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Painful Truth or Village Idiot? Biden Says the “Great” Cities Are in China, Not America


Biden speaking to the conference of mayors in Orlando says that China has nicer cities than America (June 15, 2012).

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20 comments to Painful Truth or Village Idiot? Biden Says the “Great” Cities Are in China, Not America

  • Steve_D

    Yeah, because you and your crooked cohorts helped to destroy America, you piece of filth!

  • slipstitchpass

    Seriously Biden? The Joe Biden fireside trail of tears speach. America could have been great had we taxed the rich, except of couse – not the very rich, and gave the money to green energy companies and ghetto rats.

  • dishesdealer417

    Chinese cities are massively polluted. They have no pollution restrictions except when the central planners are having a worldwide event like the Olympics. Workers make 57 cents an hour and are killing themselves in despair because working 12 hours a day they can’t even afford an apartment and have to live in dorms with 10 other people in bunk beds making iphones for idiots in america.

    Hundreds of millions of chinese live in godawful slums without electricity still in this day and age. China knows those people will eventually start a revolution if they can’t get them into the 20th century technology, let alone the 21st century.

    • Jon

      Now you understand why Democrat Biden believes China’s cities are great. Overcrowding, low pay, throwaway works and heavy reliance on a central government is the dream of the white, liberal Democratic Party here in the United States. Democrats would love for all our cities to look like a mix between Beijing and Detroit being run by idiots with the mindset of Michael Moore.

      • Jon

        *throwaway workers

      • dishesdealer417

        I think you haven’t woken up from the NWO matrix of pretending there is any difference between republicans and democrats. Wake up Neo, the matrix still has you.

        • bubba

          It is the dream of the white democratic liberal fucks using dollars taken from the taxpayer…

          repub fucks just use money that they stole from the taxpayer.

          Cut him some slack.

          • dishesdealer417

            Why? he is wrong and he is perpetuating the plan of the NWO by blaming one party as if by running to the other we will get anything different.

            It is dangerous for him to be spewing NWO propaganda.

            • bubba

              Just because someone is a republican and bashes democrats doesn’t mean he is still a republican.

              Democrats/libs/progs/whatever have always used taxpayer money to live a lifestyle similar to socialism. Everyone that I know does and would give up there freedom to the govt in a heartbeat. To continue the lie that they live.

              Republicans (most) go out and earn their own money and live independantly.
              Everyone that I know does and they want to be left the hell alone to be producers and free.

              Just an objective observation of people that live in my community…based on my 50 yrs on the planet.

  • Phez

    Hell, I think he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize! What do ya think liberals?

    • dishesdealer417

      Again with pushing the NWO false left v. right puppet theatre. Haven’t you woken up to it yet? Why are you still pushing their divide americans and conquer us all strategy?

      • Phez

        pot calling the kettle black ehh? Was it not you spouting off about crimes by Reagan, Bush Sr. and Jr. that charges should be brought up on? So the question still remains, Nobel Peace prize for Biden?

        • Phez

          oh, I think you mentioned Cheney also, f.y.i….

          • dishesdealer417

            Because people like you try to blame one party and I am constantly trying to bring up the other to show you that there is no difference.

            When someone posted an article saying it was all Bush’s fault, I reminded people that it wasn’t true. It is both.

            The thing is, it is ovbious you hate democrats and only pay lip service to republican being as bad. That means you are still asleep.

      • bubba

        americans are divided…producers will survive, taker’s will not.


        • dishesdealer417

          The NWO are takers and they have unfortunately been doing just fine while the rest of america is raped of everything.

          The TSA has taken your liberty and your dignity with their hands down your pants, feeling up your wives and daughters and what has anybody done? Nothing.

          Seems the takers are winning. A read a lot of talk but nothing is every done about it.

          • bubba

            your right about that…but it never continues forever.

            I am doing everything I can to leave their system and damn it is difficult.

            I have 3 little grandboys…I will get them to the other side

  • HS

    Yeah, i never like Biden…he is such a clown…

  • hoser

    Yes, Biden truely is the “Villiage Idiot!” Followed closely by Barry Soetoro (AKA Obama).

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