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Obama’s Five Trillion Dollar Lie

from The Economic Collapse Blog:

Why isn’t the U.S. economy in a depression right now? The number one reason is because the federal government has stolen more than five trillion dollars from future generations since Barack Obama was elected and has used that money to pump up our grossly inflated standard of living. Whether the federal government spends money wisely or foolishly, the truth is that the vast majority of it still ends up in the pockets of the American people who then use it to buy the things they need for their daily lives. If the U.S. government had not borrowed and spent an extra five trillion dollars that we did not have over the past several years, we would be in the middle of a rip-roaring economic depression right now. So any talk that Barack Obama is “improving the economy” is a total farce. It is a five trillion dollar lie. The reality is that Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress have been stealing trillions of dollars from future generations in order to make things tolerable in the present. If the federal government adopted a balanced budget next year, the debt-fueled prosperity that we are currently enjoying would start disappearing very rapidly and all hell would break loose in America.

At this point, the U.S. national debt is over 15.7 trillion dollars.

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2 comments to Obama’s Five Trillion Dollar Lie

  • dishesdealer417

    How about the 16 trillion that dodd/frank forced the fed to reveal was given to the banks???? I get really tired of people who claim that all that money was given to the “poor”or the “entitled” because it wasn’t. Most of the money has gone to the military industrial complex to wage the stupid bogus wars and the rest went to bail out wallstreet and the banks.

    We are experiencing deleveraging and deflation in the grossly over inflated monetary shadow banking system and a lot of that 16 trillion has evaporated. It didn’t get into the pockets of americans except for the repulsively large bonuses paid to the very criminals who made this whole mess.

  • bubba

    All hell is breaking loose in the US right now…there are those who know it, those who ignore it and those that have no idea of it…and those with no idea of it will NEVER know it, until it is to damn late.

    It’s just going to get a hell of alot worse…if you think it sucks now and there is no way out…just wait.

    While you are waiting, you had better get busy trying to save your ass.

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