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There Is No Solution, Only Catastrophic Outcomes

from KingWorldNews:

With continued volatility in global markets, 40 year veteran, Robert Fitzwilson wrote this exclusive piece for King World News. Here are Fitzwilson’s observations: “In the minds of most people, the first reactions to the crisis of late 2008 were programs such as TARP, to stabilize the financial system, as it had gone into figurative cardiac arrest. QE1 began in March of 2009, to get the world economy back on a recovery track. QE2 then followed along with Operation Twist. The debate now is to whether or not we will see QE3.”

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1 comment to There Is No Solution, Only Catastrophic Outcomes

  • Ed_B

    One look at the image that accompanies this article tells us that this is a situation that will end badly. As it is with the scuba divers in the image, so shall it be with anyone who stakes their financial future on the empty promises of fiat currency. In a world that is awash in the unreal, the speculative, the derivative, etc. ad nauseum, it is up to us as individuals to discover that which is real and to bring it into our lives to the extent that we can. One way of doing this is to convert paper assets to hard assets. For the most part, hard assets are productive land, businesses, and commodities. Chief among the commodities are gold and silver. People have depended upon these for their beauty and inherent value for more than 4,000 years. During all that time we can be sure that there were many times when there was great peril of various kinds, yet gold and silver were still valued by human beings. Given that kind of record, it is safe to say that we will see such times again. What will you be holding when economic or currency collapse comes?

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