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Silver Update 6/2/12 The Silver Bomb

from BrotherJohnF:

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4 comments to Silver Update 6/2/12 The Silver Bomb

  • Tony

    Another Great BJF report. I must share a documentary by Dr Coleman if anyone has the time to watch… is an eye-opener

    • AgShaman

      Yep….a good one. Also, BJF has the End of the Road Film on his blog. Not really anything eye opening for those already informed, but from the standpoint of a production that’s distilled down into understandable info for the asleep sheep…it would be totally appropriate to advise others that are uninformed to visit there and take an hour to get some foundation teachings on the history of the system that is presently in place and now faltering. It could really help others to watch.

  • Phez

    BrotherJohn still top of his game on technical analysis! In his video I heard the most realistic price target for silver in a 1-2 year time frame, I believe that is Jason Hommel’s price forecast, either way, nice to see there are still some realistic silver bugs out there! Sounds like some fear out there for the coming week in the silver market. People are expecting a big smack down! Wouldn’t surprise me but my advice is that if silver does drop huge this coming week, don’t “back up the truck” just yet, it may be heading much lower! There is no reason not to think the banking shysters won’t manipulate the price down to the 2008 crisis price! I’m willing to bet silver gets beat down close to those prices! These f******s can do what they please……

  • Tim

    I’m going to buy this book this week. It looks like good reading from the table of contents.

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