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The Biggest Battle in All of Human History is Coming

by James Gardner, SGTreport

The Biggest Battle in all of Human history is coming…

3:15 June 22nd 1941; 3 million men, 600,000 vehicles, 750,000 horses, 3580 AFVs, 7184 guns and 1830 air craft began the battle that decided the out come of World War two and the fate of the world.

How does that apply to us today? Because Joe Stalin knew it was coming well before it happened, could have stopped it in it’s tracks and instead chose to put his head in the sand just like the majority of Americans are doing now.

WW2 Soviet and British intelligence compared to German intelligence would be like a soccer game between an all star pro team and some genius level ten year olds. While the kids might develop brilliant plans, strategies and the occasional good move they would be mercilessly trounced at every turn. Thus it was that Stalin knew not just the placement and planning of the invasion forces but the very dates of the German launch. How do we know this? In the first few weeks of the invasion the 221st Defense Division in Lomza recovered from the CnC of the First Cossack Army maps with the accurate location of German Armies, Army Groups and Divisions. That was the good news, After Admiral Canaris, head of the German Abwher (spies), finally caught and forced a soviet spy to give him the key to cracking radio codes in November of 1942 it was discovered that the Russians had an agent that was tied into the German high command and could inform them with in two days of any change in plans. And the best evidence is a telegram sent by the German Naval Attache’ in Moscow on 25 April, 1941 which said the British Ambassador was giving June 22nd as the date of the beginning of the war between Germany and Russia. That’s two months before it launched folks. It would seem everyone everywhere knew what was coming so why do you suppose Stalin didn’t act?

He had more men, (4.7 million), more (and superior) tanks, more planes and probably for the first time in his life the moral high ground. What did he lack? Belief. Stalin did not believe Hitler would attack while the west remained undefeated. So he refused to act in the face of overwhelming evidence and the Germans were able to kill or capture millions and push all the way to Stalingrad and the gates of Moscow before being defeated.

That’s history, here’s today. Our government has “legislated” away most if not all our rights, without the approval, and in fact in direct opposition to the will, of the people. They have ordered massive amounts of ammunition, armored vehicles, spy cameras and drones to be used within the borders of our country. They have brought home and trained combat units in population control, turned the police into para military units, built camps for the internment of millions and demanded the citizens spy on each other. They are stealing our wealth through the printing of fiat currency, demonizing if not killing those that point out their methods and making a mockery of the peaceful means of transfer of power and the law in total. They spend our lives in foreign wars of aggression, dictate to other countries how to run their financial systems and lie to us about everything they do and who they really are. Are their intentions beginning to register with you?

“What if” is always anyone’s guess but the German Generals agreed Stalin had large concentrations of armor and mechanized troops near Bialystok and Lvov. German General Guderian put the number of Russian tanks at 10,000 at the start of the war but in reality is was more like 17,000. Stalin had already won the concession from Rumania of Bessarabia which put him near the oil fields of Ploesti. The Russians were both to the east and north of the German supply of crude. Facing German Army Group South consisting of roughly 40 German divisions and 14 Rumanian Divisions were the 70 divisions (including 18 armored divisions) of the Kiev and Odessa special Military Districts. What if Stalin had taken the initiative and launched his mobile forces. The German war machine would have been denied their source of oil in 1941. The Panzers would have ground to a halt, the Luftwaffe become grounded and the U-boats permanently docked. Oil moves everything including the food on your table. Had Stalin acted could the war have ended three years sooner and with millions of lives saved? After all Stalin didn’t have to hold the fields all he had to do was destroy them. Economics would have done the rest, no oil no anything in modern warfare.

Americans are always fighting one war behind. Ours is not a war that can be won with bombs and bullets, it’s a war of means and participation. Your superiority is one of mass and knowledge. If you don’t participate they can not do anything. You provide them wealth. You provide them man power. You are killing yourself. Oddly enough victory doesn’t require you to jump on a grenade or take someone’s life. Victory is as simple as buying an ounce of silver. Victory is as simple as eating locally grown or purely organic food. Victory is as simple as turning off your TV, Ipad and XBOX and reading a book. By participating in their constructed fantasy trap you slowly bleed your life away in trivial pointless efforts. Why does a dollar have value? Because you believe it does. Why do you shop at Walmart? Because you believe you get more for that dollar you think is worth something. Fantasy will not survive contact with reality.

