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UNCLE SAM BULLYING BROKERS OVER SILVER? [Plus, JPM’s $7 Billion Blunder] – Woody O’Brien

Woody O’Brien says that he’s decided to do a “Barnhardt’ and get out of the markets while the gettin’ is good. O’Brien says he’s been told by regulators that federally regulated brokers should not be giving advice about buying physical silver, so he’s decided he no longer wants to be ‘federally regulated’. Remember, physical silver really is the Achilles’ heel of the corrupt fiat banking system. Visit Woody’s website here.

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36 comments to UNCLE SAM BULLYING BROKERS OVER SILVER? [Plus, JPM’s $7 Billion Blunder] – Woody O’Brien

  • Steve_D

    Hmmmm let me look at this as if I was a corrupt banker type person, if physical Silver was suppressed down to an unbelievably low price and I was loading up on the stuff by the truck load, would I want a broker letting the whole world know what an absolute steal physical Silver is right now or would I want him and the rest of his profession to STFU while I establish my massive position?

  • Steve_D

    By the way thanks for another superb interview Sean.

    If Finance is the new rock & roll, you Sean are Elvis! 🙂

  • dishesdealer417

    I suppose “they” would like to outlaw precious metals altogether, at least outlaw the private ownership of gold/silver/copper (the most well known monetary metals) but they can’t because that would be giving too much credence to the growing view that they are money and money that can compete successfully with fake fiat money.

  • Hman

    Another great interview Sean.

  • Silver Shield

    This isn’t really new news.

    Brokers cannot sell away from their book so that there is no money made outside of their franchise.

    Ask Woody if he CAN push PSLV or CEF or SLV and he will tell you that he can.

    This is why Eric Sprott only focuses on institutional investors.

    Sprott does not sell physical to the masses, but he can sell his registered PSLV.

    I am glad that he is walking away, but I don’t feel he is telling the whole story about his silver experience.

    • dishesdealer417

      If it is true that he got a letter, later clarified in verbal discussions, that basically tells financial professionals that they had better not advocate for PHYSICAL metals, particularly silver, then that to me IS very important.

      Financial professionals often market themselves as overall experts even though they focus usually on a few areas. To tell financial professionals that they cannot help a client with an overview of their finances (if they advocate for any ownership of physical precious metals as a hedge against chaos) would put the industry out of work.

      PHYSICAL is what it is all about. It is the real thing that makes a difference. I don’t suppose they care if the fake SLV and GLD funds are pushed all day long since they are instruments of the fascist regime.

      • Silver Shield

        I agree physical is the way to go but when have brokers been allowed to recommend selling out of their book?
        The same way that Met Life can’t sell NorthWestern insurance is the same way they can’t sell gold or silver if the brokerage does not approve of it.
        I know plenty of wealth advisors that can recommend physical gold but don’t because their bosses don’t make money off of it.
        AND they know that once people go down the physical road they will no longer need a paper wealth advisor and their parasitical way of life ends.

        I would like Sean to ask him if he has ever been allowed to recommend physical silver or has he been stopped from doing something he has always done. And I bet you he CAN recommend PSLV.

    • SGT

      Interesting, thought Chris. I’d hope Woody could shed some light on it here in the comments, otherwise I’ll e-mail him. I think ‘fiat slave’ might be right, my understanding is that Woody felt some heat for suggesting that folks buy physical silver in some of the interviews he’s done. Anyway, the news here is that he’s decided to burn his license so that he’s no longer “regulated” by this fascist government.

    • rodjen78

      I think Chris must be right. Brokers normally stay in business as long as it is profitable and legal. Profitable it is as long as you collect fees and don’t service leverage with the risk of being wiped out in credit events. And concerning the law, there are more than enough legal paper vehicles in silver, I don’t see a realistic point in feeling thretened.

