent credibility issues: Alex said something’s going to happen in Chicago during the summit meeting (…for the record, nothing happened). Last year, Webster Tarpley reported to Alex that the Libyan population was heavily armed and an apocalyptic firefight was going to occur in Tripoli should NATO forces invade. Libya fell with nary a whimper, and Qaddafi was shortly afterwards dead. Alex attempted to cover his journalistic naked short position by suggesting that Qaddafi was not dead, but for the record, he’s still dead. And let’s not forget those “End of America 2011” commercials that were running well into 2012! Also, how are we supposed to quantify the source? A police officer named Jim … unless the source can definitively be credited, is credentialed and brought to public record, the statement carries very little weight. And sounding sincere, passionate and shaken doesn’t help the quantification/credibility issue one bit.

    “Warning 2 from Silver Doctors, on Monday…” The Silver Doctors sell silver so they are a biased source, regardless of their qualifications. It’s like asking a mechanical engineer who works for BMW whether he prefers BMW or Mercedes Benz. No one is suggesting that the engineer lacks intellectual capabilities, but the material fact that he has skin in the game would raise red flags about partiality. SD raise valid points, no doubt, but their biased position makes their reports more susceptible to eisegesis.

    In fact, the reason why it’s so hard to wake up our neighbors with alternative media sources is because much of it is one giant exercise of eisegesis. The liberty movement can significantly improve credibility by emphasizing exegetical journalism and rational, quantifiable sources.

    • Scott Sando

      Start your own blog then Josh, be the change that you want to see in the world.

      • Josh

        Hi Scott,

        I have my own website but that’s not the point I want to get across. It’s the fact that when a person wants to get an important, valid point across, that person will use the most reputable, the most credentialed, the most reliable source available. Citing an anonymous Alex Jones caller raises credibility issues on both ends, and quite simply, I’d be fired if I used it as a source for a major news article.

        And whether someone is a “good guy” or a “bad guy” like Bix Weir likes to say, there’s still such a thing as bias, which was my argument about the Silver Doctors.

        Ultimately, liberty movement folks (myself included) need to button up our journalistic standards or else we will eventually fall into the same liberally biased cesspit that is the mainstream media.

    • SGT

      Josh, The information provided here is free and for the public benefit. If you see no value in it, don’t read it. And best of all, I don’t have a ‘donate’ button or a fee for “premium content”, so you’ve lost absolutely nothing while still being able to leave comments. A win-win for you I’d say. BTW, you forgot to diss Art Cashin and Zero Hedge too – what are you issues with them? One works for UBS, while the other is the most popular alternative financial news blog on earth. Biased, right? Stick with CNN and Fox News, they’re completely unbiased real news sources.

      • Josh

        SGT …I respect you sir, so despite what you feel are my “crappy comments,” I will continue to view your websites on a daily basis as they provide great information.

        I listen to Alex Jones a good 1 – 2 hrs a day and because of his wild outbursts and heavily slanted biases, it’s getting more and more difficult to call him a credible source. I once tried to wake up my co-workers by playing his radio program out loud, but he started ranting about private biological parts and that was it…I couldn’t tarnish my professional reputation anymore. Now it’s just headphones!

        I also feel that it’s important to bring out the fact that while bullion dealers may be nice guys, they’re not necessarily your friends. They’re business people first, and that’s okay. But since they have a specific bias in the bullion market, their statements/reports have to be taken with that bias in mind.

        That’s all! I actually know some of the folks that interviewed you so I have great respect and admiration for your work. Just a strong difference in opinion on some matters (Aside from my dislike/suspicion of LW… that probably won’t change any time soon, I’m afraid).

        Thank you

        • SGT

          I actually removed “crappy” a minute after I wrote it, my bad. Your entitled to your opinion. thanks Josh. BTW, please give me a list of the top 5 people you would like me to interview, I’m always looking for new sources. Been meaning to talk with Mike Krieger and others.

          • dishesdealer417

            It is good to be the king. You get to edit.

            • SGT

              just the “crappy” stuff I write. I am Editor of the SGTrpeort, besides very long hours 24/7 it’s one of my few perks d. 🙂

              • dishesdealer417

                You are probably right to limit the use of editing. I’ve seen it used to bad effect on other sites. While I would like to be able to fix my typos I think that making a comment that you know will have to stand as is keeps people a little more civil.

                I think you have revealed before that you are in fact a trained journalist with a degree in the field? So I find it interesting that Josh thinks is necessary to “school” you on the subject.

                • Josh

                  For the record, I’m not trying to school SGT; he’s obviously extremely accomplished and insightful and I have taken his “food shortage” videos to heart, despite it being produced some time ago.

                  Also, I didn’t know that SGT has journalism credentials, but that still has nothing to do with questions about the credibility of an anonymous caller to the AJ show. He could be the real deal or he could be your local plumber…we have no way of truly verifying.

