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I Stand WITH Ron Paul and AGAINST JP Morgan: I’m Buying More Physical Silver HERE & NOW

Ron Paul Stands for Honor, Ron Paul Stands for Truth

JP Morgan is the custodian of the SLV ETF.

Ron Paul is the custodian of the Constitution.

JP Morgan is in bed with the Fed as a Federal Reserve primary dealer.

Ron Paul stands courageously against the Fed and has continuously pointed out the crimes of the Federal Reserve’s fiat, debt-based system for decades.

JP Morgan holds more than $70 Trillion in derivatives on its books, and according to the Silver Doctors, just dumped another half a million ounces of paper silver on the market today.

Ron Paul has asked how future generations will judge us for the $100+ Trillion in debt, including unfunded liabilities, that has been spent in their names.

JP Morgan is headed by Jamie Dimon who sits on the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and who along with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke works through the Federal Reserve System to literally rob the people of their wealth.

Ron Paul has the mettle to publicly grill Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke about the crimes of the Fed, while reminding him and the world that SILVER IS MONEY.

Ron Paul is honorable. JP Morgan is dishonorable.

I stand with Ron Paul. Buying physical silver is clearly the honorable thing to do. I just bought more physical silver moments ago with silver at $27.38 per ounce.

The end of this criminal system is nearly upon us. Who will you stand with?

Help us spread the ANTIDOTE to corporate propaganda.

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38 comments to I Stand WITH Ron Paul and AGAINST JP Morgan: I’m Buying More Physical Silver HERE & NOW

  • dishesdealer417

    Niall Ferguson’s show on Civilization last night (PBS) was very interesting. He made some of the following comments:

    1. The city of london is the world’s first corporation. I thought people had typified it as a separate country like the vatican city is to Rome.

    2. When they did the part about the conquistadores going into South American he showed a picture of silver & gold and then said the Spanish came for MONEY. He very clearly stated that metals were Money.

    3. The chinese and the Ottoman Turks could have taken over Europe at various times but for various reasons turned back(well the turks turned back because when the cowardly Hapsburg emperor fled the scene he was replaced by the Brave Polish king who with 10,000 men showed up and relieved the siege of Vienna. You gotta love those Poles. They don’t care who you are or what the odds are, they take em all on, Nazis, commies, Turks.

    4. Part 2 next week will go about the decline of the west and the rise of the east again. If I can understand where he is going with this basically it is because the East has absorbed what works from us and along with their various innate strengths are going to kick our asses in this century. Look at how well a lot of asian immigrants have done here in a few decades. Their respect for education, work ethic and ability to subjugate person wants for family/company/national goals etc.

  • Nathan

    I bought last week in a big way @ $27.92, and again yesterday @ $28.25. Not quite the bottom, but near enough for my liking!

    Remember what Max Keiser said: that due to their off balance sheet silver shorts, every $1 you spend removing silver from circulation, you hit JP Morgan with $100 in losses. Well, their losses are really starting to pile, and will only get worse. THIS is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Do we stand idly by, or gently help them over the cliff?….WITHOUT a parachute?

    God bless Ron Paul, and may God damn those who rob the poor and the widow, and don’t repent.

    • dishesdealer417

      Does it only count if you buy new metal? By that I mean does it still hurt them if you buy “constitutional silver” 1964 and before U.S. coinage?? Or does it have to be ounces of .999 pure?

      • Nathan

        Pre 65′ silver coinage is good, because remember, it’s a cheap form of silver that SOMEONE will buy in leui of the newer stuff. If you remove that cheaper silver, everyone will have to buy the newer minted products. So either way, removal of any investment silver(including any government coins of yesteryear) has the intended effect.

        Also don’t be too hard on the Hapsburgs, as they did resist the Turks many times, and had the good sense to appoint Eugene of Savoy who smashed the Turkish lines all day long, until the heroic Winged-Hussars(yes, I’m part Pole) were able to steamroll the entire islamic forces all the way out of Austria. Remember, when the Hapsburgs found out about a coup upon their throne in Bavaria by a curious new secret society dubbing themselves “the Illuminists”, they issued arrest warrants and drove them out of Bavaria. The Hapsburgs aren’t “allowed” back into Austria to take power to this very day…I can’t help but think it’s because historically they weren’t supportive of the globalist agenda.

        • dishesdealer417

          Thanks for the answer to my question. Well the Oxenburg family isn’t allowed back into Yugoslavia etc either. People who threw off the yoke of monarchy don’t want those royals back in to try to take over.

          Now if we could just get england to get rid of the Windsors (which isn’t even their freaking name. They are the Saxe-Coburg-Gothans after Prince Albert when he married Victoria, but during World War I they didn’t want to have a “germanic” name so they re-named themselves after Windsor Castle.) Liz has done her job as best she can but after she dies they need to dump the expensive royals. The taxpayers paid 50 million for extra police during the last royal wedding. That is one of the richest families in the world and they soaked the Taxpayers for their expenses.

