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Tin Foil Friday: “DIVINE INTERVENTION: ETs Defeating Old World Order”

by SGT

I’ve long considered starting a new Friday’s-only post at SGTreport called ‘Tin Foil Friday’. My thought was this: Every Friday I’d hand select a “fringe” article or video that delves into admittedly controversial subject matter and post it – just for the fun of it, to spark conversation. But I’ve been putting it off.

Then I read this. It’s the latest entry from David Wilcock. And it’s a piece that I would not typically share given the subject matter. In his latest article, David Wilcock doesn’t just make the argument that aliens (“ET’s”), or Angels, or divine entities exist – no. He explicitly states that theses entities are actively intervening on earth to defeat the international criminal cabal that plagues us.

I have the luxury of picking and choosing what I share. So what is my responsibility here? When David posted the article titled “MAJOR EVENT: Liens Filed Against All 12 Federal Reserve Banks” I shared it here with the requisite caveat. But do I just ignore this one because I think David may have gone off the deep end?

David’s latest article “DIVINE INTERVENTION: ETs Defeating Old World Order” is certain to be interpreted by most folks as something that is so fringe that it’s akin to tossing a turd in the punchbowl. Here’s a snippet:

ETs are performing blatantly physical interventions to stop the “Powers that Were” from throwing Earth into war and chaos. Every aspect of the war machine is being systematically blocked — with a minimum of casualties.

Look, I’m as interested in unsolved mysteries and esoteric subject matter as anyone, and no one has a monopoly on the total truth. These are extremely complex issues complicated further by the occult (hidden) nature of “Illuminati” systems of control that have been put into place over centuries. But c’mon! ET’s are going to saves us? It’s not the “White Knights” now, it’s ET’s? This article virtually guarantees that everything else David Wilcock has ever written about the Banksters, no matter how factual, will be dismissed as nonsense.

Chris Duane has said “No one is coming to save you.” I’ve countered with the argument that we can all lift each other up, and as we’ve seen with the genuine passion and spirit of the Ron Paul Revolution – along with the wisdom of the Founders – we might just be able to come together to save ourselves from the tyrannical clutches of the madmen.

Frankly, I personally believe that we are all spiritual beings, I also think that spiritual warfare is alive and well on this planet. And I don’t think David Wilcock is a bad guy. But I do worry about the credibility of the peaceful efforts to save our world from the bad guys. And I very much doubt that it will be ET’s doing the saving.

I once heard David Wilcock tell a radio talk host that he believes that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. That probably should have been enough for me. The search for truth will continue at SGTreport no matter where we uncover it, but at this point, Mr. Wilcock’s latest is well suited to be filed under ‘Tin Foil Friday’. You can read his article, here.

No need to throw stones, but please do leave your thoughts below.

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109 comments to Tin Foil Friday: “DIVINE INTERVENTION: ETs Defeating Old World Order”

  • Bobby

    It’s true. The ETs anal raped me! They are going for the Rothschilds and Rockefellers next…

    • SilverFox

      “He makes the argument that these entities are actively intervening on earth to defeat the international criminal cabal that plagues us.”

      I don’t mind the idea of it and totally think it’s plausible. However, where were the ET’s when historical figures were decimating mankind throughout history? Where were they during Napoleon, Hitler, most of our modern presidents? Clinton, Bush, Truman dropped a 15kt and 22kt warhead on two cities full of innocent people in order to force the elites of that country to submit. What about Attila The Hun, Maximilien Robespierre, Ruhollah Khomeini, Idi Amin Dada, Leopold II of Belgium, Pol Pot , Vlad Ţepeş, Ivan IV of Russia, Josef Stalin , Emperor Hirohito of Japan, Saddam Hussein, Mao Zedong?

      They (the ET’s) must be busy; it’s a huge solar system not to mention the universe. By the way, what’s past the universe? And what about natural disasters, they kill massive amounts of human implanted inhabitants. Can’t anything be done? They seem not to care from time to time.

      Why intervene now? Is this the big one? Or is it something else? Seems to me if there were ET’s they would have to be ruled with an Iron fist. Perhaps the ET elites are just as cruel with their subjects and that’s why ours are with us. This sort of thing would filter down.

      But I digress, for all I know the world would have been totally destroyed hundreds of times if not for this purposed intervention. If they are, and if they are righteous and here to help my arms are wide open baby. But so far I don’t know for sure of them.

      • Tony

        You forgot Ghengis Khaan, Marco polo and Alexander the great…and Bill Gates with it’s extermination vaccine 😉 You got a point. We are alone, they (the ETs) might be looking if they even dare to waste time on our retarded species. The power is for us to take back. The governements of around the world are working the same way the mafia would be. They’re not even hidding from Opi,gun trafficking, murdering groups and races or beleivers of one or another religion. It’s all going before our own eyes. We just stand there not moving and awaiting the conclusion. Next world war will be the Governements against the citizens. Them nuking us with toxic genes and atmosphere, and us dying waiting for the cure. They just don’t need us anymore. Takes greater power than the one in place to reverse things back. It’s one to midnight for mankind to move to something else before it’s too late.


    • Tim

      You’re in great company. Check out the reactions the masses had with radio waves at the turn of the 20th century.

  • Burt

    Actually, some of his stuff is quite lucid, I’m thinking especially about the first half of his recent Financial Tyranny articles (before the bogus bonds and gazillion tons of gold).

    So the ET stuff, while being pretty far out, is par for the course for him.
    He seems lucid at times … then sorta loses credibility.

    Regarding ETs … sure, it’s not a stretch to believe in intelligent life besides us, but if one makes claims such as he does without strong proof, well expect disbelief and even derision.

  • DT

    I have written off Wilcock and Fulford. Although, I truly wonder how Fulford managed to get an interview with Rockfeller.

    I do have to say on the subject of UFOs, from the research, one can conclude that they are extra-DIMENSIONAL phenomena and not extra-TERRESTRIAL. This again gives the case for spiritual entities such as fallen angels, the princes of the air.

    Top Ufologists J. Allen Hynek who worked on Project Blue Book and Jacques Vallee came separately to this conclusion (UFO phenomena being extra-dimensional).

    Add on the facts such as global elites worshiping Lucifer and the UN “global authority” being part of this nexus, I find it hard to believe why more people do not put two and two together to realize that Jesus Christ is the way, truth and the life.

    • SGT

      My journey down the rabbit hole has resulted in some similar conclusions, thanks for your thoughtful post DT.

      • Chuck

        Been following your work for some time, have always enjoyed your work. Now I know I like you. You are exactly right and it is shocking how many people can not get their head around this. As Dr Stan Monteith says, this is a spiritual battle (by the way you should get some of his stuff up some time). This has become so powerfully clear for me over the past few years. I started reading “Earth’s Hidden Secrets” about a year ago and could not finish it, it was basically a historical road map of the these fallen Angels – creepy. The “Giants” in Noah’s time defiled the seed of man, thus the flood. Stop and think about the seed of the Creator today.. GMO food, genetic alterations of every kind, stem cell “research”, cloning, the list goes on and on. Keep up the good work, read you every day

      • Tim

        It looks like your belief system has to make way for a much deeper rabbit hole.

    • Brybo

      So which Jesus Christ? The first, second, third version. See Zeitgeist Movie.

      It was something i struggled to believe in, but now it actually seems quite believable. For some reason, maybe schooling, i had the impression that all civilisations before us were very limited in there knowledge. I now firmly believe that our modern day civilisations have de-evolved and that previous people of the world where much more knowledgable than we are now.

      Read Plato or Socrates and it really makes one think twice about the knowledge of their day. Look at the sumerian tablets and they really start to make one question the history that we have been led to believe.

