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ECB’s Draghi Considering One-Upping Fed, Launching NEGATIVE Interest Rates! (NIRP)

from Silver Doctors:

ZIRP is so 2008 (-2015). Bloomberg reports ECB head Mario Draghi is considering cutting ECB interest rates BELOW ZERO from their current 0.25%.

That’s right, Draghi is considering one-upping The Bernank himself, bypassing ZIRP, and going straight to NIRP (negative interest rate policy)!

Nothing like the smell of desperation in the morning. Perhaps Draghi was listening when Soros stated yesterday that Europe has 3 days to solve the crisis? Anyone remain unconvinced QE Will Go to Infinity??

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3 comments to ECB’s Draghi Considering One-Upping Fed, Launching NEGATIVE Interest Rates! (NIRP)

  • robertsgt40

    Yeah, that’s what I wanna do. Put my money in a bank and be assured there will be less there on Monday(officially). It’s bad enough that interest rates are well below inflation. This will just drain the value faster. This should be the poster for buying (physical)silver/gold. The global fiat fractional reserve banking system is on it’s last leg.

  • Alfred Arnnet

    This just makes the Fed’s or ECB and other Central Bank Policy, easily understood.

    In other words you put your money in the “Bank” and after a short while it’s worth less than it was when you deposited it. Simple.

    All this does is show that’s what they do all the time. “Rig” the consumer inflation numbers, keep changing them monthly, ignoring those consumer items that cost more, and replacing them or giving them a lower “Contribution” to the overall number for inflation.

    This is how it works. If beef prices go up, and “Tofu” prices are still stable, the “Governments Central Bankers” will say the average consumer stops buying beef and switches to Tofu to save money.

    Of course the “Elites” would never change their diet because of cost, but its a good way to hide what’s going on.

  • paris

    I want to borrow 10 million at -1%

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