      People don’t always tell the whole truth. For instance with Barnhardt there may have been a psychological issue, because she is kind of fanatic and suffers from hate attacks (really, I have never before seen a woman using a that vulgar and fecal language during presentations in front of a broad public). I can imagine that one can easily squander ones business having this kind of personality, so she may have taken the MF Global event as an excuse to quit something that was malfunctioning anyway for a whole spectrum of (probably personal) reasons.

      I would only be impressed if someone like Peter Schiff closed his brokerage because of perceived risk of fraud.

      • dishesdealer417

        Ann Barnhardt is 100% correct about her assessment of america as a country without rule of law and what the MF Global impact on commodities has been. As long as she sticks to that, we agree just fine and it doesn’t bother me if she swears a bit.

        when she starts getting all religious is when I think she is a nutter and is no longer based in rationality.

        • Joe

          Shes crazy. Period. If you would not want to marry her based on certain things she has said and said only (spoken) in the past let that be your guiding light. I would not want to wake up next to her and listen to endless spewing of what ever crazy ideas came into her head. This is just my opinion, and we are allowed to share those here. If this offends anyone I am very sorry. In the future though don’t be so quick to click the comment button.

          • dishesdealer417

            While I find it nice that you support same sex marriage, I’m actually straight so I wouldn’t marry her anyway.

            • Joe


              Are you saying that Ann is really a dude dressed as a woman?

              • dishesdealer417

                Wow. Okay, let me explain this in small words. I’m female. So is she. I’m not gay, so I wouldn’t marry her because she is a religious nutter AND also a female.

                I find it offensive that you cannot disagree with a female like Barnhardt without bringing into it whether or not you would go to bed with her. You are a caveman.

                • Joe

                  Yea the Dishes part… something we might call a clue as for your gender. Here are my “small” words for you. Lighten up a bit and take a deep breathe, sometimes life can have fun humor. The bed reference was not meant to be sexual in nature. The intention was that no one would want to listen to her endless ranting, ie. being around her or living with her. Sorry you are so easily upset and angry by this. If I need to make a third apology just ask, I understand.

                • Iguana One

                  Amen sister.

  • fiat slave

    @Silver Shield :

    From what I grasp from the conversation, it’s not just a conversation between the broker and the client, but the conversation between the broker and whomever he might be talking to.

  • Bob

    It would be really nice to think that this whole corrupt system is finally going over the cliff? I tend to believe that those running the show have more tricks up their sleeve.I know that this crap has been going on for a long time but I wonder could it really be over and the little guy wins?

  • Troy

    I think TPTB closely watch the interest in the silver investing sediment. Maybe we should just quit talking so much about silver, but keep stacking like crazy…and “they” might think we lost interest. Ya, I sold all my silver yesterday, and invested in Apple, and Facebook 😉 TO HELL WITH SILVER!

  • ArvUK

    Hi Sean,

    I really enjoy your work and am so thankful for your all the insightful interviews you do. Can I make a request?

    Being based in the UK where local coin shops are non-existent and silver coins attract a 20 percent VAT, getting UK-specific silver-themed news and interviews is very difficult.

    I would be greatful if sometime in the future you could interview Ben Davies of Hinde Capital or Alasdair Macleod of the Goldmoney Foundation. I realise they’re not the biggest of silver bugs like the rest of us but I still believe their time and views would be very much welcome.

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,


    • SGT

      Great ideas Arv, jotting them down. thanks!

    • GoodOleBoy

      Let me inquire about something. I know about the VAT tax they use to suppress the investment of the metals but two questions. Do the tax the metal that you buy from an international dealer and it is stored outside the country say with GoldMoney? That would seem like a good idea as long as if you where able to go and take physical possession of the metal from where it is stored. My next question would be asking if they charge the same tax on jewelry made of precious metals? I have looked into the VAT much being in the states but their has to be a way to get around it with out breaking to many laws. And for all us Americans we need to take note because once they loose some of their control over the price of precious metals we could be in store for the same type of tax suppression.