      From my understanding to be subjective means to approach subjects with an open mind….My friend once said to me that he was subjective and open minded, i said do you believe in God, he said no. Surely then that is not truly open minded. If we are closed minded then we close our eyes to the possibilities of what could be.

      • DT

        Well, here is a refutation of Zeitgeist’s take on religion:

        Much of the material from Zeitgeist was taken from pseudo-scholar hack Acharya.

        I would agree that we have degenerated. The truth of God has always been with us, from the days of Adam to those of Noah. Why do multiple civilizations have versions of the flood? On to the Israelites and now the Gentiles.

        So, as you say, to be objective means to consider God and not outright disqualify Him. The Bible has not been disproven. In fact, there is additional archaeological and historical evidence coming out each year that only adds more evidence for His existence. In actuality, there are tens of thousands (look it up) of more ancient writings supporting Christ than there are for any Julius Caesar or Greek philosopher, so do we not believe in the latter? Or how about that many scientists are now quietly leaving their atheist beliefs behind as more and more of their research is leading them to the objective conclusion that everything has been designed.

        Just this week:

        • Brybo

          Thanks for your reply DT.

          Your first link is to a long film which i am looking forward to watching.

          Could you define God to me as it will be interesting to see if it matches what i was taught or indeed what i have leaned towards believing over the last 7 years. Or post a link of your definition if that is a better option.

          I think SGT has created a monster of me tonight as i cannot get away from such an interesting topic.

          • DT

            Thanks for the civilized discourse Brybo, seems all too often its just people mindlessly attacking each other.

            I really enjoy theologian and philosopher William Lane Craig, I’m miles away yet from possessing anything remote to his capacity regarding the subject. He says:

            “On the theistic view objective moral values are grounded in God. As St. Anselm saw, God is by definition the greatest conceivable being and therefore the highest Good. Indeed, He is not merely perfectly good; He is the locus and paradigm of moral value.”


            To me, God is the the God of the Bible, Old & New Testament. Man became corrupted so God had to reconcile man again to Himself. Because God is holy and cannot bear sin, someone was needed to rid man of sin so as to be reconciled.

            If a criminal commits a crime and is before a just judge in a courtroom, a just judge cannot let him off the hook, but must punish him. But say someone comes in and pays the ransom, the criminal is free to go.

            So in this case, Jesus Christ, the Son of God was sent to bear our sins, to pay the ransom, so that we once again could be reconciled to God. Justice had to be meted out, and it was, on Christ.

            It is similar to when you watch those violent films where say hijackers take a woman as a hostage and a man in the crowd offers himself up in her place, demonstrating his love for his neighbor.

            I get annoyed when people call God hateful, genocidal or evil. When you think about it, this “greatest conceivable being” got off His throne and put Himself in our shoes. Then he suffered unimaginably, in a way most of us hopefully never will, so as to give us life again. If that is not love, I don’t know what is.

            That for me is the one true God. All others, are (false) gods. I’ve examined many other religions and come back to Christ. I’ve also seen incredible things as a Christian, that many would scoff at, for the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing.

            • Keith

              What has always astounded me about many people who subscribe to the alternative media and Truth movement is how they can have such a healthy scepticism of power and government, and a great capacity for critical thinking generally, but then scrape all of this into the toilet with their belief in god.

            • dishesdealer417

              I’m just not into religions that require a blood sacrifice. Christianity is at it’s basis a religions that says you should horrifically slaughter in a bloody ritual the best among you. NOT something I can support. Even if Jesus agreed to it, I don’t think people should accept his sacrifice and they should work to become more like Jesus’ exanple and save themselves.

              Anyway I don’t need to be saved because I was never lost. I don’t believe in original sin and why is it that most would call adam a nasty pussy little snitch for blaming a woman for his own choices but it is okay in christianity????

    • Scot Sando

      Have a look at this documentary, its the best I’ve seen in a long while.

    • Zyll

      I agree with you DT.

  • Skybird

    David Wilcox was on Coast-to-Coast this week with George Noury. He covered the UFO intervention as well as the reincarnation topic. The show was interesting, but ….. tt did challenge the point of credibility. It certainly required a “tin foil hat”.

  • Hman

    I do not agree with your suggestion.

    Your Web site is one of the best on the net, with up to date information on what is happening on both the financial and political arenas. As is we are tainted as tin hats, and to officially include controversial subjects would negatively impact the credibility of your excellent work.

    we need all the credibility in the world to have more people on our side, therefore, I suggest that we stick to factual or analytical articles that truly benefit your readers.


    • Brybo

      Mman i agree with what you are saying but isn’t the credibility of the site only dictated by what people believe to be true. I mean, some people would already consider this to be a tin foil type site. Maybe this comes down to how awake people are or have decided to be. But others may look at Fulfords site and think, gosh i wish other people would wake up and listen to this guy Fulford.

      It’s so difficult to assess. How do we stay grounded and factual yet also open minded (my theme tonight) but not gullible.

      • Hman

        Brybo, I completely agree about being open minded. However, we are in a true fight against global powers that are known to us. SGT and other have been tirelessly exposing their agenda. This is why good people are starting to be recognized, for example, Dr. Paul, after many decades, finally has a chance at the helm.

        To taint this work with controversial “tin hat” subjects may not be of added value to the readers and may negatively impact the credibility of the site. Yet, please note that I do believe that UFO’s have been spotted and I do believe that GOD is everywhere, but these subject are not within the theme of SGTreport (Corporate Propaganda Antidote).

        • Brybo

          Sorry i spelt your name wrong Hman, so apologies for that. Although i agree with your reply i still feel that i have to say:

          Doesn’t Fulford and his fanbase believe he also is in a true fight against global power? Maybe as much as Sean and crew believe in there fight for truth.

          Ron Paul does seem remarkable. He is the only person, as far back as i can imagine (approx 32 years), that would look and seem perfect carved into Mount Rushmore. He speaks sense. I still have my tiny doubts though, but the guy seems so loveable and honest. But didn’t Obama?

          I agree that introducing what many call “tin hat” subjects could water down the credibility of this site, but at the same time it would bring a new group of people to the site too. If that would increase the readership then great for SGT. It could be an interesting experiment. I do believe that Seans site has expanded in its direction quite significantly over the last 6 months and i was going to mention it to the SGT crew. So surely links such as David Icke and maybe a few others should be removed if SGT wants to keep its credibility. ( i personally am a follower of Icke though).

          Doesn’t Fulford’s work fit perfectly into the corporate propaganda subject? (i’m not a massive follower of his).

          This is an interesting topic, and there seems to be a change in peoples beliefs as they awaken. For example, i didn’t used to believe in government cover ups, people who believe in such things i thought were a little bit weird. Now i whole heartily cannot possibly believe that the government doesn’t cover up there control methods and have started to expand my mind in much more can i say free thinking subjects.

          I guess there is a reason why Sean decided to bring the subject up, this we yet to understand. 🙂

          • Hman

            we agree to disagree.

            Compromise is a slippery slope.

            • Brybo

              Please don’t get me wrong, i don’t disagree with what you posted. I think you had a very valid point. The direction that Sean takes this site could, i think, affect it considerably.

              I just believe we should be careful when judging what is deemed as unbelievable or believable. What we believe changes as we experience life and other people may have experienced things that we cannot possibly understand until we have seen or been through that experience ourselves.

              Compromise is fine but it leaves such uncertainty in the air. I will agree with what you originally posted as at this time in human development more people are likely to accept Seans beliefs or more-so they be be seeking his type of information than that of Fullford and his ET’s.

              And at this time ET/UFO links may be damaging to the credibility of the site. But at the same time credibility does not necessarily equal truth.

              But it is not all about me and i would consider that the majority will at some point over time have a shift towards something new.

