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‘The Old Man’ Absolutely LOVES Silver, Ag is His ‘Favorite Thing’! Check This One Out:

‘Pawn Stars’ on The History Channel is one of the most popular shows on cable television for a reason: It’s good ‘ole fashioned fun. The ‘old man’ and his son Rick are both intelligent business men with a good grasp on and appreciation for history. And no one at the ‘Gold & Silver Pawn Shop’ appreciates precious metals more than the old man, whose been hoarding the stuff in physical form ever since the US government stopped making our coinage out of silver.

In this episode called ‘Silver Linings’ the guys at the little pawn shop in Vegas look to mine a deal on more than 100 POUNDS of physical silver, over 3,000 ounces! I can’t embed the episode, but it’s well worth watching, especially as the wekend approaches and we could all use a mental respite from the Rand Paul news. ~SGT

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11 comments to ‘The Old Man’ Absolutely LOVES Silver, Ag is His ‘Favorite Thing’! Check This One Out:

  • GoodOleBoy

    Yeah I saw that episode, the kid selling his silver should of held on a little longer, though he did catch it at $32.50. The Old Man mentions it is a hedge against hyperinflation, he knows the deal. Pawn stores really are the business to be in shelling out fiat for goods with intrinsic value. With Rand, he still will fight for liberty though I still think he was threatened due to the timing of his endorsement. I think he would normally wait until his fathers withdrawal from the race. Damn Buildibergers.

  • Tony

    Very Cool! thnx SGT!!!

  • Steve_D

    My gramps was just like the old man, seems those who lived through the depression intrinsically know the true value of Ag.

    Thanks Sean, that cheered me up after the bombshell from Rand earlier on.

  • MRH

    I saw this episode–there is a 75 pound bar that is worth watching to just to see this monster. You can go to ebay and buy an “Old Man” silver round for–wait for it–$64.99 PER OUNCE, but shipping is included.

  • J

    I like the old man even more now.

  • duanne

    I bet even Chumlee has a substantial stash of gold/silver,and he plays the stooge on the show!!!!

  • Troy

    Ya, I saw this the other day, thats one hell of a silver load!

  • PM

    “100 POUNDS of physical silver, over 3,000 ounces!”

    It’s actually about half of that.

    • SGT

      “more than 100 ounces”… I watched the show, it was far more. 200 pounds is more accurate copy. The guy sold nearly 3,200 ounces if memory serves.

  • dav0

    In a few short years (less than 5)this loony who was showcased in the moment of his madness will be dredged up as one of the biggest fools in modern finance after exchanging his real wealth for a wire payment of digital nothingness.

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