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Ron Paul, Don’t Destroy Yourself

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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33 comments to Ron Paul, Don’t Destroy Yourself

  • dishesdealer417

    Alex Jones is right that Liberty will move forward because that is what a large number of the american people want. If the Pauls sold out (and If they did I put the blame squarely on Rand), then we just have to find somebody else of conscience.

    The libertarian party will nominate somebody, maybe Jesse Ventura, and we can vote for that person. Liberty will move forward. It is bigger than any two guys named Paul. We can’t let the NWO elite Bilderberger banking scum to stop us for a second. We have to go forward a little wiser about not putting our faith in any person but only in the ideas that they either live up to or they don’t. It looks like the Pauls became corrupted when they got too close to all that money, power & possibly threats against them.

    • BUZZ

      I don’t listen to Alex J very much anymore, but this was spot on.

      It’s like watching luke turn to the dark side. So discouraging.

      The liberty movement loses again.

  • Bill Goode

    Alex Jones has put it much more eloquently than I would have. I would not have cut Senator Paul any slack. Senator Paul has truly betrayed the Tea Party movement that put him into office. Senator Paul must think that he could lead his followers into supporting Mitt Romney. We are more intelligent than that. We will not support Mitt Romney as President, with or without Senator Paul as the Vice Presidential nominee.

  • Raymond Reason

    Well said Alex Jones! What i would say is that we need a leaderless movement. We do not accept the President, we do not accept the District of Columbia, we will not pay federal taxes.

  • daveinspain

    Sean,My thoughts are the powers that be have got to them Im sure why oh why after all this time would they go along with the one party system ..I say one because its all a forgone conclusion you know I know!!that they are all in bed together…I seriously think there have been threats toward this family and it makes me sad,after being so excited following this wonderful statesman for the past 5 years this looks like the outcome,My hopes for the US are sunk unless something else happens though I doubt it!

    What we have in the UK is very similar they really do not care about the family man,the thing is its all blowing up the whole financial system and life as we knew it,

    I pray they think twice Ron and Rand…though something tells me they are scared!

    Here in Spain a serious financial problem will erupt in the next week or so but dont worry our Oligarchs will take care of us ye right..God bless you all the US is still a wonderful country as is Europe but after Rons anouncement I believe we are lost.

    • BUZZ


      Hang in there brother.

      We are all in this mess together.

      This is bigger than any one nation…our cause is the cause for liberty!

    • Raymond Reason

      @daveinspain I agree with you. There must have been some type of threat made, and Rand did what he had to do to protect his father or his family. Govt has always been mafia, except for a few rare occasions in history. Our best hope in the West, is for Europe to splinter back to their separate countries and America to break apart into sovereign States. Power is always bad, and the best we can hope for is to limit the extent of it.

  • Bas

    Let’s face it, any country gets the president and government they deserve. Paul is just another puppet.


  • david

    I like how Alex Jones thinks he can lecture Ron Paul, as if he was more aware of what is going on than Ron Paul who does not make money off of conspiracy theories.

    • dishesdealer417

      I dont’ see Ron Paul addressing this issue as he should. Silence in this instance is as good as a public announcement that he is quitting. He has had time now to make a formal statement and he hasn’t done it.

      When dealing with people whose behavior is suspect, then behavior is ALL. Or in this case Rand’s behavior and Ron’s lack of any.

      Ross Perot stated that his family was threatened and that is one of the reasons he got out of the race against I think it was a Bush. There is precedent for that.

      No matter. Liberty goes forward and behavior is all we have to go on going forward. Due to his past behavior Ron Paul should be cut some slack. Rand has been suspicious for awhile.

      • david

        What else needs to be addressed? He ran out of money to fund his campaign. That’s been apparent. He’s already spoken of the corruption in big government, explained why things are the way they are what the solutions to the problems are.

      • david

        What Alex Jones’ mistake is that he is arrogantly aiming this at Ron Paul as if it were his failure. It is NOT his failure. He’s done everything he could for now. This is a failure of the American people.

        Rand Paul is a non-issue.

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Arrogantly? WTF are you smoking? Alex Jones, as well as countless others, have spent countless hours promoting this devoting years in the saddle and they deserve an answer. The IDEA of Liberty was reborn and it was not just by Ron’s efforts that this happened. Grass roots drove this, The system perpetuated corruption and the Pauls have benefited from the energies and faith entrusted to them to forward this idea of resistance. Yes, we can move on from this, as an idea is hard to kill. An ideal even harder.