  • Ed

    At some point after learning the truth about Santa Claus we learn that is not the only conspiratorial fraud we have been subject to. By the time we begin to see the extent of how deceived we have been by appearances, we have also been stripped of imagination and all willingness to believe anything we have not seen with our own eyes. Considering how utterly deceived we have been by what our eyes have seen, our demands to see anything at all seem ludicrous and whatever remains of our imagination is all that remains of us. What we don’t know is simply a measure of our ignorance. Not much cause to gloat.

    • Brybo

      Nicely put. But how do we move forward.

      Do we simply dismiss things that we do not believe in, surely not. Maybe looking for the facts of the subject will help us decide what is true. But what facts do we decide to believe to be real if the majority of information is mediated (through someone else’s eyes). Surely that would mean we have decided to believe someones theory or story purely based on our own beliefs. Those beliefs most likely came from our up bringing and that is gong to differ quite considerably from person to person, country to country.

      If we believe everyones theories, truths and half truths or subjective experiences then we could be tricked or deemed gullible (yes it’s happened before…or so some of us believe). And if we protect ourselves from possible humiliation how can we move forward with any form of creative thinking and expansion of mind.

  • ken williams

    why do you post this garbage? why don’t you post something real, that effects you and everyone directly. look at what they have done to you, and look at how they do it.

    • Brybo

      Most people would look at Kens suggested web link and just say “why do you post this garbage”. Some people will believe that Fulford is posting something that is real. Some people would believe that Fulford is posting something that may affect them. Do you get my point Ken?

      Ken, your suggested web site starts with an animated simulation (not real) of something that is really not believable to the “majority” of people. Not that the “majority” of people would be coming to this site as yet with it being not mainstream.

      Now i’m not saying i do not believe in these nano fibres as i’ve seen a few websites on the subject and it scares me senseless.

      I also respect you for bringing it to the SGT site (i have no connection with SGT in the slightest or Fulford as i’m just a daily visitor here) but i do NOT agree with your comment “why do you post this garbage?” as someone may say exactly the same to your post as you have said about theirs and surely these sort of comments keep us people in our little indoctrinated box.

      Appologies to Sean and crew if i am out of line but i think its important to consider peoples views, even if it doesn’t fit into our PRESENT view of the world as that is how we progress with our perception of the way of the world.

    • SGT

      Ken, that appears to be an extremely interesting link you shared…

  • Phil Downunder

    Love your site Sean, love the content. I just have to buy into this topic with my Two Bob’s worth.

    Listened to a 5 hour interview between Fulford & Wilcock while sitting on a train between Darmstadt & Bremen last Xmas. (I had nothing else to do) I came to the conclusion that either, 1) they are both raving NUTTERS (but Fulford DID get the Rockefeller interview) OR 2) They’re both very sane and simply operating with info WAY above us mere mortals. It has to One or the other.

    If they both nuts, then it’s tantalising and harmless(if somewhat time consuming).

    BUT,,, If they ARE operating with privileged info, then Fantastic. This planet needs all the help it can get..

    Stay positive, curious, passionate and as Chris Duane suggests, listen to all, follow no-one, (you know the rest)..

  • Valverities

    Sean, I love your work, but would I really steer clear of David Wilcock’s material as having little – if any – value. Nothing he has claimed has ever come to pass, and I use to read his stuff 11 years ago. If ETs are intervening, they are doing an extremely shit job at it. I do believe in ETs, but I’m afraid the only ET’s that are intervening on this planet are non benevolent, and those that are friendly have already quarantined this planet, or have policies that don’t permit them to intervene directly. It’s really up to us, not star people from the sky to fix are problems here. If friendly ET’s did intervene, they’d know we’d become dependent on them, and that we would still not see the error of our ways in following others blindly.

  • ryan

    Have you ever wondered the idea that it would have been pretty silly for us humans to live on this planet just to have this rat race day in and day out, running around so that we can make our ends meet? Ever wonder that the financial aspect of our human affair is but just a tiny bit of the entire puzzle that is waiting to be discovered? There you go! If the focus were to be entirely on the financial side of thing, then we’ll never ever be able to figure out why things are the way they have been and will not be able to correct things when they are not right. In other words, we cannot solve all these economic/financial problems thinking they are nothing but isolated issues; well, they are NOT! I’m not here trying to convince, but to merely suggest the idea that thinking solely within this so-called financial game/parameter would be very limiting; instead we need to step outside of this box and contemplate for just a second on the possibility that if what all of this has just been smoke and mirror in blinding us from seeing the true reality?!

    Our mind has been conditioned to think certain things and from certain ways since birth. I admit it’s been very difficult to conduct ourselves otherwise. But once your mind is stretched, it will never ever be the same again. Give it try. Go out and take a walk in nature and see if it can help.

    Enough of my babbling. Anyway, good luck to all!


    • Brybo

      Has ryan become one of the awake.

      Has he gone through the awakening stages? Depression and anger etc?

      Has he had the big headaches, the burning in the brain from thinking so much? Waking up if had any sleep at all with new ideas? laying in bed thinking “i must write that down,” wanting to bang his head against the wall because people he knows have no interest in what he says. (ok these are my experiences, maybe i’m awakening, maybe i’ve been going mad for the last few years or maybe i have a brain tuma, who knows).

      Really i just wanted to say to new readers that for me it’s been true what ryan says:

      “But once your mind is stretched, it will never ever be the same again”

      But it may not be an easy transition.

      • SGT

        very interesting Ryan, and I concur. What lies beyond what our senses will allow us to recognize? We KNOW for a fact it’s an awful darn LOT! I’m glad this topic has sparked so much conversation, because there is so much more to this Universe than what meets the eye and if we are ever to truly be free we need to recognize that we are all connected, and in many ways, one. The world’s power elite survives by keeping us all in factions, separated and fighting with each other. Man against man, brother against brother, nation against nation. As David Icke & others have said, if humanity ever comes together in true peace and harmony, they lose. Sounds like hippie BS, but it’s absolutely true. Thanks for sparking this conversation guys.

    • SilverFox

      Ryan, I like your trend of thought. And can we step out of the box you speak of. The human mind is totally controllable, we are easily hypnotized. Even people that are sophisticated are not immune to this mind control. Look at what David Koresh did on a small scale. Look what Barack Obama did on a large scale. How much mind control comes from our mobile device, T.V.’s, computers. How much subliminal message is out there? What are the masses doing and why do they do it? Are the masses in fact hypnotized?

  • Bart

    Hey Sean, I think I have been following you since your site went up, and it helped me tremendously to help others see the truth. I used to be a home builder in central Florida and wondered why my houses were going up so fast in “value”. I began to scour the Internet, and learned about the Federal reserve. I almost got out, as Chris Duane did. We both bought our house the same year, and our wives were both pregnant at the same time. I was even in business with my family, but could not do what Chris did, and go against the advise of my parents. Anyway, I believe God has our paths laid out for a reason, so with that I have become very close to Him and His Word. I would love to talk to sometime soon, if it’s possible, to tell you what God has done for me and to share a different spin on something I believe the Cristian church teaches as a bold lie. Not on purpose, but because they can not handle the truth. I had three construction companies, my wife is a nurse, and I have the children. I am a true patriot, who would love to share what I can. Please contact me at [email protected]. I did not know any other way to contact you, so I apologize to everyone else.

  • Phaedrus


    I recently discovered your web site and what I like most about it is your intelligence, candor and your exceptionally open mind. That alone is “worth the price of admission”, it is so unusual.

    I’ve read a ton of stuff on this subject over the years (I’m 69) and there’s a lot of junk and some real weirdos “out there”, but there is also significant substance that is filtered out by the culture.

