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  • Troy

    I have been researching food preps for 15 years. So hear me out. Wild rice if kept dry will last forever…so buy some. Keep it in original package, and place them in large pails with lid on and keep in basement to keep cool. With food, cooler, the better. ALSO, sprouting is KING for prep food. You can grow sprouts with no sunlight, no dirt, and it is LOADED with nutrition…organic Handy Pantry is best. Buy 5 part sprouting seeds, and buy some sprouting kits. Canned Tuna, green beans, corn, peas, baked beans, are good. “Wise Foods” long term is good. Pepper. Himalayan Salt is a must. Caties Green. Caties Vitamin C. Shakeology. Honey is good. Sugar, organic if possible, will last forever if kept sealed. Store organic seeds, and store alot of them. Wheat berries, and hard white wheat grains for either sprouting, eating plain, or grinding for baking. Buy Handy Pantry 30 lb pails of hard wheat grains. Dr. Schulzes Superfood. White rice is OK, not much nutrition, but cheap and lasts forever. Bragg apple cider vinegar. Pasta and spaghetti noodles…don’t forget the sauce. Sunflower seeds, Brazil Nuts. Check the dates on can…if kept cool, they should go well beyond dates…years beyond. Remember cool is king with food. And most importantly…grow good NOW, because you will need the practice. Take seeds from your harvest. You NEED to do this due to the barium and aluminun being sprayed in the air. Your organic seeds can become chemtrail resistant if you save seeds every year.

  • Pip

    This makes it sound like some kind of a joke. Oh yeah, we’re just nutters with nothing better to do but buy some pricks products. Great advice troy. I think you can sum up most of what you’ve said by stating you can buy canned food for a fraction of the price and it will keep for ten years despite the so called sell by date. Glad you also mention producing your own food too. If you’re not doing that you’re doing nothing but fooling yourself. You don’t need loads of land. I have one hundred square meters, I have chickens, rabbits, and enough veg for three months of the year, be creative.

  • FiveThousand

    Thanks for sharing that, Troy.

  • david

    Troy, very well said brother thanks for your contribution. I’m going to copy and paste your entire entry and save it to a word document.

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