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Think Fukushima Radiation Won’t Reach Us? Think Again, the Physical Debris Even Has.

“A Staggering Mess” as Tsunami Debris Hits Alaska Coast Early

from The Sun Break :

Gulf of Alaska Keeper, a non-profit organization that estimates it has cleared nearly 1,000,000 pounds of plastic debris from Alaskan coasts over the past 10 years, is reporting “tons” of what it believes is likely tsunami debris washing up on the coasts of the Kayak and Montague islands. Chris Pallister, president of Gulf of Alaska Keeper, told Alaska’s KTUU TV that ““It’s a staggering mess […] the magnitude of this is just hard to comprehend and I’ve been looking at this stuff a long time.”

In an email to The SunBreak, Pallister let loose:

“In my opinion, this is the single greatest environmental pollution event that has ever hit the west coast of North America. The slow-motion aspects of it have fooled an unwitting public. It far exceeds the Santa Barbara or Exxon Valdez oil spills in gross tonnage and also geographic scope. (I was in Prince William Sound during the during the Exxon Valdez oil spill and so have a sense of comparison).”

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6 comments to Think Fukushima Radiation Won’t Reach Us? Think Again, the Physical Debris Even Has.

  • Anon

    The ‘elites’ want a “mass die-off” – maybe Fukushima Radiation will take care of it for them. Then, they’ll have an easier time controlling the human remnant! (Just sayin’) This is why it is even MORE IMPERATIVE, that we spread the word about FREEDOM, and Ron Paul, in 2012!

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    The cabal that set up and set off the nukes at the WTCs and Fukushima also intentionally blew out the DH oil well in the GoM. They also deregulated banking and Wall Street and are inflicting HAARP weather trauma on the US and carpetbagging farmland along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. They fly the Jolly Roger as they have for over 300 years. Do your homework to find the surprise answer.

    Anon is right. They want to kill off 9/10 of the world’s people and they will if we let them. Say goodbye to good cooking if we don’t start kicking some ass and throwing it in prison.

  • mac

    This is just the beginning of the Hell On Earth will have entered…

  • Shewolfe1111

    Thanks Japan….for building nukes on a fault line, and for telling us immediately what to expect, and for not demanding the world help you, because if we helped you, we would’ve helped ourselves as well. Now I have to throw out all my canned fish.

  • Backspace

    The “Think Fukushima radiation won’t reach us?” headline is unfortunate, since it’s fairly well known that airborne Fukushima radiation blanketed the US immediately after the disaster began, and during a rainy season that guaranteed maximum saturation of fallout.

  • Ted Sebastian

    Actually, the reactors were designed and built by an American corporation, General Electric. GE’s engineers were the ones who decided on the location also, and they were fully aware of the major fault line just off the coast.

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