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Unemployment as a Lifestyle

by James Hall, Activist Post

All one hears is that the lack of jobs is the number one economic problem. Well documented are endless examples of systemic destruction in employment opportunities. The negative consequences of off-shoring corporate jobs are undeniable. Up until now, the little attention placed on the psychological mindsets that build the structural impediments for a healthy main street economy, keep a serious discussion on jobs, just going in circles.

The official attitude that government social agencies exist to mitigate economic distress is a staple ever since the New Deal era. Much of the state of mind that created the welfare society emerged from the “do gooders” in New York State. The result from decades of socialization and educational indoctrination left us with the entitlement culture.

One illustration supports the contention. The NYAPRS, New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services provides conclusions from a 2009 survey taken from informants who were consumers of employment services, administrators of state agencies, and community providers.

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1 comment to Unemployment as a Lifestyle

  • Bob

    Hi Folks, don’t forget to vote for obama in 2012. He gave you the change. It’s now time for him to get ready for another vacation, Commie style! Spend alot and stay an extended period of time. He’s tired! He has worked hard for america. Remember none of this is his fault! It’s G.W. Bush and germany’s.
    So please don’t hold it against him and remember the White House is loaded with Wall
    Street so if worse comes to worse he can blame the millionaires and billionaires. I think he’s a millionaire! But it is never him only everyone else.

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