    Without attempting to “make a case” for anything, I’d like to share some of my tentative conclusions, tentative because I am always open to new information.

    1. UFOs are real, physical crafts that are intelligently guided and powered by a far superior technology. There have been too many credible reports. Some UFOs may also be inter-dimensional. I don’t think it’s either/or, but probably both.
    2. ETs are here with us and have been for thousands of years. They observe, but …
    3. They also abduct humans and mutilate cattle (in ways completely beyond our medical capabilities), apparently both for genetic purposes that they obviously do not share with us.
    4. Note also crop circles.
    5. There seems to be some sort of non-intervention “Prime Directive” at work and I do believe the planet is under some sort of quarantine. They don’t want us to be unloading our unenlightened nukes on the rest of the universe, I suppose. The key word is unenlightened. At minimum, we have an ongoing history of extreme violence.
    6. This implies that the universe is teeming with life, and I do believe that. Every nook and cranny on this planet has some form of life. The rest of the universe thus cannot be without it, In My Humble O, and that would include intelligence.
    7. I am a huge student or devotee of The Seth Material, books by Jane Roberts. I believe there is great truth in those books. Nothing else I’ve read comes close.

    A few tentative conclusions FWIW.

    • SGT

      Thank you P, I think “some” of the crop circles are extremely interesting, and a topic very much worthy of study. has done some interesting reporting in a variety of these more “fringe” areas.

    • frank

      Ok…call me crazy but here is my take on this stuff.

      Seen on documentary…Cattle mutilations are done in areas that are close to where the usa tested nukes and other stuff like chemicals etc. The Miltary has tiny laser pens they use to cut open the animals and test for stuff.

      Seen on documentary…Ufo’s have been around for a long time because they are human secret military experimental stuff going back to ww2.

      Seen on Documentary…Crops circles are a fraud. I saw farmers duplicating the stuff with some wooden boards and strings.

      Personal opinion..The Prime directive is a Startrek Line…never heard it anywhere else!

      Personal opinion..All these ancient mysteries that supposedly point to aliens, such as pyramids and other unexplained stuff, ancient aircraft models etc, are really ancient human technologies from before noah’s time. Humanity was once much more advanced then we are today.

  • Troy

    The Aliens gave me a 17 pound silver nugget two weeks ago. I was instructed to “keep stackin”

  • Nathan

    Here’s what it comes down to for me:

    Who am I? I’m a nobody, and so are you. If there truly was an epic battle going on behind the scenes, between factions that control vast swathes of humanity, let’s face it: we’d be the last ones to know. Right?

    That said, I wish I could find someone saying the things that Wilcock, Drake, and Fulford are saying…..WITHOUT being pitched New Age theology and eschatology every.15.seconds!

    I mean, Sean, you’re a good Christian man, but you don’t use every article as a chance to tell people why they should follow Jesus. Why? Because there’s a time and a place for everything. Who knows, maybe aliens are real and the joke’s on me….that’s not the point though, the point is some of what they’re saying seems credible until you get to this.

    Might I also add to the list of those who’d be totally believable were it not for the New Age proselytizing…..Foster Gamble, and the film Thrive.

  • frank

    Romans 8:20-22 seems to indicate that the universe except for planet earth is lifeless. I know that my God exists. I know that my lord Jesus the Christ was and is real. Do aliens exist…I don’t believe so.

    I agree that guys like david Icke and Fulford, sound crazy when they start talking about aliens. But maybe, just maybe it isn’t aliens they are talking too. Either that or they are taking us for a ride.

    Fortunately, in a truly free society, we can all lead by example and beleive what we want to believe…I personally don’t care, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone or anything in a negative way.

    • Brybo

      frank i don’t understand how you can “know that my God exists”. Isn’t there actually more evidence out there showing that aliens exist than that God exists?

      I have no answers to this but i just wonder how you have come to yours.

      • frank

        I have seen and experienced a lot, which leads me to firmly believe in God. I have also studies science, the laws of physics, etc. We can discuss/argue from sunset to sunset. At the end of the day, it all comes down to faith.

        I also want to point out that my belief is based in the Bible and not a traditional religion. regardless, Like I said before, I honestly don’t care what anyone believes, as long as we are all free to believe what we want without causing anyone or anything any harm.

    • SGT

      Hey Frank, thanks for posting. Personally, I think it’s statistically an impossibility for the universe to be lifeless. With more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on earth, it’s literally impossible for the universe to NOT be teeming with life.

      The Most Important Image Ever Taken

      The other thing that kills me is that we war over natural resources, hoard gold and silver – wage endless wars – such a shame. We should be exploring the galaxy. Just look at the universe, the cup of wealth runs over and over, it’s literally endless, the very definition of “Heaven”. And as Jesus Christ Himself said “In my Father’s house there are many mansions”… indeed. Indeed!

      • frank


        The statistical numbers of life existing elsewhere are actually very very slim. If I can remember the site I will get it for you. Basically from what I remember, it goes something like this. The odds of a planet having just the right temperatures for life, just the right balance of chemicals, air, water etc, just the right distance from the sun, just the right balance in nature to produce food etc…is trillions and trillions to one. When you analyse everything that is needed for life to exist on a planet, you come the conclusion that it could not happen by accident, that a creator had to be involved. Also, there is a video out that deeply analyses creation and reveals that there are mathematical patterns in nature even on a subatomic level.

        Now some believe that God also created alien life, intelligent alien life. As a christian, I take the Bible as the final authority over anything else that is presented to me. Its called faith. Just like evolution is a religion that requires faith, because its not based on facts but theories.

        Could God have created other life on other planets? Sure, but there is no indication in the Bible that this is the case. As far as I can tell, physical life, only exists/existed on this planet. The spirit world is a different matter.

        At the end of the day, all I want is to be left alone to pursue life liberty and happiness. Discussing things like this is fun and at times educational, the Greeks did it, it was their favorite pass time. I remain open to anyone who can present their ideas/beliefs to me in a polite and informative way.


        • SGT

          I’m not saying life isn’t special Frank, but as you wrote… “The statistical numbers of life existing elsewhere are actually very very slim.”

          With literally TRILLIONS of stars in the universe, that’s highly unlikely. And I for one would hate living life believing that Frank. As for “God”, with a universe as big as this, and with brains as puny as ours, we cannot even begin to quantify what “God” is or what “God” might or might not do. The fingerprint of what we call God resides in the heavens. Have a great weekend!

          • Pheadrus

            Sharing another idea, if I may … our science gives us limited answers because it is ensconsed in Materialism and rejects anything ethereal. Thing is, there is NO material, only vibrations. It has relegated consciousness to be an epiphenomenon, which is exactly backwards. Consciousness is primal and came first. With this in mind, how can there NOT be a God? Math describes the utterly reliable skeletal structure of the Universe. God’s work, not “nature” and especially not “chance”, which ain’t science. This is my rather strong opinion … and for the record, I am pro-Christian but non-Christian, think that Buddhism has some relevance to our understanding of the universe. In my less tolerant moments, I’ve been heard to say that only a fool or an intellectual could be an atheist. There is sophistry everywhere.

        • Keith

          Hello Frank. You believe in the bible as the final authority on everything, but cannot demonstrate that god even exists. I believe you are a gullible fool through reading your own words. Can you prove me wrong? I suggest the evidence for my belief is way stronger than yours.