                  Anyways, bottom line…we both have strong opinions about certain subject matters. It happens. Maybe I shouldn’t have so easily dismissed the concept of silver manipulation like I did on earlier posts, but hey, I learn a lot from these debates rather than just agreeing with everything!

                  Thanks SGT and to all the commentators…it was a good round, but now that it’s died down a bit, hopefully we can all grab a beer and laugh about it! 🙂

                • SGT

                  Deal Josh. Stella’s all around.

                • dishesdealer417

                  I agree that the caller to the alex jones show is suspect and should be taken with some skepticism. I disagreed with your comments toward Turk.

          • Josh

            SGT … regarding the top 5, my wish list would be:

            Gregory T. Weldon – Author of Gold Trading Boot Camp

            JS Kim –

            Hubert Moolman –

            Paul Mladjenovic –

            Jim Rogers

  • Chris

    Ok so let me get this straight, we are basing a “possible” economic collapse on some random cop who provides no evidence, just what he has been told, on alex jones who thinks everything is a conspiracy, an article on zero hedge again with ZERO evidence and leap, great how about we throw cliff high in the mix as well and wear some tin foil hats. You people wonder why no one takes preppers seriously, REALLY?

    • Scott Sando

      So you don’t think there’s going to be a economic crash then, you are really weird.

      • Alvin

        Germans hailed it as mediocre TOILET PAPER…. that will be the ONLY enjoyment Chris will get from paper dollars.

      • Tony

        Typical, when someone points out how wrong so called “truthers” are they get hounded? No 2 way discussion on here its either believe the collapse/gold/silver crowd and dont question the masters or we will send you packing.
        These truthers are gods in their own right and should never be questioned no matter what [email protected] they say.

        • SGT

          Tony, this is your idea of a fruitful two-way “discussion”?

          “…alex jones who thinks everything is a conspiracy, an article on zero hedge again with ZERO evidence and leap, great how about we throw cliff high in the mix as well and wear some tin foil hats. You people wonder why no one takes preppers seriously, REALLY?”

          You wrote: “No 2 way discussion on here its either believe the collapse/gold/silver crowd and dont question the masters or we will send you packing.”

          No one here is asking you to “believe” anything. Plus, you’re still here. You can do your own research, each must make his own road in this life.

        • Scott Sando

          No you misheard me, I didn’t say I was God I said I was Zod, now Kneel before Zod.

        • dishesdealer417

          I disagree with people all the time on this site, nobody hounds me about it…….much. But that is okay by me. I respect my own judgment enough not to get all freaked out by people who disagre with me. they are entitled to their opinions and I’m afraid we are going to find out sooner than any of us would like “who is right and who is dead” (Princess Bride)

      • chris

        sgt i am disappointed at your attack to “enjoy my fiat” no where in my post did i mention whether or not i hold PMs, so your post holds very little water with me. I wrote my post to state that there is NO evidence in any of the three stories that are all happening at once, one cop’s testimony whether he is upset or not does not constitute as absolute truth and alex jones is considered by some as a conspiracy theorist. There is no evidence I read that proves to me something may happen this fall. Tony is correct in the fact that if you deviate from the norm on this website people get all up in arms, I would like to add that I do own PMs, poor assumption on your part sgt

    • dishesdealer417

      “Jim” and “mike” are suspect in my opinion, however, Turk, Doc & Cashin will get my interest and respect. I think that this mess is trying hard to crash and the elite are desperately trying to make it to the elections. I really don’t know that they are going to make it there.

      So the date seems plausible to me, just from the opinions I respect and my own judgment

    • jeff

      Are we supposed to take your comment seriously or are you just throwing mud in the mix to sow confusion? I think the latter. ANYBODY paying the slightest attention knows the entire financial/economic system is coming down – is it only a matter of time. “Credible” sources are not going to tell the useless eaters what is happening – it is up to us to dig out the truth where we can. Nobody said this story was to be taken as absolute literal fact. It is in the wind and was pulled together into one place to make it easier for you and me to see what is out there. If you want to be a bitter clinger to the fiat world, that’s your option.

      PS – Santa Clause isn’t real either.

  • dana

    I understand that the manipulation is ongoing, ever-present and insidious – and has been going on for thousands of years. Instilling fear and uncertainty is the goal – it’s how we are controlled – so just knowing that I have fallen for the lies, been manipulated and acted against my own best interests in the past is enough to make me question everything at this point.

    There was that great scene in MIB where they look to The Enquirer for the truth – and I have wondered ever since if that wasn’t actually a warning of sorts. I know the MSM lies, I know the government and politicians lie – it’s safe to say that alternative media has it’s liars as well – but since not all Catholic priests are pedophiles, not all alternative media are liars and charlatans.

    These are interesting times – it’s nice to know that even preppers are not one-size-fit-all – so should SHTF we’ll have all sorts of mind sets and skill sets and tool sets to move forward with.

