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SAY WHAT?? Charlie Munger: “Gold Is For Pre-Holocaust Jews To Sew Into Their Garments; Civilized People Don’t Buy Gold”

from Zero Hedge:

While Becky Quick’s CNBC interview with the Charlie Munger has a little for everyone to love and hate (from Keynesian-doctrine to easy-living-Greeks and Bad-trading-robots), Buffett’s right-hand was particularly eloquent in his views (at around 9:08) on Einhorn’s distrust of the Fed and buying Gold: “gold is a great thing to sew onto your garments if you’re a Jewish family in Vienna in 1939 but civilized people don’t buy gold – they invest in productive businesses.” End quote.

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6 comments to SAY WHAT?? Charlie Munger: “Gold Is For Pre-Holocaust Jews To Sew Into Their Garments; Civilized People Don’t Buy Gold”

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Gold is not an investment and gold is not being bought, worthless pieces of paper are being exchanged for gold.

  • Loren

    Charlie is a sorry excuse of a human and about as bright as potato starch. I could see wanker Charlie as Warren’s right-hand-man.

    • Julie

      HEY NOW – that’s just not right… quit insulting potato starch that way! What have you got against potatoes!?!? You vegetable racist pig!

  • Troy

    I’m not much for gold either….but silver on the other hand……

  • dishesdealer417

    I think another way to look at this is his choice of words. If we all agree that Buffet is connected and we agree that he & his right hand stooge would know the truth of the situation, then it is better to look at what he really means. His job, clout, and wealth is dependent on us not waking up. He needs that to happen. So of course he is going to deny that real money is valuable or the right thing to be in at this time.

    But look at HOW he described what it IS for. He described it by the situation that the German/Austrian jewish people found themselves in in the 30s. And what was that?? victims of a vicious planned hyperinflation, complete social chaos, a fascist dictator rising from the ashes to bring “order” as long as they found a scapegoat in some group.

    That sounds a lot like today. What is really happening behind the scenes. And that is how he, one of the insiders, in his little brain sees it. Freudian slip???

  • Loren

    I think Charlie is into algorithms and high speed connections and he is implying that digital money slavery is next for us. Digital (imaginary) money is the dream of all the elite controllers. It solves all of their problems while creating a nightmare on Elm Street for everyone else. If you are trading algos, you are speed-of-light faster (not brighter)than everyone else. I think Charlie thinks that because he is a sophisticated speeding trader that he is smarter than anyone else. But he makes the mistake that being faster means you are smarter because in your greed you (your trades) get there first.

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