      The IDEAL, that is, innate freedom and Liberty, is not patented to the Pauls. It is a philosophy for the masses, which, when it has a constitution backing it, offers the masses a moral code to work and live by. It seems to have been abandoned for political expediency rather than philosophical reasons. (Listen to Rand’s rationale`). Theirs ( the Pauls) is a trust squandered and we all deserve answers. It is for the individual to accept as a creed;: not as a dictate from the party and hence I reject Rand’s rationale~ with contempt and horror. Liberty’s philosophy of freedom is embedded in me, a part of my DNA and there is no compromise. It has gone too far for that. That old speech, “Give me Liberty or give me death” is the battle cry of all fee thinking men. The Pauls have ridden the rail. They now need to step out onto the platform and declare whether or not they have reached their destination. My destination lies way in the distance and I refuse to have a pair of political compromisers get in my way. I have kids to consider and a responsibility to them. If you have gone as far as you can go, Ron, then endorse your sons compromise. If not, you’ll do for me. If so, get out of my way.

      • BUZZ

        i gave at least 500 bucks to Ron…not because I thought he would become president…but I though it would help wake up America.

        I went to several rallies in SC…I helped spread his message of liberty,sound money, and cautious foriegn policy to all of my friends and family.

        his message to all my family and friends

        His son supporting the Establishment GOP bankster puppet is yoda submitting to the dark side.

        Perhaps the establishment threatened his life…i don’t know…but I do feel betrayed. I spent a lot of time, money, energy on his campaign.

      • david

        You guys are blinded with selfishness… Ron Paul is NOT your problem. You need to be angry with your peers, angry at the person sitting next to you on the subway, angry at the person standing in line in front and in back of you.

        You can lead a horse to water but you cannot force it to drink. The American people have chosen not to drink. That is NOT Ron Paul’s fault. Quit feeling sorry for yourselves and acting self righteous. When you run out of money you simply cannot campaign any longer.

        Moral of the story: Quit your crying, quit blaming other people, pick yourselves up and take the friggan steering wheel. It belongs to YOU not to Ron Paul.

        • david

          Ron Paul is NOT your hero, never was. As long as you keep thinking someone else is going to come to your rescue and do it for you, you are going to keep falling for the same tricks of tyranny since the beginning of time.

          • david

            Any hope of Rand Paul taking the lead from Ron Paul after he retires?


          • david

            Keep up this lame victimized, woe is me, mentality and you are dead in the water. I can smell socialism off of you through the internet.

            Put some water on your face and realign yourself.

            • karim(french)

              Fighting for you rights, earning this trough battles is not socialism my friend. I have a different perspective on things as i am not an american ‘doesn’t mean its better). But one thing is FOR SURE, people in general, the masses, are NEVER responsible of government actions, every one of you FAIL to recognize that and i could point to you some french writer who could help you on that but i don’t know if De Maistres has been translated, maybe. You all also must learn about DEMOCRACY. You don’t have it when electing someone, it is aristocracy, if there is no DRAWING LOTS it is not democracy.

              • david


                Reread what I wrote. You completely missed it.

              • david

                Yall ain’t got no right to cry. You can’t afford it. All that support of Ron Paul, and you still ain’t learned a damn thing about Liberty and Freedom.

                Wake the %^&* up or be a slab of meat on its way to the butcher. I’m not goin down. They’re not takin my ass.

                Yall can keep cryin like a bunch of 5th graders. Claimin you’re fighting for freedom. Waaaaaaaaaa

  • Jeff

    If voting mattered it would be illegal. Chris Duane has it right. All of the systems that currently exist, including political ones, that support debt and death will collapse so that something new can emerge. This wasn’t obvious to me at first but it is clear now.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    If Rand is a non-issue, then to all his supporters, who had hope that rand would carry the flag after Ron ceded, the Ron needs to address that. W’sup, Ron?

  • frank

    Could all this be simply because of that convention in Tampa? Maybe the endorsement was made to ensure that Ron would be allowed to speak at the convention? There has to be more to this than we now know. Like the song says, “the waiting is the hardest part”….lets wait and see.

  • adam vs the man

    the Ron Paul campaign has been infiltrated

  • angel

    What I find disturbing is that Ron hasn’t commented on any of this.

  • adam vs the man

    NO COMMENT…….is a statement

  • Tony

    I received in the mail the 2012 Presidential Platform Survey from the Republican National Committee. It states Official Republican Party Document- DO NOT DESTROY (Bright Red Text)All the questions in the survey are well crafted to promote the two-party Scam. DO NOT COMPLY…….IT WILL SPEAK VOLUMES.!!!!!!!!!!

  • hocus pocus

    Darkest before the break of dawn…or mabey just never ending darkness. Good luck everyone and just remember “It’s a stupid test”

  • bbobrm

    absolutely bang-on comments from Alex. Thanks for posting this Sean.

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