      • Pheadrus

        Paul LaViolette has written several books including Earth Under Fire who has more interesting new and well-documented ideas than I’ve seen in quite some while. He hypothesizes, for example, that the center of our galaxy is actually a huge enerby-matter engine that periodically erupts, scattering cosmic rays with which the galaxy is bombarded, not a black hole. On this subject (he also writes on a legion of others, all interesting if sometimes a bit pedantic), his theory is supported by ice core samples. FYI …

  • tin foil hat

    Why can there be a god, which is essentially an ET, but no other ET’s?
    It should also be noted that Clif High also acknowledges ET’s and he is one clever fellow. Also, Michael Tsarion. Try finding someone more clever than these two.
    Nobody knows that god exists, but they can feels like they know. I think all the believers will be in for a shock to their belief system sooner or later, as will most humans.
    SGT, I’m glad you posted this. But I can understand why you had apprehension.

  • Sayldog

    Re: Aliens/UFO
    I think it is meaningful that two of the most respected, scientific and copious researchers who were into it long before most everyone else – those being Jaques Valee (sp?) and J. Alan Hynek – independently came to the same conclusion regarding the phenomena, it is demonic. They based their conclusions, after decades of serious study, on the facts that the craft behave in ways that are outside of our physical laws and are seemingly extradimensional (not to mention the lack of credible evidence that these are craft travelling through space from another planet), and (more importantly) on the behavior of the aliens. Whether said aliens are terrorizing abductees in their goals to pervert the human genome by creating hybrids (as in the days of Noah), or are promoting New Age Godlessness through their “interventions” on behalf of our “troubled” planet (“we created you and you are in danger of destroying the planet, we are here to help”), their agenda results in either a dismissal of the Creator God and His Christ or in a new creation that is un-redeemable (as the Bible states that only humans are offered redemption, not the angels, and the comixture of human DNA with fallen angel DNA results in a “beast/man” that lives outside of the hope of salvation). The angels of God, throughout the Bible, sought to sooth the obviously frazzled nerves of any human whom they were sent to encounter with the words “Fear not”, in contrast to the designed terror or at best indifference with which alien abductees are treated. The New Age philosophy (as well as the Eastern, occult,religious cult philosophies and all the rest of the Babylon Mystery School progeny) are all the same old lie wrapped up in shiny new packaging – “Eat of this knowledge and you will be like God” or an ascended master or avatar or whatever – and “Surely you will not die” but carry on as a reincarnated soul or light being or whatever.
    I fear that in all our “awakening” to the existence of a power elite old world order, the result of our clamoring and demanding that they be usurped will be that the old power elite will hand it’s power over to a NWO global master – yes that’s right, the Anti-Christ. Revelations says that there will be 10 Kings, but they won’t have any Kingdoms, and that they will give their power to the Beast. Todays power elite are beyond the laws of nations. They have the power of Kings but on a global level, with no allegiances to any flag (eh, maybe the Luciferian UN’s). We are demanding their overthrow, they are purposely plotting it. It’s all going down as foretold, if you don’t recognize it, it’s because you have refused to acknowledge the source.
    Thanks SGT.

  • GoodOleBoy

    SGT, what you post on the website just informs people of the Ideas, facts, and theories out there on the web, specifically ones we don’t get from any other media source. I am an SGTreport addict, and try and turn as many people to your page as I can. You put together all the information we need to see on the most important subjects and challenges we are facing. The so called crazy subjects are very interesting and I get into it a lot but I also understand your need to shy away from some of it as to not scare off any new subscribers who are quick to label people conspiracy theorists and lunatics. I long for the day we discuss all subjects without a premature judgement being passed but right now I think comment forums like this are the close as I will get. I think the “tin foil hat” day is a good idea as long is it is properly labeled so people do not get turned off as I formally mentioned. As far as ETs are concerned, there is something going on. The NPC meeting with the military officers stating what they have seen, governments releasing footage, and many other pieces of evidence like the one just reported by American Kabuki about a NSA document released with information about extraterrestrial messages from space. Anyone see the UFO transported on the back of a semi down HWY77 in Oklahoma that was reported by local news? I had trouble combining this information with my faith but the work of Edgar Cayce helped me see things in a different light, regardless if he was a prophet or not. By the way, on the Wilcock-Cayce reincarnation thing, Cayce stated in one of his readings that his next incarnation would be in 200 years. He said he would be born in Nebraska, which was now a coastal state, and described flying around in a cigar shaped machine and the houses being made of glass. Something to think about.

    • frank

      Edgar Casey, like Nostradamus and many others made a lot of predictions which never came to pass. Actually, most of these “prophets”, gave fewer and fewer details in their visions and prophecies because when they did give details, they were always wrong.

      Again, the Bible is clear, when a prophet says something, if it comes to pass, then we should continue to listen. If it doesn’t, then he is a fraud so don’t waste your time.

      Also, for those who are inclined to ridicule Christians and others who believe in a God. Think about this…You ridicule us who believe in a greater being, yet you yourselves reject that being but readily believe other men. Talk to me when you are knocking on deaths door…”there are no Atheists in the foxholes”

  • Revolution2012

    SGT I read your sight everyday and forward articles from it to my parents.I probably check in 10 times a day.I would rather not see you do any tin foil stories.It’s hard enough for alternative media to get respect,just 1 crazy article can loose you credibility.Very important rich people come to your sight for info.I can’t imagine David Morgan checking into to to see an article about aliens.Don’t do it man.If anything do a idiot of the week article or something like this week it’s Jamie Dimon

  • vinny

    not a fan of tin foil friday, however I feel like anything is possible. we have a very limited view of complete knowledge and truth. I am sure there are many lies or assumptions that we all believe and are not whole. Anyway I love your site and keep doing wehat you love. even tin foil friday 🙂

  • BobbyDigital

    I find it odd that Wilcock and Fulford are teamed up together now and are both also connected to ‘Project Camelot’. I thought Fulford had more credibility than any of them especially after seeing his interview with Rockefeller. Now I’m getting pretty convinced that the Rockefeller clan has puppet strings tied to all 3.

  • Supernatural

    SGT, your cordial invitation evokes my response: therefore, because of what I am about to say, I must also offer my books to any who may desire to read them. They may be down-loaded for free at smashwords, by Kevin Hofsas, Yes, here AKA Supernatural. In the fiction I describe my eyewitness account of Satan; this is exactly what he looks like, as I saw him, shortly before I came to Christ, who trumps everything he is and has . . . . to infinity. (Including, if I may add, the delusional illusion of reincarnation.) In the non-fiction I detail 7 of the Visitations I’ve had personally from God. Yes, not only the Son and the Holy Ghost, but also the Father. The other two offerings are short stories, which are simply chapters pulled from the books.

    As for David Wilcock, he is in serious need of deliverance from demonic spirits.
    Here’s the kicker, (and yes, I will apply it to David Wilcox.) Guess what? Understand I mean this with the highest possible expectation anyone can muster–in the highest sense of good news. Answer: in Heaven, yes, there is a real Heaven, in Heaven, someone is WORSHIPED. Why? Because He is so worthy of it! And it is not only Father God who is worshiped, but also the Son.

    Now let me explain why that is the kicker: Without a direct impartation of the Spirit of God into a persons life, this cannot be understood. For not only is the kingdom of God like a foreign language, but more accurately, it is like a foreign universe. And truly, it is a foreign dimension. It is the dimension of the kingdom of God. And it is impossible to see without looking in the right place, which is through the front door, who is a person, and as you likely surmise, his name is Jesus Christ. He is also Lord of hosts, and the Captain of the armies of Heaven.

    The best thing I have for you, to believe, (yes, I am getting to David Wilcox) is that you have absolutely no capacity to imagine how rapturously, mindbogglingly, excellently wondrous it is to be in the direct presence of God. This I know from first and experience.

    Please believe this. Not for me, but for your own sake. For your sake, because you won’t be able to see the kingdom of God, unless you believe. It is a form of surrender. And who it is surrendering to is this King of Kings. That’s Jesus Christ, but also Melchizedek, and He has many other names than that. He is Christ Almighty. He will judge all men, and is a Savior to all who call on Him.