    And for what it’s worth – there were more than a few that accurately predicted the housing crash – and I imagine we have way more people paying attention this go-around.

  • Loren

    The poor babies all they do is waste time blathering on about this or that while taking no action. What is it to be, blathering or action? If blathering, one is distracted from acting. It is common to sit back and do nothing. Go ahead and watch the revolution on TV until they come for you and then there will be no one to speak up for you. Go then and do nothing as that ensures your fate. When they come for your neighbor, do nothing, when they sieze your neighbors home, do nothing, when they come for your home, do nothing, when they come for you, do nothing. Watch and do nothing, it is the American way.

  • Alvin

    We live in a society where we can’t seem to tell where up is up…and down is down. I don’t know if this “Jim” is an actor or not…. if he is….he’s fucking good. You cannot mistake the fear in his voice…. he is shitting bricks. But I understand where people are coming from…. you can’t trust ANY source. All we can do is store the info in the back of our head and stay vigilant. Be prepared for any of the scenarios mentioned in SGTreport.

  • Brian

    controlled opposition and Jesuit co-adjutor, Alex Jones back to his fear mongering again?

    Anytime you set “dates” for things to happen and it doesn’t happen,it discredits you!

    • SGT

      He didn’t set the date, the caller is the one who mentioned October. Did you even listen to the call? Did you even READ this article?

    • dishesdealer417

      I thought we were blaming the jews for this? No wait it is the masons, or luciferarian wiccans or is it the islamics or is it the pope??? No wait, it’s because god hates gays right??

      • Phez

        no, it’s the Jew’s fault remember? severe sarcasm there…… 😉

        • dishesdealer417

          Okay, i am willing to go out on a limb here and say it is every bankster and every technocrat along with all the bribed politicians and everybody who is/was a member of the Bilderbergs, Trilateralist, Bohemain grove (yes that includes singer and original parrothead, Jimmy buffet) the Council on Foreign Relations and any other powerful or billionaire assholes that belong to some elite cabal that is trying to take over and control the world OF ANY RELIGION OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION WHATSOEVER are to blame.

  • Antman

    Hey Sean, im sure Pastor Lindsey has been saying Sept/oct as well. Man So freaky, that call was terrifying

  • Scott Sando

    Brian have I read the same article as you, SGT isn’t setting dates just posting a possibility for discussion.

  • Brian

    Title of the Article

    “Will a Total Economic Collapse Occur in September-October?”

    Sounds like date an attempt to date set (AGAIN) to me 😉

    plus I didn’t say SGT himself was date setting..

    The caller names a Date? month? people, get a clue…When people set dates (like Co-adjutor Lindsey Williams) and it doesn’t happen,it only DISCREDITS you!!

    Hey Sean,Have you even bothered giving Eric Jon Phelps a buzz? so he can set you straight about Jesuit Controlled opposition Alex Jones who plays con man for Rome!

  • Matt

    SGT, I appreciate your website & tireless efforts. I also think it’s great you allow all opinions here. From Alex Jones to Bix Weir, Hyper Report, Chris Duane and everyone else contributing to the truth movement in some way or another. Keep up the tremendous work and thank you. Not a day goes by that I don’t check in and gobble up this free information.

    Matt in Canada.
    Awake Since 2009.

  • Steve_D

    Too many sock puppets on here there’s days, are these IP addresses from Bank of America again Sean?

  • Yojimbo

    Dear SGT

    You asked about people you could interview. I am a frequent contributor and reader of The Burning Platform. He is linked to your site and frequent reposts your posts. I would love to see you interview him. He is a brilliant writer and thinker and is an administrator at The Wharton School.


  • Yojimbo

    Sorry, I should have mentioned his name, James Quinn.

  • John

    I just found warning number 4!
    The opening of the London 2012 Olympics will involve a strange Masonic/Druidic/Babylonian ritual to be carried out as a billion people watch. I can’t help but wonder for what exactly does the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world toll? Could it be calling time on the current financial/world paradigm?
    We do have form in this regards, check out the date on this article about huge funeral pyres of slaughtered animals being burnt across Britain:
    What do you think that presaged?

  • Adriana

    Thanks for give us your personal points and information, lm grateful you are able to join truly wise professionals who really wants open alternatives to think and use our brain and decide our paths, of course is always denie people who believe they have the right to through the stones at people searching and helping the truth, nobody is perfect and predictions can be wrong because we are ahead the event if everybody will look for this things and join together we can stop events, the elite working togduether they have their own agenda to follow and tell you how is going to be, but if we discover and resolve the puzzle the game won’t be the same, l think this times our minds have to be together even if we don’t agree totally, the point Is no division we need to protect Sgt, Alex jones Duane ,Fabian ,green34, Gerald celente …………..they are our really media and they don’t have guardians like the elite, the time is here, l feel in my gut because l see the reality, the history is repeating again only this time will be global, l m positive person and knowing the cruel reality make me mad sometimes but l know who. Is our enemy and most of the time is easy to blame the system but we feed the system and our selves we forgot to even look what type of life we have, it was a journey this 2. Years, but lm still fighting my self for a be truthful human been who believe I. God and doing my best to follow him, recently l saw a movie the stand made in 1992, seem our reality………..
    We need to buckle and prepare for this events, the dates are not cohensidence so we have to be aware and stop if we can, somewhere, somehow we will be survive , thanks one more time, god bless you, we are with you, praying our God for you Sean, l miss Chapman …….


