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Are Capital Controls Coming to America?

Gary North, Lew

Are capital controls coming to the United States? They may be for Switzerland, The Swiss National Bank has announced that it is considering the imposition of controls. But these will be controls on euro accounts being shifted into Swiss francs.

Why would a central bank impose controls on money flowing in? Because this will raise the market price of francs in relation to euros. The central bank is dominated by mercantilist thinking. A rising currency is seen as a liability. Why? Because exporters are hit by the falling value of the foreign currency. Foreigners must pay more to buy francs to buy Swiss goods.

Most nations that have ever imposed capital controls have imposed them on the “outflow” of money. I put “outflow” in quotation marks, because there is no outflow of money.

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1 comment to Are Capital Controls Coming to America?

  • dishesdealer417

    The answer is Yes, capital controls are coming to the U.S. and not just capital controls. In my opinion there will be controls on travel, fuel, food, meds & medical services, wages, prices, rents, speach etc.

    If you have it and you want to keep it: HIDE IT. If you really want to keep it, be careful who you talk to about it, at least in your local area. They will institute snitch on your friends and neighbors for extra food etc. programs.

    If you haven’t yet moved out of dangerous urban areas think about doing really soon, it may be too late very quickly.

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