    Now—just think about this logically for a moment. In Heaven, Holy God [who is Good, BTW, (and add to that, Thank God, God is Good!)] who is the Creator of EVERY DIMENSION, is High and Lifted Up.

    Okay, are you with me on that? If you have to, imagine this most spectacular of Beings, justly exalted high above all things. For instance, even the earth is His footstool. He holds the universe in the palm of His hand. He cups the oceans in the hollow of His hand. He knows every thought of every being on the planet, simultaneously. He know how many hairs we all have on our heads. On and on it goes, way out of this dimension. And He created all of us, because He knew how good it would be for all of us, to get to know Him! I say this from first hand experience, but I digress.

    But it doesn’t end there–because to tell you just one thing about Him who sits on the throne, He makes one become so alive, it is as if we are . . . DEAD, when we are not in his Infinite Presence. Even as I write this, that is how it is for me. I know. I have experienced this multiple times.

    So who does David Wilcox worship? Does he worship this Magnificent, Stupendous, Astonishingly Infinite Being, or himself?

    I think we can all easily surmise the answer.

    Therefore, if a created being, ie, DW, does not know this Awesome God, he hasn’t even tasted life yet. For life IS to be in the presence of God, and His Christ. Not in harsh authoritarianism, but in sweet unspeakable rapture. The Rapture of Heaven is TO BE IN HIS PRESENCE.

    My word to David Wilcox is to repent and be baptized for the remission of sins, and turn, come and follow Jesus. He is the fountain of eternal life.

    • dishesdealer417

      Your version of heaven sounds horrible. Patriarchal male centric hell if you ask me. Just about as bad as mormon heaven where god is a space alien and they get 1,000 virgins to worship THEM as gods. Islamic heaven is a crap hole for women too.

      You keep your version of heaven, but I’m gonna tell all the ladies to boycott it. Some male version of titty bar central isn’t good.

  • George Silver

    I can see why you post this stuff SGT. It brings all the nutters out. Big discussions take place. Plenty of “axe grinding”.

    Above all it gets plenty of stats for your advertising pay-off.

    That’s why most of these sites exist. It’s a good little business. Domm Gloom and little green men. You can’t beat it.

  • deepsoulradio

    ~ The thing that makes me uneasy/uncertain about what Wilcock is saying is the Determinism built into his cosmology. In other words, evolution is steered by cosmic Cycles toward a Destiny ultimately devoid of any free will (though I’m sure Wilcock would have a way to qualify that position).

    ~ As to why ‘they’ would intervene now. Possibly b/c the technology is advanced enough that we could wreak havoc in the galactic ecosystem. In other words: “Now son, don’t do nothin’ stupid, gimme the gun!” We could be an anthropological study for beings incredibly more advanced than us…

    ~ All ‘evidence’ for Contact aside, just consider…

    that there is likely a high probability for civilizations BILLIONS of years our senior in our Universe.

    Now think about how fast technology has advanced in the last 100 years….ONE HUNDRED!!!!

    when Newton was laying it down the people of the day thought that was ‘It’; he figured ‘It’ out. Then Einstein came along and blew that wide open.

    And you think Einstein figured ‘IT’ out? That the structure of the visible and invisible Universe is basically figured out?

    I think NOT!

  • vinny

    lol @ bring all the nutters out

  • Bob H.

    Hey guys,
    I’ve followed David Wilcock for awhile and I also agree that he’s going in a different direction, which threatens his credibility. However, I keep hope that more and more will wake up to fight tyranny and oppression. On another note, you guys may or may not know of Michael Tsarion who in my mind is one of the most amazing researchers out there. He discusses Atlantis and alien genetic manipulation, his work is highly recommended. He’s discusses ancient civilizations and human consciousness in great details. Michael also discusses symbolism and other occult subjects. Two of his famous works is Architects of Control and Origins of Irish Civilizations. Hs channel on YouTube is UnslavedFilms his website have a great weekend everyone.

  • prestodo

    There’s spiritual warfare happening all over the planet all of the time. The great secret combination is going to continue until the triumphant return of Jesus Christ. We should be fighting against this great secret combination spurned on by the adversary to all humanity…we should be fighting against it all the time. The best way to fight it is to first put your own house and lives in order and repent from sin. Then you can successfully start to expose the combination to others and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.

    • dishesdealer417

      We don’t agree on what sin is. You would kill good people because you think they are “sinners” like gays or feminisists. Keep your white male christian crap. jesus would be ashamed if he saw what most of his followers hated in his name.

  • dana

    What I know I know would fill a thimble.

    What I know that I don’t know would fill a basketball – e.g., – don’t know Japanese or open heart surgery.

    What I don’t know that I don’t know would probably fill the solar system.

    It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a though without accepting it.

  • Chris

    One thing is certain: I can’t trust the government. Any government. Nothing else is certain. I’m not ruling out anything but I do accept silver manipulation as more plausible than a squad of ET exterminators. I rule out nothing. We’ve had periods in our history when people were so certain they had it figured out. I don’t want to be a smug ignorant. I’m very happy our Friend, SGT, is unafraid to touch the less obvious stories and people. Respect for my number one internet site.

  • june shellene

    For those willing to open their minds to new information, I highly recommend
    You can listen to the first hour of an interview for free, and for a very small fee, subscribe for a month,
    6 months, a year, whatever…and listen the the second hour. The guests are very versed in their area of
    of expertise, and Henrik, the host, is one of the best interviewers I’ve come across.
    Thanks SGT, for linking us financial folks to information that helps us get the bigger picture, so we can
    really start connecting the dots at this confusing and scary time. It’s a shame to deny ourselves access to
    some of the most intelligent researchers out there because we’re afraid of stepping out of the paradigm
    we”ve been programmed to accept. And there’s absolutely no shame in admitting that we’re programable.
    Indeed, I take it as a personal challenge to take responsibility for my own beliefs…a mighty task. And that
    requires time, effort, and sometimes a painful letting go of a belief that once comforted me. And so, the stages
    of grief do apply…but there’s the road, and I believe it is the high road.

  • Mike

    No point in discussing whether or not you believe the story. He has said that all of the truth and disclosure are going to be announced soon. We only have to wait a month or two and we’ll all know for sure.

  • Keith

    I think ‘tin foil Friday’ is the worst idea you’ve had, I’m afraid. The standard of many of the replies brings this site into disrepute and, because I value this site very much, I wouldn’t want to see this happening on a regular basis. Give other readers who have knowledge a chance to show it – and educate others in the process – by having important political and philosophical questions up for discussion. Keep up the great work and ditch the tin foil, please.

  • Keith

    And can we also ditch the religion? No sensible discussion can ever be had when god is invoked.

    • frank

      If you don’t like it, don’t participate in the discussion. Its one of the great blessing of being free! I think its a great idea. There can never be any type of interesting discussion if we can’t express different ideas/beliefs etc.

      • Keith

        I’m participating in the discussion precisely to draw attention to the fact that when you need to invoke an imaginary, supernatural being to justify everything you do, you’ve already lost the discussion. As I mentioned above, I’m perfectly happy to debate the question of whether god exists (this does not require much effort), but in general can we not agree that there are enough real, verifiable problems we face that require action, not superstition?

  • Scott Sando

    Check out these descriptions of beings called the Archons from 2000 year old text of the Gnostics.

