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How much deflation before we get to the hyperinflation of money printing?

from Arabian Money:

Look around the world as ArabianMoney always does in the summer because the excessive heat of the Middle East drives us all to seek out cooler climates, and you very quickly realize this year that the main issue is deflation, not inflation.

Gas prices are falling with the oil price. Indeed, falling commodity prices are taking the pressure off input prices across the board.

Demand destruction

The demand destruction of widespread economic contraction is doing the rest. Shop discounts are deeper to sell goods.

Hotels are struggling to sell rooms. Upgrades are cheap. Hire car companies can only give away their more expensive models.

Pricing muscle is low. Customers who overpaid in advance will not do so again, or certainly not next time.

Yet central banks are not unaware of this situation, or in any doubt about how dangerous a deflationary spiral could be to the global economy.

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1 comment to How much deflation before we get to the hyperinflation of money printing?

  • Travis

    I think most people don’t really see m/any benefits from deflation as the things that most people are spending their money on such as housing, fuel, food are really not dropping in price. If you have the spare money there can be some good deals on houses but few jobs available in the area.
    I believe that many people are also holding onto their cash as they have this feeling that something is just not right.

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