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by Gary North The Poog:

For the first time in my career, I see the international establishment, sometimes called the New World Order, facing a crisis so large that its very survival is at stake. For the first time, these people are scared.

There are not many of them. In his book, “Superclass,” author David Rothkopf estimates that there are only about 6000 people at the top of the pyramid of world power and influence. They are mostly males, and at least a third of them have attended America’s most prestigious universities. Most of the others have attended comparable universities in Europe.

The crisis in Europe is clearly beyond anything that this generation of establishment leaders has ever seen. The last time that anything like this faced the European establishment, it led to World War II.

During the entire postwar period, the United States has been the dominant force in the West. The United States government through the Marshall Plan wrote the checks to keep the European governments afloat, and it funded most of NATO, the mutual defense system that was set up to constrain the expansion of the Soviet Union.

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  • Troy

    They better be afraid…because a large percentage of the masses are waking up. My neighborhood is awake…not by my words, but buy their research due to the fact that food and gas prices are up. Word to the elite…keep cost low, and the people are happy. Drain their pockets, and they become very angry. My neighbors are angry…are you listening?

    • dishesdealer417

      I think that they are listening and that is why troops are rolling in tanks down city streets in St. Louis, Missouri. That is why the NDAA was passed with overall support from both “parties” in the congress. That is why FEMA camps are being staffed and readied. That is why Dept. of Homeland security just bought a kabillion rounds of ammo.

      They are listening and preparing.

      • bubba

        you are absolutely 1000% correct DD…people are waking up…and they know it.

        I am so tired of all of this shit…We will do whatever we must “to be left alone.”

  • dishesdealer417

    While overall I agree with this guy’s assessment, I think that he missed a few points:

    He states that the european central bank is going to print all the money europe needs whether germany likes it or not. I disagree because the central bank cannot just print without Germany’s permission because if they do, Germany can claim violation of the treaties upon which they agreed to enter the euro and leave the union to save themselves. They can go back to the German Mark and then only print enough money to save their banks, leaving the rest of the european union members to fail on their own.

    He also claims that if they can stop southern european bank runs where the money is electronically transferred into nothern european banks then it would be mostly okay. Because if people take the money out locally then they just spent it. I disagree. Even if southern europeans can’t get their money into northern european banks, Piigs countries’ citizens can still take out their money and just hold it outside the banking system either in cash or by converting it to gold etc. Just because they take money out doesn’t mean they are going to spend it all immediately especially if they took out a lot because they felt they had no choice.

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