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BREAKING NEWS: Huge Worldwide Cyber Bank Raid Ongoing- Estimated €2 Billion Stolen

from Silver Doctors:

*Breaking Reports: Cyber Bank Raid in Progress Targeting US, UK, Euro-zone Banks*

UK’s Sky News has just reported that a huge worldwide cyber bank raid is ongoing- €60 million have been confirmed stolen through 1 server, and a total of €2 billion is estimated to have been stolen through an additional 59 servers!

Sky News is reporting that McAfee Virus has uncovered a series of financial attacks on US, UK, and Euro-zone banks with individual transfers of over €100,000 being reported.

Is this an extension of RBS’ NatWest’s complete banking system melt-down/ cash account rehypothecation, which is now in its 8th day?

Our thoughts are this is either an Iranian ‘Stuxnet’ retaliation, or a false-flag banking system lock up by the Western Central Banks themselves on which they can conveniently pin the blame for an imminent derivatives induced contagion and banking collapse.


Story has been completely wiped from Sky News’ Website, link now reads 404: Page Not Found.

Full story still being reported on several alternative media sites:

Security firms McAfee and Guardian Analytics have published a joint fraud report, dubbed Operation High Roller, on new methods of siphoning money from banking systems. Using a series of highly sophisticated cyber attacks to target high balance accounts, criminals have been able to successfully bypass physical “chip and pin” authentication and use server-based fraudulent transactions to steal money from a number of accounts in Europe. The attacks originated in Italy, using SpyEye and Zeus malware to transfer funds into fraudulent accounts….

The majority of attacks appear to have taken place across European banking systems, but McAfee warns that it has found evidence of attacks at Latin American and North American financial institutions too. The company is warning that 60 servers have been processing thousands of attempted thefts from high-value accounts over a period of months, resulting in attempts to steal at least €60 million (US$78 million). McAfee says that if all the attempted fraud attacks were successful then the total attempted fraud could be as high as €2 billion ($2.49 billion).

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26 comments to BREAKING NEWS: Huge Worldwide Cyber Bank Raid Ongoing- Estimated €2 Billion Stolen

  • A047


    Get your paper out of the banks. Put it in physical Gold or Silver before it’s too late. Don’t get stuck holding cotton bills.

  • Rockets Red Glare

    I wonder if this had anything to do with the 900 “consultants” called to Wall St. story yesterday. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of crooks!

  • Loren

    This is going to be a Big global bank run. It spread slowly at first but is accelerating and expanding to other countries now. The collapse is here, it is now, it is going to be a game changer. You will not recognize the world that lies ahead. If you have not prepared, you never will and it is too late anyways. Give us that deer in the head light look please as paper and digital assets vanish into the thin air they were created from.

  • Steve_D

    Hmmmmmm, this all sounds like a cover story being put in place as an excuse to shut down the banking system to protect it from a massive worldwide run.

    • Scott Sando

      You may be on to something there Steve.

      • dishesdealer417

        I have to agree there too. I guess this is better than Jon Corzine going to congress to say he just doesn’t know where the money went.

        Now they can claim that the money disappeared because anonymous hackers took it. AND they get the added bonus of having a reason to close down banks that are in big trouble.

  • Truthseeker

    These types of attacks could be legitimate criminal activity, but they could also be a false-flag attack by internal sources that will eventually be justification of an internet takeover under the guise of national security. And if you think about it, what could allow for better plausible deniability than a mysterious group stealing billions of dollars from banks and pension funds, never to be seen again.

    By the way, a major U.S. government pension fund was compromised recently. over 125,000 government employees had vital personal information stolen via-cyber attack. Although it is reported that there is no evidence of misuse of the information; It would be convenient, would it not, to tell hundreds of thousands of govt. employees that billions of dollars which couldn’t be paid out anyway, was suddenly gone forever?

    • dishesdealer417

      Absolutely possible. If you think about it that way you can see how much cover this gives the elite for their looting of the banks and pensions. They get to have an excuse to have a bank holiday for any bank in trouble by claiming “computer virus attack” or whatever AND they can use it for an excuse to close the internet down.

      I think you are right on this one.

    • Glitter1

      I believe in that case the Fed would just print the money and make the fund whole.

  • Sean Kerrigan

    The article doesn’t specify the time frame. Also, $2 billion (spread among numerous banks and credit unions) isn’t enough to cause any serious problems with liquidity. This Reuters article seems to go into greater detail:

  • snowmover

    That doesn’t sound like a very big number to me. 2.4 billion.
    Sounds more like petty theft than a bank run. I really doubt if this turns into anything, but one can always hope.

  • markie

    No doubt it’s a false attack cover for the formerly high and mighty. Poor little rich boys and girls, they’re stretching for excuses now. They’ve always known exactly where every digital penny is and now that we’ve finally traced it back to their thieving pockets they pull Homer Simpson out of their ass. How lame.
    Cry me a river, sheese, there will be no shoulder here for the rat basta***.

  • R.D.

    Time evolves,and comes to a place where it renews again,there is first a purification time,then there is renewal time.We are getting very close to this time now
    “RED CROW”

  • bertsllc

    hmmmm, no mention on world news.

  • Ed_B

    If you think that this is something, just wait until ALL money is digital. That would make it even more susceptible to this sort of theft. As we all know, the government hates thieves… and anyone else who competes with them!

  • dishesdealer417

    yep, My mom is a main stream news junkie and I asked her if there was any mention of it and nope. Not on NBC nightly news and not on the local station. No mention of any of this. Which tends to make me think it might actually be a hacker attack. Of course that isn’t to say they aren’t figuring out ways right now to spin it to their advantage.

    Wasn’t it amazing how any building that held records of the trillions of dollars the defense dept. somehow “lost” were destroyed on 9-11? Well this will be the same thing after they are done.

  • Troy

    Got Silver? Got food stock? Got Ammo?

  • Glitter1

    The reason why it isn’t in the mainstream news is 1.)Not a peep about the bank runs and Holidays taking place in Europe and Great Britian for the last several weeks.2.)they can not let this out for fear of bringing attention to the issues, otherwise people will start pulling money out of the banks here in the US.When it hits over here they will do it over a weekend if possible without any notice what-so-ever.

  • frank

    sorry my mistake wrong story.

  • frank

    you know…if this gets bigger, it could mean something is coming. I’ve called guys like Fulford and Drake frauds, but the blogs have been buzzing lately with what these guys are saying. They have been saying something is suppose to happen soon. Man I will be so happy to eat crow if thse guys were/are right.

  • frank

    According to the Drake guy the good guys are trying to bankrupt the bad guys. COuld this be related? I always wondered “how can you corrupt the fed if they can simply print”?

    I hate waiting, but i guess thats what we have to do. That and prep…”a wise man sees trouble coming and takes measure to protect himself”

  • Nem Inis

    What fun. Everyone squirming to try to stay one step ahead of everyone else. It’s like watching an anthill. Think you have a clue? You haven’t a clue. Here’s a clue: you have NO way of *knowing* what’s true/real and what’s not. None of it, nada, zilch. Digest *that* and you’re Home Free! So-called AltM *in its mechanics* is identical to MSM if you really think deeply about it. Now what?!

    Just some loving food for thought, peace out.

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