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“HOW TO Defeat The System” Documentary Film

from Fabian4Liberty:

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3 comments to “HOW TO Defeat The System” Documentary Film

  • Steadfast

    i am very disappointed in his language. I wanted to show his video to my children, but will not expose them to such vulgar language. Unless we choose to elevate our language, we will never be elevated as a country!

    • dishesdealer417

      Fabian said “fuck”. Wow. Actually what I noticed is that he quoted Chris Martenson with the (paraphrase, i think) “the next 20 years won’t look anything like the next 20” or whatever. Fabian, you do some good vids but ranting is should maybe be left to Hoffman, he does it better.

      I am reading the book verson of “Crash Course” right now so I noticed it right off. For anybody who hasn’t read the book, I personally recommend it because he can include a lot more info in a book form that he had to leave out in the video form. It fleshes out the ideas more.


    Fabian……”Job well done”

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