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Chris Duane & SGT: The White Knights Coming to Save Us… Are Us, Not Ninjas

by SGT:

Here’s my new interview with Chris Duane from Dont-Tread-On.Me. Chris is back for an in-depth conversation about precious metals and the world we live in. We discuss Fulford’s Ninjas, David Wilcock, the lawsuit and survival prepping – but essentially we agree on this: The only entity coming to save humanity, is an awakened and enlightened humanity – in other words, we need to save ourselves.

Part 1:
The ‘White Knights’ Are ALL OF US, Not Ninjas
Part 2:
Survival Prep & Physical Silver
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30 comments to Chris Duane & SGT: The White Knights Coming to Save Us… Are Us, Not Ninjas

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Counterfeiting 100 dollar bills makes sense to crooks but not billion dollar bonds.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    All these assassinations over the many decades must have gotten the attention of a lot of people and they should have realised there are criminals in government.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    The Occupy guys want strong regulation ? How about bankruptcy for those that make mistake not the bigger the mistake the more the need to be ‘bailed out’ ?

  • rodjen78

    Gosh, you guys are awesome! People like you are the essence that makes a country become truly great.

  • Bobby

    Without question – family are damn near impossible to convince on sound savings/investing policy (especially when it comes to silver & gold) for the following reasons:

    – They see the silly kid/brother who has done stupid things in his life
    – They may not like the fact that you have a greater knowledge base than them and take that as a threat or as discomfort
    – They are stubborn and feel more comfortable with a “professional” financial advisor that will rape them in fees and give them horrible advice
    – They have to be the parent and know better or more than you
    – Power, inherently the parent needs to have a feeling of power over offspring
    – Anyone have anything else to add?

    • rodjen78


      – the younger collegues immediately categorize you as a conspiracy nut and write you off forever,
      – instead of taking alarming facts seriously, they diagnose you with depression disorder and want you to visit a psychiatrist,
      – instead of using the computer for life-changing research, they diagnose you with internet addiction and want you to go to rehab,
      – they tell you that you cannot eat silver,
      – when responding that silver is money and not supposed to be eaten, they say you are impertinent,
      – they ask you how high silver will go, and after you say it will go to triple digits and beyond, they don’t believe you and don’t buy the “scam”,
      – in case you actually make somebody buy the first ounce of silver and the next day the price drops $1, you are punished with silence and an angry gaze,
      – you tell people that this week is a good buying opportunity, and they say they have no time because they need to work … one week later they buy at a much higher price with the difference corresponding to a one week salary,
      – they call you a lazy speculator,
      – they complain the physical metals are too heavy,
      – they claim there is not enough gold to make it a currency,
      – they say it is not an asset because there is no cashflow,
      – they have no time to buy metals because they are occupied by figuring out whether the 0.10% interest rate at bank X is better than the 0.09% interest rate at bank Y,
      – they make you understand how stupid you are buying physical and having storage issues, since they can buy a nice ETF with one mouse click, …
      – etc.

  • Alvin

    I bought a total of 350 oz’s so far. I am currently waiting on a metal detector… and want to go out and find my own silver.

  • Judy Heffron

    Sean and Chris, You guys are awesome! I feel the same way. I’ve been trying to tell my kids they need to prepare for what is going to happen and they just don’t get it. Both of my kids live in different states. One on the east coast and one a little west from us. Since I can’t get through to them, my husband and I buy their kids Silver for their birthdays, Christmas and any other holiday, so at least they’ll have that. I know that it’s not the all, but it’s something. I always think if they just have the silver, maybe they’ll be able to get home. It’s a definite worry for me as a mother, but with the kids grown their isn’t much more I can do. My husband and I have been preparing for a while, but we have more to do. Thanks again for all of you guys do. I’m always listening.

  • rich

    Occupy Wall Street Plans Global Disruption of Status Quo

    “We call upon people to refrain from shopping, walk out of class, take the day off of work and other creative forms of resistance disrupting the status quo,” organizers said in an April 26 e-mail.

