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Bloomberg Cuts Threaten Thousands With Eviction, NYC Homeless Population Hits Record 43,000

from Democracy Now! :

The Coalition for the Homeless reports the number of people living in New York City homeless shelters has reached an all-time high of 43,000. Critics attribute the spike in homelessness to the Bloomberg administration’s alleged failure to help move homeless families into permanent affordable housing. Housing advocates say the problem was exacerbated by city’s cancellation of the “Advantage” apartment rental subsidy, with as many as 8,000 former aid recipients now facing eviction. We get a report from Democracy Now!’s Chantal Berman, who interviewed several aid recipients who could soon lose their homes; and speak to Patrick Markee, senior policy analyst at Coalition for the Homeless in New York City.

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1 comment to Bloomberg Cuts Threaten Thousands With Eviction, NYC Homeless Population Hits Record 43,000

  • dishesdealer417

    States have cleaned out and closed up the mental institutions because of cost and many of the homeless are simply unable to deal with everyday life.

    The mentally ill homeless are going to be a great danger to themselves and others as this system collapses. If you have family in this position, you need to make plans now to get them home and care for them. Because if you don’t they will probably end up some of the first dead. Shot due to inappropriate behavior when they can’t get meds or trying to steal food. They will be the first of the helpless victims, then it will be the elderly as their children dumped them in homes and the employees simply won’t show up if they aren’t getting paid or their direct deposit goes into a bank on “holiday”. Get your elderly home if you want them to live.

    You can already see what is happening to prison populations in Greece. they are starving and local people are donating food to keep them alive. Do you have a prison nearby? Are you ready to help the prisoners survive? Or do you want the doors just flung open because the guards aren’t getting paid & the prisoners are starving? that could happen. The worst criminals could be let go because otherwise they starve.

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