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Western Establishment Refuses to Admit Reality of Prohibition

by J.G. Vibes, Activist Post

This past weekend at “The Summit of the Americas” in Columbia, President Barrack Obama met with 33 different heads of state to discuss issues which are important to the diplomacy between these many countries. Much to the Obama administrations dismay, the main topic at this summit was the drug war, or more specifically ending the drug war by legalizing drugs.

The western establishment has successfully painted the legalization movement as a bunch of disgruntled hippies who just want to get high, however, like many political memes this statement offers a gross oversimplification of the real topic at hand. Now, with many of the countries close political allies suggesting legalization that myth is starting to hold less and less weight among the general public. These foreign politicians are obviously not demanding a change to drug policy because they want to get high, politicians aren’t subject to their own laws, so they can get high all they want. What they are pointing out are the hidden costs of the drug war and the impact that it has on innocent people, which the western establishment refuses to address.

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