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Zombie apocalypse becomes reality in Miami

[Ed. Note: Ladies and Gentlemen, this story is almost to far over the edge to believe. The Zombies are currently tanning in South Florida. Got preps?]

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Natural News:

The long-dreaded “zombie apocalypse” may already be underway in Miami, where a human zombie — a mindless naked man — was encountered by police officers who found him literally feasting on the face of another naked man. This is a true event and has been reported by CBS Miami (…) which says:

“Miami police shot and killed a man on the MacArthur Causeway Saturday afternoon, and police sources told CBS4 they had no choice: the naked man they shot was trying to chew the face off another naked man, and refused to obey police orders to stop his grisly meal. …Officers found one man gnawing on the face of another, in what one police source called the most gruesome thing he’d ever seen.”

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4 comments to Zombie apocalypse becomes reality in Miami

  • GoodOleBoy

    WtF!? I never thought I would live to see it. Better not tell the wife, she hates zombies…

  • AgShaman

    Timothy Leary’s dead… na na no, he’s outside….naked, and chewing someone’s face off.

  • dishesdealer417

    Someone in the corporate controlled media is screwing with us knowing that this would get play in the alternative media space like SGTReport. In fact they may be tracking the story now and seeing what kind of comments it generates.

    I smell an experiment and I just want to go on record as being the lab rat who cried “BULLSHIT”.

  • davepa

    hmmm … can’t believe some things from Miami. Front page story? Wake UP!!!

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