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Silver Attacked! This is the front line in the WAR against the Banksters

Silver was slammed at 9:30am EST in yet another blatant cartel attack. Bouncing back a bit as the half-life of these cartel attacks drops to below 15 minutes. I spoke with the Silver Doctors who confirm the attack saying that it looks like the Bankster cartel dumped over 9,00 contracts – or 45 million ounces – in 10 minutes!

SILVER: The Achilles’ Heel

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18 comments to Silver Attacked! This is the front line in the WAR against the Banksters

  • Kimo

    Aloha SGT,

    I attempt to keep an eye on the Asian Markets as everyone else on the mainland or depending on their location(s) are probably asleep. However, I was watching the upswing until a little after 1am Hawaiian Standard Time. The a slight decline and I had already stated to myself they are going to slam it sooner or later. Luckily for me, I was asleep when the slam occurred. Listening to Bix Weir yesterday on your site. He is suggesting it can only be a few more weeks to a month, before America get slammed with the bank holidays etc.

    Great site and keep reporting!!!



  • Troy

    I’m buying 90% silver tomorrow, so hopefully they slam it down again. I’m buying a “motherload” of dimes and quarters from a old man. I’m now getting rid of most of my cash, because my food stock is way complete, and I owe no money to any bankster. I’m now using every extra penny to buy silver. Tomorrow, I am even cashing in all my thousands of nickels to buy more silver….I am keeping my pre 82 pennies though. I also have a check coming next week for $3,000… all of which will be converted to Canadian Moose Silver.

  • Hman

    This blatant act is a sign of desperation in trying to stop the breakout.

    Ms. Masters we love you.

  • anthony

    Play their games people. If you have a good credit, open up as many credit cards as you can, preferably Chase or Bank of America, and buy lots and lots of silver. Then, dont pay. It’s true your credit score will go down, but who the fvck cares?? Credit doesnt mean anything in today’s economy. The U.S. got downgraded TWICE!!!

    You can also file for bankruptcy. Exactly how the bankster do it. Just play their games….

    • Phez

      That is pure stupidity on your part to suggest doing such. You wanna be looked down upon as dog s**t just like the bankers? Use some sense man. I would like to see you use as many credit cards as you can to buy silver, not to mention you will pay higher premiums vs. cash in many instances, then go file bankruptcy and have the courts look into your credit card debt you wish to be irresponsible with and they will take a good look and hopefully lock you in jail because you are criminally insane. Like I said, you wish to follow the dirty banksters? Don’t think for one second that your “credit score” will never affect you. I think you are just running your mouth to look like a “tough guy” because you think that is what people want to hear. Do you own a house, car, land, etc…? If not, do you plan on spending your days on my dollar? Or any one else who pays taxes? Stay in school kid……

      • anthony

        well, if you plan on living in the US for the rest of your life, then i wouldnt advise doing that……

      • Glitter1

        Just to update you on current bankruptcy law,credit card debt can not be discharged in bankruptcy any longer. You buy it on a credit card and you will be paying it back one way or the other.

        • Tony

          I believe if you have formed a corporation you may not be liable? Not really sure, but in my case i may need to float credit to pay my rent,utilities etc. My business is virtually defunct. thus far my credit is very good except for some medical bills.

  • jeff

    It is’t the attacks that are suprising, it how quick “us good guys” can drive it back up almost right away! The bad guys can attack with 500,000 oz of paper in minutes but it no longer has the same effect it once did. When they do this stackers realize its on sale and scrape together every Fed Note than can find and BUY, BUY, BUY! Its A good thing because in the end they are going to make us RICH!!!! You should be sleeping better and better as the banksters and sheeple are freaking out as they toss and turn all night! PS–gotaa love that thought

  • BUZZ

    I am going to keep buying silver all the way down to 5 bucks.

    This is not only a war against tyranny…it has now become a moral and just cause to own PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER.

    Sure go ahead invest in food, protection, land, oil, paper promises, as well, but if you are fighting for your future and the future of this nation…then buy SILVER. It’s the only nonaggressive action you can take against the criminals.

    FK YOU BANKSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jeff

    Oops I meant 500,000,000 oz in minutes.

  • jeff

    TROY: 1/2 of of the 1982 pennies were copper. File the edges of the 82s if white metal is underneath spend it. If it stays copper colured the save it. The gov. changed to zinc pennies in mid 1982!

    • Pete

      Why file the edges when you can bounce them on a hard counter and hear the difference? Just compare to a pre-81 and a post 83… Pretty quickly you’ll recognize the difference in the ring v the dud.

  • Kimo

    Alright Then! APMEX has 1/2 Dragon Bars on sale for $16.99 I bought a mother load!

  • dan

    for what its worth all of us need to contact your congress puke and register a complaint against the cftc for not seeing and stopping the cartels slam…every time congress pukes lines should be ringing off the hook just to annoy them since we know nothing will be done..but they need to be reelected so if they refuse to do something then we have a talking point to use against them for re election and they hate that…all else has been tried and up to this point nada

    • BUZZ

      “all of us need to contact your congress puke and register a complaint against the CFTC”


      I used to think that the govt didn’t lie to me when I was a little more naive.
      I also used to believe that the govt got us into these never ending wars to “spread democracy”
      I also used to think that banks were honest organizations.
      I also used to think that the CFTC, CME, mainstream media, and stock markets were not rigged and in collaboration with the criminal banking oligarchs.

      Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time with the CFTC.
      GATA has already proven to all of us that it’s a waste of time.
      The CFTC is a front to cover for the criminals.

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