    ‘The Lord Archon

    The Hypostasis of the Archons describes a further development that follows the initial emergence of the foetal Archontic entities. In the passage cited here, I apply some concepts drawn from modern astronomy to develop a more vivid picture of events presumably observed by Gnostic seers in the cosmos at large:

    A veil exists between the world above [in the galactic core], and the realms that are below [exterior, in the galactic limbs]; and shadow came into being beneath the veil. Some of the shadow [dark mass] became [atomic] matter, and was projected apart [partially formed into elementary arrays, the dema]. And what Sophia created [by her impact] became a product in the matter [the dema], [a neonate form] like an aborted fetus. And [once formed] it assumed a plastic shape molded out of shadow, and became an arrogant beast resembling a lion. It was androgynous, because it was from [neutral, inorganic] matter that it derived. (The Hypostasis of the Archons, II, 4, 93:30 ff, with my glosses in brackets.)

    A close reading reveals a crucial detail: after the initial formation of the embryonic Archon types, a second variant of “shadow body” arises, with distinct characteristics of its own. The Hypostasis of the Archons describes it as “an arrogant beast resembling a lion,” but this creature is also described (in another cosmological text, the Apocryphon of John 10: 5) as “a serpentine body (drakon) with a lion-like face.” Thus there are two distinct types of Archons: a foetal or embryonic type, and a drakonic or reptilian type.

    In The Hypostasis of the Archons (93: 30 – 94:5), a supplicant asks the great angel Eleleth, “Teach me about the faculty of the Archons, how did they come into being, and by what kind of genesis, of what material, and who created them and produced their force.” The teachings given in response to this question were precise and detailed. Two distinct variants of the Archon type are indicated, and their behaviors are also specified. Another cosmological treatise, The Tripartite Tractate, states that “the two orders [of Archons] assaulted one another, fighting for command because of their manner of being.” (84: 5-15) Due to the two distinct stages of their generation, the Archons are invested with an aggressive and divisive nature, fighting among their own ranks. The problem is provisionally resolved, however, when the reptilian type assumes dominance over the massive horde of neonates, and, indeed, over the entire realm of the dema affected by Sophia’s plunge:

    Opening his eyes, he [the drakonic Archon] saw a vast quantity of matter without limit [spread through the galactic limbs], and he became arrogant, saying “It is I who am God [the sole deity of these regions], and there is no other apart from me.” (Hyp Arch, 94:20)

    While the neonate Archons are inert, their forms arrested at a premature stage of development, the reptilian leader is aggressive, territorial, and charged with demonic powers. For one thing, he is a formidable shapeshifter:

    Ialdabaoth had a multitude of faces more than all of them, so that he could put a face before all of them, according to his desire… He shared his fire with them, therefore he became lord over them. Because of power of the glory he possessed of his mother’s light, he called himself God. And he did not obey the place from which he came. (The Apocryphon of John, 11:35 – 12:10)’

  • dishesdealer417

    ARe there aliens? Probably. Would they give a crap about this planet? Probably not. WE do have water but if they are smart enough to build ships to get here they can probably synthesize all the water they want.

    What I do know is that the ancient Aryan people of India describe in the Mahabarata that they saw great chariots floating in the sky having a great battle and some of them crashed to earth. I do know what a cargo cult is. During WWII when allied forces put bases on small pacific islands with airstrips the indigenous inhabitants were amazed and though the white men were gods. They were given wondrous food like chocolate & the white men could start fire with their hands (lighters, matches). When the bases were no longer needed the natives were devastated. They built lifesize plane models out of reeds hoping that the gods would come back. I have no problem believing we have been visited before as some backwater planet and that we have evidence of ancient cargo cults of humans. Ancient stone rocket gantries in India, the Nazca lines in South America etc. I just don’t think we are that important as a planet that they would care about us now. But I’ve read the NOVA science magazine expose on project blue book and it is openly stated the U.N., The militaries of the world know damn well they are there.

  • dishesdealer417

    I’ve said for awhile now that the reason some people are immune to the indoctrination from the NWO is because they are already indoctrinated to something else: christianity. often of a fundamentalist, the bible is never wrong type. That is why you get people who can see through the lie of the NWO but who cannot resist the magical thinking of “the book” that they are 100% indoctrinated to. They are always going to believe their preacher no matter how much scientific evidence there might be against their position.

    These are people who will resist the NWO but revile and refuse to allow people like gays or jews or feminists or whoever they have been told to hate to join in the resistance because they have been told that Jesus hates these people. Whatever, I’m getting the freak away from all the crazies when it hits the fan. I figure I’m in just as much danger from someone who wants to kill me to save my soul as from the NWO when it hits the fan.

  • Tim

    Have your fun for now.Could it be that David is way over your heads.Could it also be that if David is right much of this site is no longer needed.I’m convinced that your intentions are noble, however if David is right negativity is one of the cabal’s best weapons.We’re all in this together and just because you don’t comprehend what David is saying does’t mean that he’s wrong.

  • Cory C

    Thank God the aliens are coming to save us. I’m going golfing.

  • Silver Shield

    To answer your question about ignoring David because he has gone off the deep end? The answer is yes ignore him.

    I believe the kinds of guys are dangerous distractions at this crucial point of time when people should be focusing on what they can control instead of looking to someone to save them.

    Then I have to think then when you do post this stuff it the discredits a lot of other fine work that others are doing. To some people hearing the Federal Reserve funded the rise of Hitler as Congressman Louis T McFadden testified to would seem mentally challenging as ETs saving us. The huge difference is that one it true and the other is mental mastubation of delusional men. But if one writes off ETs as crazy talk it then makes it that much easier to discredit other information that may sound strange but is very true.

    Lets stick to stuff that is factual, logical, and verifiable than diluting our effort on detrimental fairy tales.

  • june shellene

    Regarding Wilcock and Fulford, Henrik at just posted an interview with Clif High of Clif
    more or less hammers them both for being uncritical in their judgement of themselves and others. Clif is hands down the most disciplined and deepest thinker out there. I don’t know how anyone who really took the time to get to know his work could maintain their world view. But should you choose to read and study Clif and listen to him being interviewed, especially this latest interview, be prepared to go through some changes.

  • frank


    I don’t need to prove the bible or God to you. I’ve proven it to myself. I have long given up trying to convince people of what I consider to be self evident facts. Why have I given up? Because experience has taught me that most individuals that do not believe in a creator choose not to, simply because they do not wish to submit to a higher moral authority. These individuals tend to be what most consider rude, morally deviant self destructive, selfish, hedonistic, mentally deficient, socially defunct, perverted subhumans.

    If you were really interested in discovering if God exists or if the Bible is true or not, you need only go to the library and do some simple research into the recent archaeological studies that validate the bible, modern scientific facts, not theories, that point to intelligent design and philosophical arguments, like the ontological one. The universe is more complex than a rolex watch. How possible is it that a rolex watch comes into existence by chance and chaos?

    Most gullible fools, believe things without checking them out first. You may want to look in the mirror before going on a name calling childish rant.

    • dishesdealer417

      Morally deviant?, you mean those god chose to be gay? Like my sister? (either god is all powerful and made these people gay or god isn’t all powerful and didn’t do it) or do You mean women who don’t submit to the authority of some abusive incompetent schmuck because he has genitals on the outside?? See you lose me there. I’ve read the bible and I can never figure out how people call themselves christian and then ignore everything that jesus said about love, forgiveness, turning the other cheek, not judging others etc.

      If you follow the Old testament, angry god yaweh stuff then that makes you a fundamentalist jew, not a christian. To be a christian you have to follow the teachings of Jesus. Jesus was the prince of peace and he is okay by me. But I simply am appalled at these people who claim to be christians and then go off on some hate filled rant like yours. I do not believe that jesus would number you amongst christians. You are another turn off to me from christianity. I like what jesus had to say but I can’t stand the fake, self-serving way his name is tossed around to advance some political agenda.

