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Globalist Takeover of America and the Battle for States Rights –’s Patrick Henningsen

Here’s my interview with writer Patrick Henningsen. We dig deep into issues including Fast and Furious, US border guard JT Ready’s murder-suicide, battle for state’s rights, Ron Paul’s GOP primary take-down, Soros off-shore control of electronic voting, Obama’s new culture war, inside the Occupy Movement, and some possible solutions to America’s current constitutional crisis…

Part 1:
ARIZONA is the Front Line in Battle For States’ Rights
Part 2:
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18 comments to Globalist Takeover of America and the Battle for States Rights –’s Patrick Henningsen

  • Steve_D

    Wow….. So much amazing content this week Sean, your like a truth telling machine.

  • dishesdealer417

    While this is interesting and everything, I wouldn’t let thinking about it get in the way of doing/learning skills that YOU will need to survive what is coming. Here is why:
    1. NOBODY IN THE OBAMA ADMIN. IS GOING TO BE SERIOUSLY QUESTIONED OR PUNISHED FOR ANYTHING. Just like nobody was in the criminal bush/cheney admin. That is an unwritten rule in washington. You throw around some political theatre, you hold a few hearings but nothing really serious is ever going to be done from one administration against the previous or one party against the other. That would open up a nasty can of worms that NONE of them want.

    2. Just legalize the drugs already. The kennedy family became respectable once booze was made legal again, so did Sen. John McCain’s wife’s family, both of whom made their family fortune as violent drug (alcohol) gangsters during prohibition.

    3. So another “war on drugs” operation went bad? So what? Why is that important? The only reason I would think that Fast & Furious would be important is if they could really show it was an attempt to get guns outlawed in america. So far it is just another keystone cops debacle in the bogus war on drugs.

    4. Sen. John McCain was born in Panama and it didn’t make people think he was ineligable to run for pres. so why should I care if maybe a child born to an american woman who was herself born in america was born possibly overseas? I don’t care. If I have a baby in Timbuktu, that kid is amercan. Maybe the problem is that a white woman gave birth to a half black baby and this is all code for racism? I don’t like Obama anymore, I voted for him and he sold out, but get over the birth certificate thing people.

    5. The soutwestern states cannot run without the cheap labour of “illegal” immigrants. I am with Ron Paul, open the border but cancel all social welfare programs for non citizens. Phase out social welfare systems for citizens, many of whom are old and cannot make that transition without starving. Many mexican laborers put in a longer and harder day’s labour than americans and what is really going on here is we don’t want harder working people working more cheaply than we are willing to do ourselves.

    • Sonny Farmer

      I’ll drink to that!
      “This is a party, this Republican Party, a Party for free men, not for blind followers, and not for conformists.” – Goldwater

  • bbobrm

    Thank you , Sean , for your tireless ( even though you may be exhausted ) work !
    truly excellent !

  • harman kardon

    Great interview! Excellent leading questions and then open mic!! I love it. Keep up the good work. What is this, like the third piece of original content this week!!!? Amazing. This interview was very broad and the content within was incredible. I have a lot more respect for the Alex Jones Team today than I did before. Patrick Henningsen and Paul Joseph Watson are doing amazing work. These two reporters are really turning heads for Alex Jones. I believe they have raised the bar and have made Mr.Jones a much better reporter.

    Hats off to you, SGT, for such great work. Please do not stop. If you leave the country, please continue to deliver awesome content for the those left behind.

    • SGT

      thanks HK. Although they are extremely busy, the crew at infowars has been very generous with their time and support. Alex Jones even played a few of my videos live on his show in their entirety 18-24 months ago. I have found them to be stand up people, fighting for truth. The AJ Show helped wake me up when I started listening in 2004-2005 and for that I am very grateful.

  • Bob

    Who decides as to whom counts election ballets? obama? If that is the case thats conflict of interest.
    Is anyone of power going to question this?
    If not it’s the way this country operates from now on. Lets stop wasting money on elections and he can just stay there till the Rotrwiller gets sick of it. Maybe he should just go on vacation for the rest of his life at americas expense. If he runs out of money he can nationalize the oil companies for extra cash. And I will bet the majority of americans wouldn’t care because they love people that screw them. Well they got one here.

  • The Mad Ape

    Great interview! You mentioned about bugging out with your family…

    East Coast of Canada. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or Newfoundland. We have our issues but the government tyranny has not reached the levels of the USA…especially in the places listed above.

    Some of your fellow country are already here.



  • Reader

    Alec Jones & Entire Infowars Group – Try to have Dr. Steve Pieczenik come in for an in person sit down discussion. Unless he refuses maybe for safety reasons he does not want to be photographed or videotaped since he is speaking against the Military Industrial Complex. I suggest asking him if he and others can get hard physical evidence for war future war crimes tribunal. Saying someone told me is called hearsay and not admissable in court unless that other person shows or has been deposed and signs legal documents like an affadavit and deposition. Any mention of people who ware really alive such as if any of the following are alive and others (Anlawki, Milosevic,Saddam Hussein, Bin Ladin, Muammar Gaddaffi & any family confirmed dead or alive). There are real US laws that forbid assassinating USD citizens and heads of state and assassinating heads of state is illegal by Intl law and UN law so if any leaders were assassinated then all involved including Nato, rebels, decisionmaking politicians, Clinton, Biden, Obama,Sarkozy can be charged, prosecuted for assassination. If any of these people are alive or died through illness or non killings the same above mentioned and others can be charged for war crimes, and genocide plus torture and other illegal violations. The ICC is only one court. People world wide can and should demand these war terrorists be prosecuted as Senator Dennis Kucinich as asked many times. He also sued Obama for Violating the War Powers Act so the US had no legal right to go to war in Libya. Bush and Blair were convicted of war crimes and genocide at an Intl War Crimes Trial in Malaysia. No they did not show but it is a real court and both of them have been prevented from traveling outside the US along with Cheney. It is criticial that people world wide keep pressuring these war terrorists to resign and demand war trials to prosecute them. The more people fight through the courts the better the chance for success. The more war trials the less chance people will start or continue or join any wars if they risk themselves being punished.Demand these politicians resign or force a recall vote to force them out and vote them out. Also notify other people not to vote in pro war politicians like Obama and Romney and Santorum, and Gingrich. There are many deserving independent and third party politicians who deserve the jobs. Stop always voting either Republican and Democrat and give a chance to someone who is – Green Party, Independent, Socialist, Pirate Party, Constitution Party, Libertarian, Equality Party,Tea Party, Etc. Demand the mainstream media stops punishing government critics known as protestors or dissidents or political prisoners. Demand mainstream media stop supporting pro war politicians. Fight global unfairness with peaceful measures not violent wars.

  • Praxis

    SGT, Patrick, Your conclusion was priceless. So was the build up. 😀
    Very well said.

  • SGT

    Thanks Praxis – taking some heat on YT for this one, lots of thumbs down and I don’t understand why. Weird world this is.

  • GoodOleBoy

    Very weird world everything is starting to get upside down. SGT, do you any place to receive email I just got pictures in an email from the AZ state capital, with protesters spreading out multiple American flags on the ground and spray painting derogatory things on them. I am on the fence with this one as I support peoples right to protest, but this is to far and DHS and state troopers would not let anyway attempt to stop them, in particular the veterans who were there. Speak out against the government get locked up, destroy our national symbol and they protect you. Bet if it was a UN flag they would be all over those people. Very strange indeed.

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