  • Steve_D

    Wall Street Crash of 1929

    The optimism and financial gains of the great bull market were shaken on “Black Thursday”, October 24, 1929, when share prices on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) abruptly fell.

    The Crash of 1987

    The markets hit a new high on August 25, 1987 when the Dow hit a record 2722.44 points. Then, the Dow started to head down. On October 19, 1987, the stock market crashed. The Dow dropped 508 points or 22.6% in a single trading day. This was a drop of 36.7% from its high on August 25, 1987.

    Nasdaq Dot Com crash

    The stock market crash of 2000–2002 caused the loss of $5 trillion in the market value of companies from March 2000 to October 2002.

    2008 Stock Market Crash

    Only time will tell the full story of the stock market crash of 2008, but on Monday October 6, the stock market would start a weeklong decline in which the Dow Jones Industrial Average would fall 1,874 points or 18.1%.  While the exact cause of this crash may differ from those of 1929 and 1987, they share one common element – they all began in October.

    2012 Crash …………….I’m betting October.

  • shaw

    probably mentioned already, but in St Louis, not too long ago—tanks in the street–Martial Law trng ?

  • The Mad Ape


    Sean your success is luring in the shills. Too funny watching these clowns embarrass themselves on here.

    Keep fighting the good fight Sean…ignore the operatives who spew their nonsense!

    • Brian

      Funny,you Alex Jones worshippers hate to hear something bad spoken about him huh?

      There is plenty of evidence,if you really do the research,that Alex Jones is an operative Schill for Rome.He is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION! and He feeds right off of you so called “Truthers”…..

      He is NOT the only one supposedly exposing the so called “Elite”.He will never tell you who really is on top of the pyramid and then will hide behind The Rothchilds and Bilderberger’s and NEVER talk about the Vatican Papacy,because if he did,his radio show would be DONE and then he couldn’t Milk more money from his listeners.

      NOT all things are TRUE in “Truther Land” and the rabbit hole goes much deeper than your “13 bloodlines”….

      • The Mad Ape

        I worship no one
        Alex Jones is not controlled opposition. You need to stop reading Goldlikeproduction Fair Tales. It has warped your brain. You can diss the man all that you want but the fact remains he DOES expose the hidden agenda of the NWO.

        I get tired of debating you boring tools. Go hang out somewhere where you fit in…like a local TSA or DHS convention.

      • dishesdealer417

        Isn’t the catholic church in Rome kind of over with and irrelevant? Any power they still had from Rome was destroyed by the scandals of the pedophile priests, their close ties with the Nazis and helping nazis get out of europe on vatican passports after they lost WWII and their bank scandals.

  • Ed_B

    Hysteria seems to be a recurrent theme in the alternative media. No, I am not accusing anyone of this but if we look at what is being published we can each make our own assessment of whether or not that particular author or article contains elements that we consider hysterical. The bottom line for me is to gather as much info as possible, sift through it coolly and logically, and then form an opinion as to what is the best response for us as individuals. Don’t forget that any opinion we reach is subject to change as new info comes in. For example: I stack silver as a form of financial insurance against currency / economic collapse and as an inflation hedge. Others who view a lot of the same info as I have will disagree. That is fine. The validity of my actions and their actions does not depend on the actions or inactions of others.

  • The Mad Ape

    Alex Jones, while bombastic, over-bearing, and high strung reveals more truth on a 3 hour broadcast than the entire mainstream media does in a year.

    Let me see…just yesterday…he calls for TSA workers to call in and one calls in from Rhode Island and reveals that the TSA deliberately hires megalomaniacs ex-convicts.

    This was not faked by the caller for he was busted shortly after by his superiors.

    Jesse Ventura, just today, reveals that his Conspiracy Theory show, on the TSA, that they intent to roll out chipped wrist bands to allow you public travel. Oh and they have the ability to taser you through the bracelet.

    The show has not made it to air.

    His show last season on FEMA camps and continuity of government, aired once…no repeats and TruTV deleted it off of PVRs by order of DHS.

    You armchair shills need to stick to posting on your government-friendly sites such as CNN. Go there you will fit right in.