          • Nathan

            Yeah, I agree about the name change. Funny thing was during my visit to Budapest, I encountered a young man(maybe early 20’s), who now wishes they had the monarchy back. It seems the folks who came after the Hapsburgs(the communists, and the socialists) have mucked up his country even worse. Picture Hapsburgs as a benign cancer, then followed by malignant ones.

            It is possible to have honorable monarchs, the Prince of Leichtenstein comes to mind. He’s even invited free-market economists like Hans Hermann Hoppe into his home for dialogue and discussion, and has said any tax above 6% is tyrannical.

            So, it’s not the idea of Monarchies that I hate(if those monarchs use their own private monies to pay for their own weddings etc and leave their subjects alone). Rather it’s the sort of monarchies you’ve mentioned, the ones who enslave their peoples, and then stick them with the tab who should be “invited” to self exile, or abjure the realm. The sooner the Brits find out who their ruling family really is, the sooner they can return to the laws and freedoms of their ancestors. Thanks for the lively discussion!

            • dishesdealer417

              The thing with inherited aristocracy or royalty is that you never know if you are going to get Frederick the Great or Caligula. I know Daddy Bush is as corrupt as they come (ex head of the CIA, Skull & Bones, Trilasterliast, Bilderburg etc etc.) but at least I got the impression that he felt he had some obligation to the country as well, then we got his retarded son Baby Bush and well that was a debacle Lies, Wars & of wealth sucking out of the middle class & into the elite like never before in history.

  • HS

    Ron Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Silver Shield

    I have been buying the last couple of days and this time I got some long standouts in my personal life to jump on board.

    • SGT

      Right on brutha Duane!! Congrats.

    • Nathan

      Great job sir, some folks I know also bought again this past week. Really starting to think with falling ore grades that we could begin to see severe tightening in supplies soon. Let’s nail the NWO to the wall.

    • Zyll

      Congrats on the breakthrough of peace and unity in your family circle, Duane. We are all in this together.

    • Alvin

      To SGT and Chris. I have watched End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless today, and have a question. Since all this money came from NO WHERE, when FIAT collapses, it has to erase all dept with it….right? Money is debt, and debt is money….. one can’t be without the other. So, if everything went down the toilet tomorrow, what happens to all debt? No one seems to have a clean answer on this. Wipe the slate CLEAN? Or, will it be, when the fiat collapses in my country (Canada), I will owe the banks a DEAD currency? I can only muster up 350 oz’s so far, and about 14 silver dimes and 7 silver quarters. With an ill wife and autistic son…. seems best I can do for now. I have a 3 day trip with my wife and son just for a minor procedure 10 hours away… and trips like these eat away at my “silver” buying opportunities.

  • john

    Ron Paul has awoken too many of us, and we’re going to take our liberty back… The Jp mOrgans can rot in hell!!

    2 Junk bags, this week, Silver at 500 will make it difficult with the one once coins… Ah Men, Brothers and Sisters…. Liberty will be victorious.

  • Tony

    Canadian Mooooooooses………..Melt the Witch Blythe Masters!!!!!!

  • Valverities

    Funny thing is, after listening to this message for years, and have actually bought silver I can’t even get a basic question answered about fungibility for kilo coins. So much for being in this together, I guess.

    • SGT

      V, what on earth are you talking about?

      • Valverities

        Hm, shouldn’t you know? I sent you a message about it personally… though since then, I’ve asked around elsewhere, but still haven’t got any answer. I’m just trying to figure out if you can exchange a kilo coin for one ounce coins of the the same or similar type… and if so… where?

        • Tony

          RELAX V,
          Golden State Mint, 30 years reputable, fair,

          They minted the silver round Ron Paul held up during a House Financial Committee Hearing.

        • Tony

          Relax V, The Coin Ron Paul is holding was minted by Golden state Mint, they will convert your Kilo into coin.

        • SGT

          I get a TON of e-mails daily and try very hard to respond to them all. You did not e-mail me through my SGTreport e-mail (if you did I missed it) so I imagine you may have tried to PM through You Tube? I have not checked the personal messages there for 48+ hours. Provident, Gainsville, Apmex, Liberty Coin, a lot of places would be happy to take your kilo coin in exchange for one ouncers… the question is, who will give you the most for it.

          • Valverities

            Thanks for the response here. I’m still a bit confused by this, so I’ll email you fairly soon with the tile of ‘Kilo coin’. I did send the message through youtube, so I can understand if you didn’t get it.

            • Alvin

              Hey V, I e-mail Sean ALL THE TIME. And get a response about 25% of the time. And ya, as Sean said, most dealers (even coin shops) will make an offer on it, but you have to shop around and go with the best offer. Those coins are pretty big. I’d even trade it for…as Chris Duane likes to call it…. CONSTITUTIONAL SILVER, Silver dimes and quarters. Keep stacking… and peace be with you.

