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TSA Backlash Prompts Move Away From Pat Downs

Federal agency looking to develop new wanding-style device for searches

by Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet:

Following a massive nationwide backlash, the TSA looks set to move away from invasive pat downs and return to wanding-style searches of travelers.

Although the change will initially apply only to travelers who pass through a body scanner, the fact that the federal agency is actively attempting to reduce the number of physical pat downs, the most controversial of which involve TSA screeners literally touching people’s genitals, represents a victory of sorts for anti-TSA campaigners.

“In an effort to minimize the number of physical pat-downs that screeners must conduct at U.S. airports, DHS is inviting R&D proposals from companies and organizations that can develop handheld devices that weigh less than five pounds and which could resolve “anomalies” detected when passengers are sent through Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) equipment,” reports Government Security News.

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2 comments to TSA Backlash Prompts Move Away From Pat Downs

  • dishesdealer417

    Boycott all american air travel whenever possible. If you live near the borders, corss over and fly out of cananda or mexico. Take the train or bus or carpool. This is the only thing that will get the TSA off of our backs. When the airlines feel the finanical pinch they will send their lobbyists to fascist Headquarters (wahington D.C.) and ask their puppets to back off.

  • Troy

    TSA, you are a bunch of traitors, and you can all run for Mexico when the SHTF….because tens of thousands of angry americans remember what you have done.

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