Most of the stuff you buy is toxic garbage and you buy it with valueless paper. Why are you over
weight? Depressed? Lethargic? Sluggish? Because you eat processed high fructose corn syrup that is not nutritious or good for you but it is cheap and tasty and deadly. Why are you always chasing a buck? Because you have been fooled into believing amassing large amounts of green paper equals wealth. All through history wealth has been measured in gold and sliver. In cattle. In land. In family, friends and health. In tangible things not imaginary concepts.

You can be like Stalin. Believe you can simply wait for a more favorable time to act. Hope they fail to move forward because they can’t get their act together and seem to be imploding on their own. You can cross your fingers and put your head in the sand and your butt in the air. Or you can act now while you’re still both numerically and morally superior.

Fantasy is meeting reality. You can not pay a debt with more debt. You can not spend your way to prosperity. You can not win hearts and minds with occupational armies. You don’t build a country by destroying it’s farming and manufacturing ability. Reality is coming. It’s a harsh and unforgiving teacher. Learn and act now before millions of men, hundreds of thousands of vehicles, horses, drones and, more than any thing else, the fantasy world you’re living in comes crashing down on you at 3:15 a.m. as you attempt to ignore reality until it’s just too late.

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18 comments to The Biggest Battle in All of Human History is Coming

  • BUZZ

    Well done SGT.
    This was a great piece.

    I will add this:
    Your article will probably reach less than one thousand people, and the people reading your articles are already wide awake.
    The outcome depends on the masses to wake up. Read Jefferson, MLK, and Gandhi quotes.

    That is why we all had so much faith in the campaign for liberty. Finally we had a spokesman for truth, but soon he will be silenced and it appears that there are no brave souls to help lead the sleeping cattle from the slaughter house at the moment.

    I wish I could be more positive about our current situation, but history has shown time and time again; People will only revolt if they run out of food.
    At that point, the people won’t know who to revolt against. So they will probably be looting the few of us who are awake and have taken action.

    As far as silver and gold goes:
    Sound money will not return unless the people using fiat paper money realize they are being scammed.
    Guess what…?
    The majority of Americans don’t own anything.
    They don’t have paper money or real money. All they have is debt.
    So Why would they care about gold and silver?

    So I guess we are left to hope in Communist China, Iran and Russia to restore real money? Lol

    We are fked. The tanks, trucks, armies are rollin in during the night and everyone is asleep but a handful.

    • SGT

      Thanks Buzz, much appreciation to my Guest Post writer James Gardner who penned this piece.

    • SilverFox

      Buzz, I will do my part. I will send the link to 10 to 20 people that I know do not read these kinds of posts. I will implore them to read it and if it made them stop and think to send it out to as many people as they can and so on.

      Let’s all do this.

  • Warp

    I’ll tell you why Stalin didn’t respond.

    He didn’t respond because the bankers who put him into power and kept him there wanted a war.

  • Mr Numbertaker

    Most people, it seems to me, do not enjoy the ‘luxury’ of self-determination anymore. They have forfeited / sold / thrown away their freedom. Worse, many (I would go as far as saying the majority) are often without even the basic knowledge and understanding required to even perceive that they have forfeited / sold / thrown away their freedom.

    If people cannot even begin to see that they are already enslaved, then how much more difficult will it be for them to comprehend that they are now being herded as cattle towards the farm, if not the meat processing plant. How more difficult still to get them to do something about it.

    Anyone who has ever tried to wake up another person as to the way this world really works, or even if they have concentrated on just one aspect – such as the nature of money for example, will understand the level of ‘ignorance’ in society today, and just how difficult it is to get people to open their mind. Please understand that I do not use the word ‘ignorance’ as a term of insult, but in its true context, meaning ‘without knowledge and/or awareness’.

    I do believe that the vast majority of the population are either too ignorant to comprehend how serious things really are right now are, or they are too busy / worn out trying to survive day-to-day that they do not have the time/inclination to learn more/take action.

    I do honestly believe that for the majority of people it is going to take something of the order of what is shown in the video I will link to below to happen to their friends/family/neighbors before they wake up (but by then it will likely be much too late):

    The view from my window today is not a view I am comfortable with. When I look out I dont see a prosperous, progressive, and dynamic society – certainly not a society of awake, aware, and prepared individuals with the will and means to take back their freedom.

    I see crumbling infrastructure, immoral behavior, disaffected (and increasingly unemployed) youth, working families living pay check to pay check, a dumb, ignorant, self-absorbed society, a dependent society. Our society is largely ‘ignorant’ to the knife-edge known as civilisation upon which they are balanced. The vulnerability of it all screams at me.

    Those that are open to learning or who are even ‘awake’, are as I alluded to above, often too busy just trying to keep a roof over their heads and feeding their family to take action against the system (and risk loosing what they they do have in the process). Lets be realistic, things have already gone too far for limited action to have any effect at this stage. The people have been systematically disempowered.