            • Sergio of the Jungle

              Because silver has been removed from the world of money as an exchange token, it can’t be construed as practically fungible, because you will have to search for someone to swap you the kilo for rounds on an equal weight basis. Unfortunately, until silver is universally accepted as a money, your exchange options are limited and bullion dealers will extract an exchange levy or +/- spread over spot for the service. That doesn’t mean that the fungibility of silver is negated. One kilo divided into smaller parts will still be one kilo of silver of the same value. If you and I were to swap there would be no loss but if you want equal value from a dealer, forget it. They are there to provide flow at a profit. Exchanges are their bread and butter.

              • Valverities

                Glad I returned here. Thank you, finally, for the knowledgeable answer!

                Incidentally, SGT will never reply to me again, he says. SGT receives 100 emails a day. He has a tough life; much tougher than yours or mine. <- sarcasm.

        • Tony

 They minted the coin Ron Paul is holding up.

  • Silverfox

    I am with you. I just received a large from a JPMorgan Chase bank. I deposited and quickly wrote an equal check to liberty Silver. How long till the next smack down?

  • MincemeatSpudsCarrotsOnions

    I am absolutely for Ron Paul – 99%. However, many times, but not all the time, I find him to be a very poor public speaker, especially when he attempts to explain some very technical stuff, as in the above video with the Bernanke, regarding how SILVER retains value in an inflationary environment. Why doesn’t he use prepared notes now and again to “walk people through” in a CLEAR and CONCISE manner, how precious metals function in today’s world. When Dr Paul hesitates in his speech or incoherently jumps around a particular subject matter, he may lose, I would fear, alot of credibility. His handlers/aides must be aware of this weakness of his. Is this being addressed within his inner circle ? GO Ron Paul !!!

    • MincemeatSpudsCarrotsOnions

      I forgot to add that I would like to see Dr Paul SLOW DOWN in his speech delivery, while emphasizing key words/concepts – even repeating them immediately thereafter – as well as the odd pause in time, to let things sink into the minds of the masses – again, especially around the technical stuff. Otherwise I enjoy immensely the exhilaration and eloquence behind his impromptu pronouncements.

    • Tim

      So Ron Paul isn’t the greatest public speaker. So what. Ron Paul understands the causes of this nation’s problems, and he’s the only candidate that would do what’s necessary to turn this nation around. His solutions would certainly involve short-term pain for all Americans, but I believe it would be less painful that the pain we’ll endure from the catastrophe that is coming as a result of the current and past administrations continuing to kick the can down the road. Though Ron Paul sometimes isn’t clear in his speech, that in no way detracts from his credibility or his qualifications to be president. I think many Americans voted for Obama because of his oratory ability–and he’s one smooth talker–and look and what we’ve gotten.

      • MincemeatSpudsCarrotsOnions

        Tim, good point about Obama. I agree with all that you say Sir – especially for the US to take the pain now instead of later. I just wish that Paul(and his aides) would understand the importance of, ” It’s not just what you say, rather how you say it”. I believe Dr Paul could reach an even larger audience if coached a little more. I also realize that we don’t want him to lose his own personal style.

  • mike

    In the last week I added $100 more face Junk.. 100 2012-1/2 oz Fiji takus (Cant wait to see them) ..40-1 oz Fiji Taku’s and 30- Silver britannias. I am still convinced silver will go under 20..But who knows anything can happen anyday now. Either way if it goes to 10 in the short term it will go to 100 soon enough.

  • 1974silverboy

    yep, im still buying too, 13 oz last week and another 13 next week. However I had a 2oz libertad stolen from the post today, it was a tracked and barcoded item and was signed for by someone else after leaving the delivery office. Not happy

  • Steve_D

    Last Thursday I was getting on at my boss as I was owed over £1700 in expenses from last month, he said to me “Why are you being so impatiant about this money, you know you always get it in the end”

    I explained to him that I have been purchasing Silver for the past two years as a hedge against the corrupt bankers and the resulting inflation that is bound to occur due to their never ending money printing.

    The money was in my bank account by the Friday and he was asking me “where do you buy your Silver from?”

    I went into the office today to deliver some paperwork, and he informs me that he is now the proud owner of 2 ounces of Gold and two tubes of Silver Maples.

    Infact as part of his education process I directed him to the SGT Report, Hi Lee if your viewing this.

    By the way I used my expenses cash to buy a Kilo Silver Lunar Dragon and 40 Somalian Elephants.

    • SGT

      Cool choices. I still don’t own any of the Somalian Elephants… will have to give em a spin soon – would have fit right in with my animal theme – Yesterday’s purchases consisted of equal quantities, 1 oz coins: Koalas, Cougars and Moose.

  • Troy

    I’m buying 10 ounces next thursday, payday

  • Pip

    I’m with you all the way Sean believe me! And well done with the courteous response above, you’re a better man than I…..

  • 1974silverboy

    Latest on my stolen 2oz libertad. Post office are enquiring as it seems an employee has stolen it. I have re ordered a replacement, and the post office should pay half the replacement cost, the dealer the rest, as they used inadequate postage cover. Also the dealer is sending me a 1oz silve maple tomorrow as an apology.

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