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MERS & WALL STREET BANKSTER FRAUD: You Probably Don’t Even Own the House You Are Paying For

Greetings friends. In 2012, when we think Wall Street we think of MF Global theft, JPM criminality, Goldman naked shorting, DTTC failures to deliver, precious metals manipulation, fractional reserve banking, Comex games, HFT trading and endless derivatives. But don’t forget about MERS and mortgage fraud – because according to Vermont Trotter, the National Director of ‘Protect Americas Dream’ it’s all tied together in one giant Ponzi scheme. The worst part is, the bank you pay for your mortgage probably does not even hold the title to your home. It’s a mess – and we are ALL victims.

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16 comments to MERS & WALL STREET BANKSTER FRAUD: You Probably Don’t Even Own the House You Are Paying For

  • Steve_D

    As soon as you register anything with the Government/Bank be it your Car, your house even your Child! You are giving ownership of that possession over to the organisation that now holds the registration.(This is how they can tax our vehicles, our property and us as individuals……. They own everything, including you)

    This is the scam they have been trapping us into their corrupt system with since the mid 1500’s when the whole evil plot was conceived in England between Henry the 8th and the Vatican.

    This MERS scam is just another continuation of the original scam from the 16th century.

  • Bryan Lonn

    Great job with this video SGTreport. I have been a big fan for the last few years now and I wish more Americans regularly went to your website. Unfortunately, the MERS crisis will be the disaster that will cause another market crash, which I am afraid will be the “BIG ONE”. Take this as a warning sign for all other SGT fans and prepare as much as possible. People will be thanking all the prepers in the future for what is about to happen.

  • GoodOleBoy

    Good interview. We really are being attacked at all levels. The money junkies have sold off everything in the house to get their fix and are now tearing into the ways to pawn the pipes, lumber, and bricks. They just can never get enough, always more, more, more. I still have a little faith in our court structure, although it is somewhat corrupted and expensive and lengthy process to work with. Imagine if legal became the same as lawful and the courts operated on common sense and common law. You wouldn’t need the expensive lawyers and corporations escaping liability through loopholes they themselves wrote. Someone steals from you, you go to court yourself present you case and you proof and it is judged on the facts, rather than “he stole it on a thursday at 6:01 pm in the month of May which is the time in which prosecution of theft is exempt,” type of legal bs (my attempt at satire). Sadly though, as I have tried to inform people of these nefarious dealings, people just don’t seem to care until it happens to them or someone close to them. In a sense until it effects them, it is not real. But the bad part is, when it effects you it is already to late. Thanks for the information and hard work SGT, looking forward to the next interview and especially the Bix one with viewer questions.

  • Ruthann

    I am one of the so-called “pioneers.” I began fighting the fraud back in December 2008. I let 6 properties go after a 1 -> 2 year paper war with each lender and I documented everything in the tile records at the county level.

    I became aware of my plight in 2008 and even IF I paid the properties off in full — I would never have clear title to the properties!!!

    One thing your GUEST does not mention in the interview is – DO NOT BUY A PROPERTY THAT HAS BEEN FORECLOSED UPON. The fraud is already on title and you will NOT have title to the property and will lose your money when this all shakes out!

    Title companies continue to issue clear title (business as usual yep). They have their butts covered in their paperwork that they will not be held responsible for title issues on any property. All that is in their fine print.

    Another thing he doesnt mention – if you have an OWNER FINANCED PROPERTY — chances are it is not part of the fraud (but he does say you have to go back to 1997 to investigate and that I agree with).

    thank you and hope this helps someone …..

  • ivan

    if iam not mistaking only churches own the title which cost them large amount. i guess at the end of the day you own a house but not the property and in some cases not even the house. so if you a first time home buyer what are your options?

  • Zyll has many empty links–staircases to nowhere. Content would be great, because this “complex subject” seems to be purposefully obfuscated at every turn on the internet.

  • Ruthann

    How about hire an attorney to do the title research prior to purchasing -if he clears the title and he is wrong after-the-fact — his BAR card is on the line; or

    If you are a conspiracy believer (which I am) that the good guys are coming to the rescue and there will be total and complete debt forgiveness, get as many houses/mortgages as you can and wait for the debt to be forgiven 🙂

    For me, if the good guys don’t show up — I still expect to hear from someone about my 6 properties that were foreclosued upon — asking for my signature to clear the title(s); and I expect a pretty big check for each signature.

  • Chris

    I realized months ago the magnitude of the problem. However, other than those investing in foreclosed property I think Vermont is making a mountain out of a molehill. For the time being I hear that you can still get title insurance to sell property with MERS on it. Not necessarily foreclosed by MERS property but still property where MERS occurs in the chain of title somewhere.
    If not than all the too big to fail banks are going to go bankrupt! and the SH will HTF because property is worth a small fraction of the FMV if you can’t get title insurance. WIth no title insurance no lending on it meaning a cash only market.

  • Chris

    totally agree DO NOT BUY PROPERTY THAT HAS BEEN FORECLOSED UPON and has MERS in the past title. You should consider hiring a real estate attorney or some other expert to actually review title. Not just a preliminary title report but someone needs to examine the chain of title. Also there are statutes of limitation which come in to play as far as for how long a foreclosed upon property owner can come back and try and regain the property. So you definitely need an expert on your state’s property law, preferably an attorney, perhaps an exceptional paralegal.

  • Tony

    Many people will be pissed if they knew the truth.

    On another note;
    War Veterans Protest, Throw Their Medals at NATO Summit!

  • bubba

    when the coming storm begins…they won’t have the balls to take your home.

    they have ridden us so hard that it will be their turn…simple as that.

  • Frisby

    GMAC has my mortgage just got a letter stating they are filing bankruptcy, Quote
    (ResCap is the parent company of GMAC Mortgage,which,on behalf of Maquarie Mortgages USA, Inc collects and keeps track of your loan payments to enure that they are properly applied to your account and destributed to the lenders and investors who own your loan) So how many people own the loan? In other words we don’t pay our bills but you make sure you pay us anyway,,,

    • uncviper23

      I have a GMAC Mortgage also I haven’t received anything yet. Went through USAA originally and was sold to GMAC.

      Anyone with more the gossip and hearsay please speak. Thank you.

  • uncviper23

    I apologize I opened the letter on my desk just now from GMAC. dated May 14th.

    So, … derivatives do them in or did they stop making money on shake down and fleecing the sheep?

    Maybe we get a gift??? Naw,…. no free rides in life.

    Any news I’d love to hear.

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