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Law, What Law? Obama enacts semi-amnesty for Hispanic vote

by Neil Munro,

President Barack Obama is using his control over government agencies to establish a semi-amnesty for younger illegal immigrants, even though the nation’s youth unemployment rate is already at a record level.

The new policy was announced as polls showed that Obama’s re-election campaign is losing ground in critical states, including Wisconsin, North Carolina and Florida.

Obama’s campaign deputies have frequently said that the Hispanic vote is critical to their success in several swing-states, such as Florida, Colorado and North Carolina.

The impact of the new amnesty on American Hispanic voters is unclear, partly because polls show they’re most concerned about jobs and the economy, and they’re worried about cross-border crime.

However, the semi-amnesty for illegal immigrants was immediately praised by advocacy organizations that offer to mobilize Hispanic voters for Obama in November 2012.

“Today’s news is truly a dream come true for me and for so many other DREAMers across the country,” said Felipe Matos, an illegal immigrant and a gay organizer for the advocacy group GetEqual.

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6 comments to Law, What Law? Obama enacts semi-amnesty for Hispanic vote

  • Phez

    How about a round of applause for all who voted this man into office! All the talk about tyranny in America, well nobody to blame but yourselves…….Just remember, don’t vote for Romney if you only have two choices…..pffffffffffff

    • dishesdealer417

      I don’t understand your comment, are you saying we SHOULD vote for Romney?

      • Phez

        umm, no, I’m not suggesting that. My comment stems from another article I read posted here that does nothing but bash Romney and gives no suggestion to an alternative. In other words, Obama would be the choice for the “lesser of two evils”. Truthfully you and I both know there will be only two possible candidates that could win, Obama and Romney. That’s the way it is by design. With that being said look at the two individuals and compare. Neither one has a clue about main street America. Obama is a socialist and Romney is an elitist. I will give Romney a slightly higher edge over Obama simply because Romney knows business more so than Obama. I’m not saying he will change America what so ever. But America may have more of a fighting chance with Romney at the helm. I don’t know about you but I feel like a violated American when it comes to privacy and policy implemented by Obama. He’s a damn dictator and a welfare crowd pleaser….My choice is still Ron Paul and I will write in his name with a big permanent marker…….

  • Kimo

    Because all the younger voters are for Dr. Ron Paul.

  • Troy

    Vote Baritt Obamney 2012…yay!!!!

  • dishesdealer417

    Since Ron Paul has said openly he doesn’t have the delegates and I am unsure if he is even actually trying to get the republican nomination anymore, I am hoping the Libertarians will run someone like Jesse Ventura so I can vote. Otherwise I am staying home.

    Hell will freeze over before I vote for either demopublican puppet of the new world order.

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