    • dana

      A belief in a creator and/or “submitting to a higher moral authority” and actually having morals are two different items – one does not draw from or cause the other. They are two distinct mind sets – neither is predicated on the other.

      Religion is what man invents when he decides to encounter a god.

    • Keith

      You know nothing about my past, or what experiences I have had with religion, so don’t pretend to. I, on the other hand, know that there is no way you can demonstrate that god exists, or that the entire bible wasn’t written by men WITHOUT divine inspiration. So, when I call you a gullible fool, I do not mean it as an insult – I mean it as an observation. Your beliefs may work for you, and that’s great for you, but don’t pretend they are based on anything more substantial than that you find them beneficial to you in some way. You have chosen to fool yourself, but don’t expect anyone rational to take you seriously.

  • frank

    “I lost you”? I turn you off? You assume i care or was trying to get you or convince you. I was not. Jesus is ok by you? LOL…I’m sure that makes him feel better…lol I’m a fake christian? How do you know? What standard are you using, because it surely isn’t the Bible. You see, if you accept the bible as the word of God, then you accept all of it. If you start to pick and choose what you like and toss everything else, then you can’t say you accept it as the word of God. Its all or nothing. The difficult parts in the bible are difficult because some don’t understand that the Bible is also a history book.

    Homosexuality is discussed in the bible. Old and New testament. Its discussed in the Koran. The message is very clear about how God views it. The God of the old testament is the same as the God of the new. Also, there are many in the psychology and medical community that see it for what it is, a mental disorder. God did not create homosexuals, just like he did not create disfigured people, or people suffering from metal retardation etc. Those were “creations” were damaged by something humans did. There is a cause for every effect. Simple universal rule.

    In this world you are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. Your arguments are typical left leaning arguments that grasp at straws to justify a personal point while ignoring simple facts. You assume much about me and are free to do so, but I never once mentioned anything in my post about submitting to abusive husbands, or hinting at a political agenda. I didn’t even mention the homo stuff, though i do believe it to be deviant behavior, unnatural and destructive. The difference is that I will never try to force my belief upon you, sadly, from we are seeing, the left isn’t so tolerant of those that disagree with them. And before you ask…yes i do know/have Homosexual acquaintences…they would call me a friend, we get along fine…each knows where the other stands, and all is well because we aren’t in each others faces about it.

    Read my other posts, I could care less what other people do or believe, as long as i am free to do so my self. God placed all the laws, physics, gravity, etc including moral laws in place. Break them as you see fit, but I will not be responsible in anyway, including financially, when you reap the consequences of what you sow.

    You can call evil good, and good evil until your head explodes. I don’t care…you are free to do what you want, in the end you will be held accountable for your actions by God, regardless of whether you believe in him or not. Have a good day I’m done 🙂

    • dishesdealer417

      God is all powerful and created everything but the mentally/physically disabled are not of god or created by god? I have never heard anything so hate filled and disgusting in my freaking life. I’m fairly used to haters hating on gays but now you are exluding the disabled? Wow, just wow.

      • frank

        You really are ridiculous. In no way was I hating on anyone, most of all the handicapped. God loves everyone, but it doesn’t mean he will suspend consequences and remove personal accountability and responsibility, which is something you lefties want.

        I merely pointed out that God didn’t make someone mentally/physically disabled. When a mother drinks and does drugs, while she is pregnant, is God responsible for the child being born handicapped? or is it the mother? There was a cause and the effect followed.

        When a child experiences rape or some other trauma, and then becomes an abusive monster, did God make him/her that way or was it someone else. When the government poison the environment, and people are born with handicaps, is that God’s fault or humanity’s?

        Learn to read…perhaps you will reduce the number of misunderstanding your left leaning liberal mind leads you into.

        • dishesdealer417

          Either god is all powerful and is responsible for these things or you are agreeing that god is not all powerful. Your illogical insistence on having it both ways is, well, childish and irrational.

          • Thebeekeeper

            Good question! This is the age old argument. If God created all things, then didn’t God create evil? How could an infinitely loving, all-powerful God, allow bad things to happen to people? There is a third option and that is “free will.” The potential for evil and it’s consequences (opening Pandora’s box) and the corruption of paradise, is inherent with the God given freedom to choose good or evil instead of being robots programmed to obey. The corrupted script, infects each generation, tends to compound, and spread and the innocence is corrupted not long after we enter this corrupted world. Nobody can avoid it, thus, we are all screwed, drowning in a corrupted world and need a life-jacket. So the all-powerful infinitely lovingly God who gave free will, gave free will to be rescued for all eternity from evil (Jn 3:16), though you will still suffer it’s concequences in this world, each of us differently. Anybody not suffering yet? The Evil created through free will (love), will be dealt with later, and separated.

  • Thebeekeeper

    Everything in a nutshell! You owe it to yourself to watch this. Well documented documentary. It connects to dots over the last 200 or so years. Then draw your own conclusions. Peace out!

  • deepsoulradio

    I say follow your heart, your passion, what drives you. There’s a point where trying to be ‘rational’ about ‘how to proceed’ becomes crippling and limiting.

    So, go for the gold, not the mold!

  • Tim

    Let’s get down to it. The best weapon the bankers have other than negativity/fear is divide and concur. Calling a large number of great patriotic Americans “tin foil hats” is very divisive and condescending.The way I see it the media is divided into three general groups. Main stream, alternative, tin foil, as you like to call us. The alternative media thinks that if they expose the bankers, Vatican, fed., etc. the whole story is being revealed.They’re laughing at us. If we stop there we’re only revealing a “small part” of the whole story. One example, most of us were inclined to believe the main steam and alternative story that the supposed earthquake that happened on the east coast,Virginia- New York, was natural. Well, you alternative media folks better take a closer look. They have technology that you “normal alternative media people” can’t even dream of. Keep trying to put us down if you like but in your heart of hearts you know we’re in this together. Know your enemy, it’s not the “tin hats”.

  • Teh JC

    David Wilcock? Buwahahahahaha. This philanderer should write for the enquirer. Same line of bullshit. If a burger was named after him, they’d call it the King Whopper.

  • vinny

    silver shield is spot on, he has his stuff seriously together. stay away from woo-woo fantasy stuff. there is a time and a place for that. the movies. if you really like that kind of stuff then make a website dedicated to just that. but I have a feeling you will get overwhelmed with insanity induced comments, people, and ideas. bubble gum for your mind

  • Sandor Bors

    You are ALL right! So are Wilcock and Fulford! No one is wrong! We are all one! One! And that will never change… for now 🙂


  • James

    This book may clear up a lot of questions you have about life, this world as it is, the bible and prophecy:

    …what follows is the beginning of a Biblical prophecy leading to the end of the world as we know it.

    The scenario moves from way out in space to the depths of good and evil in the human soul. It is a True story, the instruction manual for survival.


    “Before the Beginning” (of human life on earth).

    Thousands of Earth years ago, far away in THIS galaxy, on the Morning Star (Rev. 2 v 28), the Lord Guardian Of Divinity, King, Ruler and Guardian of the Universe (Sura 23:86), put down a revolution led by Lucifer (Iblis)(Revelations 12 v 7-9).

    The Morning Star (Venus) is inhabited by immortal “Beings of Light” (Spirit/Energy) whose civilisation, based on “pure” love, is zillions of years old.

    Lucifer, now known here on Earth as Satan (the opposer) the Devil (the liar/slanderer) from which the word D/evil is derived; because of his selfish and arrogant nature, wanted to over-throw the Lord and to take His place, so that he could rule and inflict his own selfish opinion and evil desires on the heavens. He encouraged and misled many of the other inhabitants of the Morning Star, who people on Earth know by the name Angel, to join him and he then started a war against God (Rev. 12 v 7 & Isaiah 14 v 13-14).


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