  • dan

    to all who disbelieve information about what is now happening or is about to occur..SGT brings many sources of info to the fore front…it is up to you to research the info…and if you still do not believe or question what is occurring or about to …then you will be just a deer in the head lights when TSHTF….either you are ready or you are toast….and we that are enlightened may still be toast,but we will not go quietly

  • The Mad Ape

    While Alex Jones reaches millions each day….typical mainstream media look like this…

    There is a reason the lame stream media is sinking…they spend all of their time spewing NWO propaganda for the giverment, the financial terrorists, and the military industrial complex.

    They are all in cahoots to keep their fear-for-profit paradigm alive…however more and more are waking up to their BS. Critical mass is approaching.

  • Scott Wolf


    5 people I would like to hear you interview:

    1)Hugo Salinas Price

    2)Max Keiser

    3)Ben Davies

    4)Charles Hugh Smith

    5)Egon von Grayerz

    Lastly,I understand the frustrations of everyone when numbers like $400 silver and $8,000 gold are bandied about,given that we can’t even get above $30 and $1,600 these days.But each one of us should take solace in the fact that there is no actual mark to market or price discovery in any asset class anywhere in the world now.Everything,especially PMs, is manipulated.CAN ANYBODY POSSIBLY DOUBT THIS?And what would be fair price right now if the free market determined it?

    It is impossible for John Williams or anybody else to predict a year when the entire ponzi scheme of the dollar based system implodes-too much trade is still settled in dollars and too much faith still exists in US Bonds.It should,however,be obvious to all that this system is beyond saving.Every effort is being made to prop everything up even as the free market pushes for deflation,deflation that is badly needed.Wages,productivity,industrial output,recent GDP numbers,unfunded liabilities,governemt tax revenue,none of it supports $200,000 homes and 13,000 DOW,etc.Oh sure,the amount of money can be controlled,the consumer poked and prodded,interest rates slashed,and lies disseminated by the MSM, but what can’t be reorganized is the role of the free market in economics.Human Action has and always will triumph.Eventually Central Bank entropy will be crushed by a reversion to the mean.Basically,multi-national corporations wanted to exploit third-world labor for profit,well,they’ve killed their markets to do it.And no amount of money printing can replace the role of human beings in economics,no matter how badly evil men like Ben Bernanke,Mario Draghi,and Jamie Dimon want it to.HANG IN THERE,our day is coming!

  • Glitter1

    Just finished going over the 97 comments posted here, what a range of opinions and you no what they say about opinions.From a statistical point of view of the 97 commentors they will fall into three groups, 1.)~ 10% are leaders(self starters) 2.)~ 40% are slackers(lazy, unproductive, UPofS)3.)50% fall somewhere in the middle and can be influenced (half will follow group#1, half will be dragged down by group#3)These are just the facts. To respond to the individual who thinks it would be great to all get together, pool resources at some remote location is a fantasy. If that where to take place, within a week there would be chaos and anarchy due to the above stats. This why collectivism, socialism, communism/communes, all isms and Democracy don’t work and fail/collapse, half of the people get fatigued/drug down by the weight of the other half. Too much Hubris,Ignorance and individuals who think their own opinion is their final authority.

    • GoodOleBoy

      Interesting. The thing is that your own opinion is your final authority. Remote tribes survive just fine and don’t “collapse” because it is a community, someone is doing a bad job you remove them, if you don’t work you go hungry. What you are referring to is centralized government, that always collapses. When you remove responsibility, things collapse. Not to say we do not share blame but we have had a force working to bring this situation about for a long time. Society operates in a natural way. Leaders lead, followers follow. There is no harm it that, if we were all leaders everyone would but heads all the time. People are willing if they work, learn, and follow if someone deserving of their respect is willing to lead.

      • Glitter1

        My experience is 30+ years of management of 100+ people, so my experience is based on fact, which qualifies my opinion as my final authority. Remote tribes grew out of families/clans/tribes from scratch, which is different from slapping a mob together and expecting positive results.The probability that you can gather a large group of unrelated, like-minded commited individuals is highly unlikely, that’s why communes never last(ed), half of the people gat tired of pulling the weight of the other half.Our country was formed into a Republic not a Democracy. People elected a representative to reflect the views/interests of individuals based on local.If you worked,earned & paid taxes you earned the right to vote. If you didn’t you couldn’t vote. There is the incentive to be productive.

