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How to Buy Silver: 101

from TruthNeverTold :

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  • Tony

    I have been following Chris since the early days and am a stacker & somewhat a prepper. What I do not believe Chris nor many others in this community factor in to their equation for a new Paradigm is an understanding of history. I wish Chris would study history more & draw parallels between what is occurring now & the bolshevik revolution. It is the same players using the same methods with more advanced technology & greater global power.
    Example; In my State of CT they just repealed 200 year old blue laws to purchase alcohol on Sunday. Prior to the Russian revolution while prices of everything was rising they lowered the price of vodka, a drunken or nowadays drugged populous is easier to defeat. Bottom line is in a totalitarian Dictatorship alloidial ownership communities will not be permitted nor will alternative currencies without penaly of death or imprisonment. In other words unless we head this off at the pass we are toast.

    • Silver Shield

      Think of it as a your favorite forum or comment board that is actually going to do something, that is 500 aware and prepared people from over 1.5 million that have seen my message.

      Then take away any toxic people that would destroy the community.

      We will form decentralized groups based on location and interests.

      We will get to know each other in face to face video chats.

      We will keep a low profile during the Anger Phase of humanity.

      After the fires burn out…

      We will look to build a sustainable, resonating community in a state that values honest money and honest people.

      We will create a truly free society based on equitable ownership, sustainable energy and something we can all be proud to leave our children.

      It is a long road but you will have good people along your path.

      “Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”

      • Tony

        Chris, I do not mean to be negative, I believe your plan is good, however, how will you & your community(s) stave off the global military forces (NATO/UN)?
        Many nations in the middle east & N Africa (libya) have tried to remain sovereign with their own money and have failed. After they get through with their domination of the middle east they will bring us down as according to plan.
        I am a an advanced rated chess player and have a plan but even the greatest chess player Kasparov lost to a computer, He said if that ever happens humanity is doomed.

        • Silver Shield

          How will global forces be able to mobilize when the world currencies, economies, markets collapse?

          How much time do you think the governments that are in power are going to spend on peaceful people growing food when they have massive humanitarian disasters in urban areas? Or when other nations in the Anti-Hegemon assert their regional muscles?

          How can a government right now stop me from dumping all of my paper assets and buy silver? Or quitting a corporate job? Or eating healthy organic food?

          What about a few of my buddies doing the same thing?

          We will see massive decentralizaton of power NOT further consolidation. I would suggest you study Kasparov, not his chess, but what he went through after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Look at what the Rothschild oligarchs did. Look at how when complex systems collapse, those that are the quickest to adapt will advance their pieces the most.


          • Silverfist

            Oh man Chris, this is too much. When currencies collapse, the military will be certainly among the best functioning entities on the planet. Or do you seriously believe that military forces are working for governments and need their paper to function? Come on, you can’t be serious!

            I am underway in big corporations, and I think you totally miss out on the real world. To be honest, reading your material I have the impression you are sitting too much at home in front of your computer reading, and so automatically develop the view that the world is somehow in a similar mindset: sitting in a small room and having extremely limited possibilities.

            The truth is that big corporations already have perfectly tuned clearing systems that are totally independent of particular currencies, they just need to flip the accounting unit. Should fiat collapse, then big corporations together with the military will thrive, because they have all the infrastructure in place to be the new hegemons, they don’t need anybody else to survive.

            It will be so different than you think. If you don’t like full blown fascism, then pray that the dollar holds.

  • Silver Scumbag - Canada

    We will look to build a sustainable, resonating community in a state that values honest money and honest people.

    We will create a truly free society based on equitable ownership, sustainable energy and something we can all be proud to leave our children.

    Tony is an advanced chess player and my name is Napoleon.

    I respect Chris but what he describes is Zionism. To Chris and other deluded souls, Zionism is as bad as Nazism.

    In his case, he plans to actively take lands that were once used by the native Indigenous of America before the ancestors of Chris, directly or indirectly took it from them.

    In the case of Israel, Jews have actively re-claimed lands that were used by them to build a society.

    Palestinians were nomads from Saudi to spread Islam. If the Israelis were Chinese, the palies would have been wiped out decades ago, with the support of Western lefties.

  • Tony

    Interesting points on both sides of the theoretical argument, I guess we will just have to wait and see & pray. As far as Mr silver Scumbag, well I think his self proclaimed name says it all.

    PEACE .

  • A047

    Great video with smart advice. Gold and Silver. The only real money.
    Semper Fi

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