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The Revolution is NOT About Ron Paul

by Milo Nickels, Activist Post

Like many of you, I sat in disbelief as I watched Rand Paul publicly endorse a gun-grabbing, healthcare-socializing, flip-flopping, border-opening, war-mongering, banker-controlled statist puppet.

I immediately felt like I’d been simultaneously kicked in the gut, stabbed in the back, and sold down the river. Yes, the endorsement made me angry. The realization that Ron Paul, himself, must have given his blessing to the endorsement made me feel ill.

I scoured the Internet looking for answers to some burning questions. Why did Rand Paul endorse Romney? Have they made some shady backroom deal? Was Ron Paul in on it? Had I been played for a fool? Have I been wrong all along?

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2 comments to The Revolution is NOT About Ron Paul

  • DaveL

    I will agree that one man (Ron Paul) does not define the liberty movement. In fact, I have said it from the start of the “Ron Paul mania”. Now that NO liberty candidate is on the pseudo-ballot, not that it would have mattered anyway, what ACTION do you now endorse Milo? The “Tea Party” is a right-wing, Neocon co-opt. What is the “gameplan” now?

    More demonstrations, billboards, placards, protests, or any combination thereof? Only ONE SOLUTION remains…YOU know it, I know it, and every other “honest” patriot knows it. If WE don’t ACT now…OUR COLLECTIVE FUTURE will be written by the same “group” of insane/corrupt authors. THAT have scripted US HERE!

    Can you say it with me…WE NEED A POPULIST REVOLUTION in EVERY sense of the WORD!

  • snowmover

    I haven’t seen the news today, just got home. But if the Pauls haven’t got together and explained this one , their done like dinner.
    What an unexpected sellout. That went from black to white and there’s no other way to say it. WE’RE SCREWED. Nice knowing ya Ron , and not so nice knowing you Rand.
    Buckle up America,because everything that was spewed out of the mouths of the Pauls is now irrelivant.
    Damn it all, thought there was a chance for a while there.

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