        • GoodOleBoy

          I misunderstood your point and I somewhat agree with you. Like minded people gravitate to each other. The way we originally were set up was the states to be individual countries that would meet to solve common issues and disputes. This gives people the ability to vote with their feet withou ou having to move a great distance and allowed the important issues to be settled at a more local level which allowed for more supervision of government by the people. Issues like abortion and gay marriage will never be agreeded upon by the nation as a whole but if it is settled on a state level people can a state with laws consistent with their values. Decentralization is the solution to most problems, people can and have come together to solve issues like welfare and poverty. Right now our system is putting that responsibility on a few individuals hundreds of miles away and is promoting dependence on the state. I have seen women in the poorer communities who have more children just so they get more from the government each month. Since they don’t pay taxes they have no skin in the game. I propose that if we are going to continue this welfare system then make people work for their welfare check. We have a crumbling infrastructure and a lot of work that needs doin’ and we are paying them anyway. Some can babysit, others work on computers, some do manual labor. Same goes for unemployment, some of them get more money than someone working full time. That gives them an incentive to get their own job and keeps them busy if they can’t get one, plus providing them with experience. Socialist, I know, but at least we are getting something in return for our tax dollars. Yes this is supposed to be a republic. We can repair the damage and rebuild society if we can inform the population with truth rather than feel good propaganda and concerned, aring, and intelligent leaders. They are out there but are being suppressed by those wishing to maintain the status quo.

          • Glitter1

            I’ve recently retired after working 30+ years at a similar design Nuclear Plant.I can honestly say that if that unit#4 spent fuel storage pool is breached and the water were to leak out, it’s game over for every living thing for over a hundred mile radius.At that point, the only way any abatement will be performed/accomplished will be by individuals (hudreds/thousands)who have donated their short remaining lives to the cause of preserving remaining life in Japan and beyound. There is nothing more compelling in the World for the next ten years then this disaster waiting to happen!

          • Glitter1

            Disregard the comment below, it pulled from another essay, don’t know why.

        • dishesdealer417

          If I worked, earned and paid taxes I could vote? NO I could not. I’m female. I could work, earn and pay taxes but I could not vote or be judged by a jury of MY peers, only males who have no idea what the female experience was like could do that.

  • GoodOleBoy

    First, we will never find someone who is right on every time. The ability of these paper gangsters to drag this thing out has been unbelievable. The amounts of fiat have been staggering. I mean almost 20 trillion loaned out by the Fed in ’08 ’09 and this is all the recovery we got out of it? As far as people like Alex are concerned, he is doing a show and is theatrical about it. While he does get his point across, he does it in a dramatic way which is why you can stand to listen to it for 3 hours, or not. The people predicting based on fundamentals have are right on long term but the volatility and misallocation of capital based on bureaucrats statements makes near term predicting unpredictable. Who knows when the market will loose trust in the Bernanke put? Jim Rogers is the best source of investment advice in my opinion, due to his world view and objectivity. I would like to see you interview him, as long as we could come up with questions besides the normal ones. I watch most interviews he has done but they always ask the same question and get the same answer.

    As far as 2012/end of the world/NWO takeover goes, I have researched looking for answers from aliens to astroids, as most people in this audience have. Edgar Cayce said that in America there would be a return of power to the people. Now, that was said in the 1920s. He also talked about Revelations end time story, placing a more spiritual context on it that a physical one. Before you dismiss his statements, he was right far more often than he was wrong. Both he and Nostradamus believed that the future was not set in stone and gave prophecies/readings often in hope of changing outcomes. I believe that we will have some sort of global earth change, although I am not entirely sure to the degree. I would recommend people looking up a supposed channeled alien named Bashar on YouTube. If you can suppress your bias for a minute and listen to this guy’s view of physical reality it really is thought provoking. The only supposed “channeled” being to hold sessions where he is open to questions of any kind an answers any question on any topic logically and without hesitation. Even if it was a con, the ability to do that draws my attention.

    SGT, awesome work and best blog on the web. Whatever the future holds there is no doubt that history is being made and the fate of the world is being decided by our actions, good or bad. If and when the crash comes, we will have a chance to rebuild a society that is better and serves the many rather than the few. No one can take that power from us but we can give it away.

  • PitBull Pappa

    So much has been said about this issue that I’m not going to bother to put in my two cents worth. What I will say is that people need to judge for themselves what they find to be truthful or not. I listen to/read information with an open mind and filter out what I believe is to be bullsh!t.

    Having said that, Sean I’d love to hear you interview any/all of the following if ever possible…

    Marc Faber
    Jim Rogers
    Peter Schiff
    Naomi Wolf
    Naomi Prins
    Ben Davies

    & ofcourse PitBull Pappa… ok… I say me in gest for shit’s & giggles.

    Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


    • PitBull Pappa

      Oh yeah and I forgot to mention Chris Martenson to my list… my serious list… lol

      Keep stack’n… hold strong & go long…


    • dishesdealer417

      Naomi Wolf good one. I read one of her books. She knows her stuff. How about:

      Robert Ringer
      Harry Browne (okay, kidding. I know he is deceased)

  • The Mad Ape

    I think an excellent guess would be Karl Denninger. He is not a precious metals bug and, while I disagree with his take on that, he is a good interview because he does see the corruption.

    Also getting his opinion on why he does not like precious metals is a good thing in my opinion. Helps us make an informed decision.

    With respect to Jim Rogers, I think he is a self-serving Commie-loving Shill.

