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Bitcoin is at the forefront of ‘hacktivism’, giving its users a free alternative to contemporary financial mechanisms

[Ed. Note: We’re no fans of Bitcoin here, but here ya go any way:]

from Nicolas Mendoza,

Hong Kong – The term “hacktivism” has been grossly misconstrued by the media. The image of masked saboteurs attacking from the darkness has romantic appeal but this spectacular narrative of sabotage ultimately misinforms, other-ising hackers and distorting hacking itself. Richard Stallman defines hacking as “exploring the limits of what is possible, in a spirit of playful cleverness”. Real hacktivism, then, is less about denial of service attacks, which are acts of digital protest, than about the clever creation or intervention of software forms for social change. It is less about sabotage than about alternatives.

Hacktivism allows dissent to overcome the limitations of protest, actually implementing alternatives and making them widely available without asking for permission from the status quo. It gives wings to the possibility for gradual peaceful revolution: alternatives no longer need to remain dreams, but can become real options for real people.

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3 comments to Bitcoin is at the forefront of ‘hacktivism’, giving its users a free alternative to contemporary financial mechanisms

  • dishesdealer417

    Yeah cause we really need an electronic currency that tracks everything we do. NO ALL ELECTRONIC CURRENCY, IT IS THE NWO’S DREAM. Private or pubic, all electronic currency is a tyrannical trap.

    • Phez

      BrotherJohnF was a big promoter/supporter of Bitcoins early last spring, right up to the “crash and burn” of bitcoins! I was rather disappointed in Brother John but hey, we are only human! I say we go back to 40% and/or 90% silver coinage and some form of gold coinage as well. Obviously not as high percentage as silver but maybe, just maybe, silver will catch up to it’s inflation adjusted “true value” and we may have to re-examine the 40-90% figures!

  • Mr Numbertaker


    I note this report has been pulled from that very dangerous NWO media puppet channel Aljazeera, you know that channel sponsored by zionist and NWO interests, and openly supported by ‘we are loosing the information war’ Clinton, and ‘bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran McCaine. The same channel that was filmed by RT ‘working the crowd’ in Libya before NATO went in. Watch this (jump to 2min 10sec if limited on time):

    Aljazeera is a very dangerous psyops tool, but in their supreme arrogance the so called elite no longer bother to hide their controlling hand in this ‘arab’ news channel, nor thier NWO agenda. Just look at this Aljazeera headline for example:


    Clinton ‘pretending’ Aljazeera is not bought and paid for by her zionist and NWO

    Bitcoin is a trap for intelligent fools. It is a NWO play to get ‘trendy’ tech types and activist types to embrace a cashless society (like those smart phone payment apps, etc)

    Aljazeera is a trap for those those just beginning to wake up / awake just enough to see through the mainstream media, but not yet awake enough to see the bigger picture.

    Thankfully we can now guide people away from Aljazeera over to the SGT Report for some real news!

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