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Duplicitous Human Rights Council Report on Syria

by Stephen Lendman,

On June 27, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) discussed conflict conditions in Syria. Truth took a back seat. Some present denounced its absence.

Pre-scripted, its conclusions were predictable. Washington calls the shots. Most HRC members salute and obey.

Syrian HRC representative Faisal Khabbaz al-Hamwi denounced the proceedings. Calling them useless and politically biased, he said its report reflects a “disinformation war against Syria.” He walked out of the session, saying:

“We will not participate in this flagrantly political meeting.”

He had good reason to leave. Before doing so he said national reconciliation can only happen when “foreign powers stopped inciting violence. The crisis in Syria (is) genuine war and a criminal operation involving destruction of property.”

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7 comments to Duplicitous Human Rights Council Report on Syria

  • Tony

    Thank you Mr Lendman & SGT,

    Please watch Syrian family slain by U.S. led rebels (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

  • Silver Scumbag - Canada

    The tragedy is that one side has to win. Muslim vs. Muslim. Is there anything more glorious?

    • Tony

      That’s correct Mr Scumbag……that is the protocol of the Zionists, After they use the Christians to participate in their plan, They will divide & conquer the Christians ooops i forgot they are already winning on that front too. Please beware the people are waking up to this game and will extract this cancer as history has shown, these Zionist supremacists always go too far.

      • Silver Scumbag - Canada

        Syrian troops rained tank and artillery shells down on a rebellious suburb of the Syrian capital of Damascus Friday, killing dozens of people during a particularly bloody week across the country

        muslims massacring muslims and Jews are blamed!!!

        muslim vs muslim – is there not anything more glorious?

        • Tony

          Correct again Mr Scumbag, False Jews from the synagogue of satan are to blame just as they are to blame for all the war & suffering in the world. Do not get too cocky my Zionist shill friend, these are battles you will lose the war.

  • Silver Scumbag - Canada

    muslims killing muslims, muslims killing muslims, how glorious, how wonderful, how sweet it is

    Hope Israel is making $$ from it

    the tragedy is that it will have to come to an end

    but all normal human beings know that a world without islam is a peaceful world

    • Tony

      Muslims did not blow up the USS Liberty, David Hotel, Lavon affair,911, illegally genocide Palestinians both Muslims & Christians, millions of Armenians, millions of Christian Russians & sephardic Jewish children (Just siting modern atrocities). Muslims don’t print the worlds money, or own the media, governments etc etc they just want to be left alone just like Good Christians & Good Torah Jews want to be left alone, Your psychopathic inbred control freaks won’t accept it until all are your chatel or slaves, serving your god lucifer. You & your kind will Fail & you are correct it will come to an end for your species.

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