      • Steve_D

        I’m from the UK GoodOleBoy and even I where to do as you suggest, the tyrants still stiff us with a 20% import duty when the delivery passes customs.

        • Sergio of the Jungle

          Steve, look into gold money. It is a PM buying service that lets you buy and then trade “In House”. No VAT methinks. Could be wrong there tho`.

      • ArvUK

        If you buy at Goldmoney and store outside the UK you don’t pay VAT, as far as I know. You only pay UK VAT of 20 percent if it is shipped from the seller into the UK, or sold in the UK. Of course, we can always go to a 7 percent VAT country in the Euro mainland and pick up silver at the local VAT rate. So long as VAT in the country purchased, it can’t/won’t be taxed further when bought into the UK.

  • GoodOleBoy

    One more attack on freedom and more proof that any type of license agreement is just signing your freedom away. This also shows just how large the scheme to suppress silver really is. Like Mike Maloney has said that this is the greatest wealth transfer in human history and they don’t want anybody but them on the good side of that transfer and they want to make sure that they still have people in their to be on the losing side of the stock/commodity ponzi scheme. I had a realization to on the inflation of deflation debate, Thomas Jefferson said that first by inflation then by deflation they would destroy the freedoms and wealth of society. I believe that is exactly what is going to happen, they need the deflation so they can go in and by everything up but only after they have destroyed the wealth of the people through the crash of the inflated investments. Silver, gold, and paid for real estate is the way to go. Another good interview SGT

    • Hannon

      I’m wondering about the deflation part this time around on account of the massive war machine they need to keep running, and the only way they can fund it now is printing. They may have painted themselves into a corner this time(I hope).

  • Hannon

    Woody said the FBI has been at JPM making things trade more organic but I’ll bet they are there to figure out which employees they need to kill or intimidate in order to plug leaks so nobody runs off and informs the public about what’s really going on. The only other two things the FBI does outside of that is set up patsies and stage terror attacks.

  • MRH

    Great and timely interview, SGT. Wonder-filled as always. The way you conduct the interviews is just incredible. I truly respect your work and the voices you bring to life.

    I would like to suggest a voice from “across the pond”, David McWilliams. Author, artist and journalist out of Ireland. Not exactly the UK, but he has produced a great series of videos called “Punk Economics”. There was a new one posted on SGTReport earlier today and he demonstrates, in very simple terms, how the whole ponzi scheme works. Might be worth checking on.

  • Joe

    Silly Thought…

    A guy wants to sell a car that blue books for around $15,000 in fiat. He finds a guy that wanted to trade a monster box($500.00 legal U.S. tender coins)of silver eagles for the car. So he paid $500.00 cash for the car. Right? This would become cool to watch when the clerk at the tag office would try to argue with him and want him to pay the higher tax rate on the purchase price of the car say 7 or 8 percent depending on where you live. While the fact remains the same… The car was REALLY bought for $500.00, not $15,000. OK guys next time you guys buy a car see how this works. I know it sounds funny but I really wonder how the state would feel about loosing out on tax money in this fashion.

  • Anon Patriot

    Steve_D – very first comment on 5/22 is RIGHT ON TARGET! He wrote: “Hmmmm let me look at this as if I was a corrupt banker type person, if physical Silver was suppressed down to an unbelievably low price and I was loading up on the stuff by the truck load, would I want a broker letting the whole world know what an absolute steal physical Silver is right now or would I want him and the rest of his profession to STFU while I establish my massive position?” It’s a no-brainer.

  • Iguana One

    I’m late to the party my friends because …..unlike others in this country, I run a business and have to work for a living.
    Facebook is nothing but 800,000,000 people writing on a cheap bathroom wall.
    Nobody looks at the advertising on Facebook and nobody ever will. Suckerburg tried to hype it up and gain CONFIDENCE ( like we have in fiat) so he could cash in on the IPO ponzi scheme.Or maybe somebody put a gun to somebody’s head and it didn’t work! Uh OH!

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