    • dishesdealer417

      I have to disagree about Jim Rogers. I think he is a somewhat insulated by wealth old billionaire who mostly still gets it though. Just because he can recognize that China is going to be more powerful and the east is going to be the new place for opportunity doesn’t make him a commie loving shill.

      I would like to see people who don’t think metals matter because I would like to understand why they think that. I will probably still think they are wrong but if they are a really thoughtful guest instead of one who just rants the demopublican line of the “fed will save us and metals are barbaric relics” crap, then I would like to hear their logic.

  • davepa

    Volatility in sep and oct is historically high. Just playing the odds. But, imo, 2nd half of July is my guess, for that jolt, July 23rd, we have been waiting for.

    Bottom line, we all know, “its just a matter of time”.

  • SweetHomeChicago

    I enjoy all of the SGT articles, but mostly the controversial ones. They get the “juices” flowing. The comments are insightful. At first glance you’re wow’d by the new information, but you do have to chew on the information, and question eventually where the source information is trying to steer you. We are at the point where we need to think what is the real “motive” here, where am I being led, and what’s in it for the speaker/writer.

    I would like to hear you interview Clif High, James Rickards, Chris Whalen, Nicole Foss, Joel Salatin, or John Perkins.

    SGT keep up the great work!

  • Zyll

    Keep in mind that each blog post is a data point, which when plotted requires analysis to form a hypothesis. Do your own due diligence and know your own worldview bias before assuming the amount of standard deviation. For me, the data points are making it obvious that The Game is Rigged.

  • Ed_B

    “…metals are barbaric relics…”

    I just wish that when the next bonehead says this on TV, someone would ask them, “So why is practically every central bank in the world buying gold in multi-ton quantities?”. 😀

  • Anon Patriot

    Maybe this answers the question:

    ECB Banksters Introduce New Concept: Negative Interest Rates

  • Anon Patriot

    5 (FIVE!) People I (who am COMPLETELY AWARE, of the “elite” Central Banker goal of global Communism, from an HISTORICAL, ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, and POLITICAL perspective) would want to see interviewed by SGT?

    That is a tough one, but here goes:

    1) William T. Still, or “Bill” Still (
    2) G. Edward Griffin, author of THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND
    3) RON PAUL
    4) Nigel Farage
    5) Max Keiser

  • Anon Patriot

    Look, the “elites” have a SERIOUS PR problem, right now. Ron Paul is making headway with his plan for a FULL AUDIT of the so-called “FED” – increasingly, people around the world are awakening to the Central Bankers, and to the fact, that they want a global Communist government, and that they profit more than anyone, possibly including the Pentagon, and Weapons Manufacturers, from continuous war. This is why we have one war after another, ad infinitum. It never ends. They’ll start a war, at the ‘drop of a hat’, in order to divert attention AWAY from REAL ISSUES, like the Central Banker-induced global economic meltdown, that started with the mortgage loan crisis, in 2007-2008. Which, resulted in Central Bankers basically bailing themselves out, along with their minions, at other banks and corporations, including banks in Europe, to further wreck the global economy, and to CONSOLIDATE POWER. END THE FED! is the title of one of Ron Paul’s books. THAT is what MUST BE DONE. We, in America, MUST END THE FED. Period. Control over our currency supply must be returned to WE THE PEOPLE. The ‘Fed’ is at the CENTER of ALL our troubles, globally.

  • Anon Patriot

    ALSO – keep in mind, that as people are awakening to what is happening in the world, due to the INTERNET, the “elites” are becoming increasingly desperate, to find ways to “sell” their agenda, when more and more people see right through it. Certainly, this awakening may not have reached critical mass (yet) – or, maybe it has (doubtful) – the main thing, is that the “elites” are aware that the awakening is happening, and that they are RUNNING OUT OF TIME! So, watch very closely what is happening with regard to Netan-YAHOO’s plan to bomb Iran! Q: Why? Why would Israel want to bomb Iran (before the 2012 U.S. Presidential (S)Election)? Answer: To divert attention away from the REAL ISSUES (primarily, the global economic depression, brought on by Central Bankers, along with attendant issues like 22+% unemployment, 10+% REAL INFLATION, QE3, etc., NOT TO MENTION THE FACT, THAT THE CENTRAL BANKERS WANT A GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, so, that they can step in, with their preplanned “solution”, which is some kind of GLOBAL CURRENCY, or GLOBAL CURRENCY CARD, like a credit card, with some kind of micro-chip, in it, that they can turn off, if they don’t like you, for any reason, whatsoever. AND, to keep the American SHEEPLE penned in the Central-Banker-FED-IRS-Military-Industrial-Prison-Pharmaceutical-GMO-Global-Communist-Government-NWO-Complex. THAT’S WHY. LOOK – their ENDGAME is 1) global enslavement via DEBT – and, 2) DEPOPULATION. So, why not start WWIII now, and just bypass step one, and kill off as many people as possible. THAT would be a reason why we can expect WWIII, prior to November, 2012, along with a worsening global economy, and economic ‘collapse’ (either a real collapse, or MSM propaganda, designed to scare the public that collapse has ocurred, even if it hasn’t), so that, the ‘elites’ can further their end-game, before everyone awakens to the total ponzi-scheme that our civilization actually is.