    But was that not always the very aim of the game – to disempower the masses and transfer real power and real wealth to a select few at the top of the pyramid.

    Is the view from my window typical? I dont know, but I suspect it is increasingly common.

    Have the NWO / Illuminati types already won? I dont know, but it is going to be one heck of job to get rid of them now even if they have not.

    Anyway, I am going on again and becoming boring. Lets just hope more people are awake and willing to take action than I think there are.

    • BUZZ

      Agreed Numbertaker

      Patriot Act = destruction of 4th amendment
      NDAA = destruction of 6th amendment.
      CISPA = destruction of 1st amendment.

      Ask the majority of cattle around you about the impacts these bills have on their freedoms and you will get a blank stare.
      Americans are probably the most ignorant people on the planet.

      “Anyone who has ever tried to wake up another person as to the way this world really works, or even if they have concentrated on just one aspect – such as the nature of money for example, will understand the level of ‘ignorance’ in society today”

      Amen…I gave up on that years ago.

      It sound s like there are others here who are just as frustrated as I am with the immenent train wreck we are faced with.
      The voice of reason fall on deaf ears time after time. It’s discouraging indeed.

      One word for the ignorant sheep

      • Mr Numbertaker


        I too have given up trying to ‘wake people up’. I just hope my conscience is not too hard on me in the future as a result. At least we can say that we did try.

        Anyway, all that energy expended on strangers and friends alike is now used in efforts to help protect myself and my loved ones. Got to look to those closest to me now, the clock is ticking.

        How long is left on the clock measuring the countdown to what we currently know as ‘normality’? Who can tell, but I strongly suspect we are counting down in months rather than years.

        All the best to you & yours.

  • Scott Sando

    350 million people with teaspoons could move a mountain.

  • Steve_D

    A little light entertainment from Clark and Daw,

  • Scott Sando

    GREEK ELECTION: Athens Bar Association declares June 17th election null and void, suspects criminal activity.

  • shinystuff

    We have all heard about the possible/probable exchange rate from dollars to whatever the “new” currency/ponzi scheme the bankers choose. I’ve heard anywhere from 30-60% devaluation (Bob Chapman, Lindsey Williams). I find it ironic that right now you can take $100 paper dollars and get a silver liberty for $30-$32 paper dollars (30%). However, if one consciously chooses to transfer their debt (also known as slave) instruments for a tangible asset (also known as wealth) right now, they will have effectively gained two things, wealth and choice.

  • Loren

    All for one and all for imaginary digital money. Yeah! Even monopoly money is worth more because you have something tangible to hold in your hand. 0s and 1s in a computer is not money! It is slavery!! Every move you make, every purchase you make, they will be watching you. (Sing along) Oh can’t you see … they will be watching you.

  • Mark

    This was an excellent piece of writing, after the day that I have had it was a welcome diversion from the bull that I have had to ingest. I am looking at many things in terms of Ag, and how / when to convert them. There are many things that are now crashing, for those who have the eyes to see.

    Thank you for your energies in text.

  • Petedivine

    It’s. Easy to give up on your friends and neighbors, but don’t. I have tried a new tact. I tell them that I don’t believe in a 401k anymore. They always look at me with surprise. I am a fairly successful engineer. What do I know that they don’t? I tell them about the fraud, the casino, MF Global, Enron, Europe, the list goes. On. Then I bring up the cost of houses in 1977 and today, even after the nasty devaluation we are seeing in the housing market. I ask a simple question, has the value of my parents house really gone up x5 since 1977, or has the value of money down? that’s easy for most people, they almost all have parents that bought a house for a song back in the 60 or 70s. They usually say the value of the dollar has decreased. Then you have them….why would anyone save money in dollars if their value continues to go down every year. Why take your energy,sweat, and tears betting on a depreciating currency In a casino that will loose money over the course of several decades? They they always ask what I buy. They get it when you put their investments in those terms. I tel them precious metals. I tell them like our parents house it tracks inflation. It retains its value. Look at what Gold has done over the last 10 years. Then come the rest of the questions, where, how, when, etc…give it a try. Everyone is worried, they know something hit the fan. They just don’t know how stinky or how big the mess is. By the way sgt…I read your blog daily. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  • Tom Chatham

    It’s like something I recently wrote in an article. People will do as they are told just to avoid the hassle until it becomes painful in some way. Until then they will do nothing.By the time it becomes painful enough for most, it will be too late.

  • tom martin

    home inspection
    mental evaluation
    for licensed gun owners

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