  • Anon Patriot


  • Mike F.

    Jim Sinclair’s Commentary
    There is a big problem brewing again in the OTC derivative market.
    A major international financial auditing firm is currently involved in a massive project on Wall Street that presently has over 900+ consultants involved, which is massive and beyond even the size/scope of the Fannie Mae restatement several years ago. They’re grabbing any senior financial analyst and software expert that they can to help this “unnamed” major Wall Street bank calculate valuations for a suddenly devaluing portfolio of Credit Default Obligations that they have heavily invested in. This auditing firm is charging nearly double their normal billing rate and is getting it, no questions asked.

  • john laboo


    I appreciate your good and tireless effort in providing us with the information. Keep it up. Don’t bother with bad feedbacks.. it’s part of life..


  • Shomer effing shabbos

    I just want to start off by saying that I really enjoy your site, but there are a couple of things that really bug me. First, constantly trying to predict when the collapse will occur. Not only is it counterproductive, but it makes people who have this point of view look like nut jobs when that month comes and goes without incident. Second, constantly proclaiming that silver is breaking out and going to the moon every time it increases in price by more than a percent in a day, and then cursing those dreaded banksters the next day when the price goes down. Patience is a virtue. You made a great decision getting into silver, and you had a lot to do with why I did as well. I just think that posting sensationalistic articles with people like Alex Jones does you a disservice when trying to get the word out because he come across as a complete tinfoil hat nutjob for the most part. There are many highly respected well educated people with a much more balanced world view who see the trouble that we are in right now. I think those are the types of people that could really convince others that something is seriously wrong right now. Just my opinion, and again I think that you are doing a great job and would like to thank you for dedicating your time, resources and creativity to a very noble cause. Cheers.

    • SGT

      I have admiration for what Alex Jones has done, if not for him I probably would not have stated down this path and started this website. As for “predictions”, I should point out that none of them in this article are mine. Thanks for tuning in.

  • Kimo

    This Morning

    BRIEF-Moody’s downgrades rating of Goldman Sachs Mitsui Marine Derivative Products, L.P

  • edu

    The latest trusted predictions say that the economical collapse will be in August 2013. But who cares. Live in Joy and Peace. No Fear.

    • JT

      Exactly, the collapse will never come, the Bankers will just print more money. The collapse-atarians are worse then Jesus lovers. “Don’t worry we’ll catch him…EVENTUALLY” Mr. Incredible

  • DB

    Let’s all come back in November.

    After nothing happens, of course.

    Now, I need to get back to building my solar electricty system…

  • TJ

    Who is to say whom is credible? CNN,FOX,NBC, or any of their subsidiaries? None. They follow the owners political stances. All biased, all edited. I happen to live in St.Louis. Did they tell you last week about the military rolling through residential areas? I’m betting not. Yet, it still happened. I have worked in law enforcement and for the government and the things people most desperately need to see or hear will never grace the internet or television and if they do it will be yanked as fast as it is up. America can never understand what is right in front of it’s face. The Operating premise of Americans are dumb. I’m sure most of you have thought “I wish I knew the truth.” You never will, they aren’t going to tell you and when it happens in front of your face you just put it somewhere off in a distant memory. Patriotic people should of nipped it in the butt during WACO and RUBY RIDGE. An elaborate rouse to demonize patriots. Wait… there was much more going on that you didn’t see or hear. The killing of an elderly preacher, pulling people over for random unlawful searches, the choosing of quaint small towns to perform military ops, and yes, people died. Most got a nice edited version by their favorite news broadcast. I am privy to all that information. I am privy, with proof in hand. I care not about an economic collapse it’s inevitable with greed and out of control spending government. Americans are out of touch with reality. Millions of things happen daily without you being present, it makes them none less true. It does not matter what any of us say, we have politically corrected history books in our schools and colleges, so as this era passes it will be rubbed away with a grain of salt no matter the atrocities that unfold.

  • mike

    i think war in august. i got this from the templars. sorta lines up. the war is gonna bankrupt us. ron paul will look like nostradamus.
    when the war bankrupts us, a couple months after august… always remember there is no man on this earth qualified to lead us. we are all leaders in love. be conifident in love and not politics. banruptcy declared, hear the trumpet. Time to knock down some walls?

  • Alex

    September came and left us with no meltdown. I predict the same for October and the world will NOT end on Dec 21st 2012.

  • Morgan

    Looks like a form of Martial law has hit St.Louis after all…

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