    Occupy groups across the U.S. have protested economic disparity, decrying high foreclosure and unemployment rates that hurt average Americans while bankers and financial executives received bonuses and taxpayer-funded bailouts. In the past six months, similar groups, using social media and other tools, have sprung up in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

  • GoodOleBoy

    I agree with the message that Chris Duane puts out and I understand his need for rhetoric on some issues. But I don’t agree with all. For instance, I too have studied the illuminati and their secret “religions” but I think it is important to know and understand these things and to care about them. If you do not understand the motivation someone is doing things their is now way you can know the next move and their motivation goes way beyond crashing markets to buy everything up. Second, I have no way of knowing if the message being put out by Wilcock and Drake is the truth, but I don’t agree with dismissing them. What is going on is people are looking at the White Knight and mass arrest information and dismissing everything else that is being put out by these people. Wilcock for example, his message about exploring yourself and searching for God, whatever God that is, is an important one and even if he doesn’t get all right everything he puts out should not be dismissed. With Drake, people look at his information and call him a shill and a liar implying that he is saying do nothing and someone will come and save you. Now I have went back and listened to the majority of his interviews, he gives one every Sun and Thurs, and that is not at all what his message is. He gives a lot of good info on how to fight the system locally and is urging people to be more active in their communities, plant gardens, stock up on supplies, get to know your neighbor, and to do research on you local politicians and councils to find the bad people and what they are doing so you can try and stop it. Regardless is the arrests where true, if he could get people to do this then the world would be a better place. I love you guys and all your work, I just wanted to clear that up so that these guys messages that can do some good are not dismissed and go to waste

  • Zyll

    Best mini-rant! Part 2, starting around 11:00.

    Take some physical action in your life, and do it now while the music is still playing. Just get out there and try something. Learn something that has real tangible value that will be more valuable in the next paradigm. If you’re in sales or shuffling paper somewhere; learn how to garden, learn how to cook, learn how to hunt, learn electrical and solar, and all these things that are going to become incredibly valuable. The next generation of high paying jobs is not going to be stock brokers, lawyers, accountants, or video producers. It’s going to be the farmers, the plumbers, the gunsmiths; the things that people do–real things in the real world. That is what’s going to be valued.

  • Simon

    Duane is wrong…the propaganda the Illuminati, Rothchilds, Builderburgs, CFR etc, etc put out…Yeah, they do own our asses. They control the Pharma companies, the Media, the politicians, Food chain, Water supply…They control our world. They try to subliminally control our minds. Advertising, which they control, encouragaes us to consume wayyyyy more than we need. Our education system is designed to dumb kids down. He says he has read about it and looked into it all…but…it appears he has learned nothing. Yes, we can be the masters of our own destiny…that is very true…but…not until we realise we can. The majority go with the flow, don’t think because that is how our lives are structured. Govt hates independent and free thinkers. They want a nation(s) of dumbed downed ‘go alongs’. History is being played out in front of us, right here, right now. The crap we see today infront of our very eyes…we shouldn’t know about it until 15-20yrs time in some book or other. Thats how the 50s’60s and 70s history played out. So, Duane is wrong in his analysis, this stuff ODES effect us and is very real. To ignore it is to turn a blind eye to corruption and criminality. The Bond thing and David Wilcock…U-Tube ‘End the Lie chapter 13’. Keane the Guy who has brought the law suite goes into to detail about the whole issue and the points of law. Fascinating and REAL information about REAL law. Duane my man…you need to re-evaluate your thoughts.

    • bubba

      Simon…you need to get a set of fucking balls…Chris has put his ass on the line…he has 2 small kids and a wife that he wants to be free…not to mention thousands of other “humans” on this planet. He gets it.

      maybe I don’t agree with everything he says but I agree with most of it…at least I can respect a man who is willing to put his ass on the line to help others.

      If you went to dtom or sola, you might have a clue…if you have you are just being an asshole…and I’m being kind.

      your comment about the govt hating independent and free thinkers is the only smart thing you said…I hate them back…they will not beat me…stand with those who are fighting for and with you.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

      • Simon

        Bubba…We are all entitled to our opinions and we are all entitled to air them…as you are on mine. However, you should read what I commented again and refrain from attack. I said Duane was wrong in his assessment of ‘outside’ entities/Institutions etc, etc. Duane said they do not influence our daily lives. My response was, YES they do! That is the part I commented on. I also agreed that he was right in saying we can control our own destinies…and yes we can.

        BUT and here is the BUT…how can people who are not awake and stuck in the rut of the ‘control system’ break free? The 80% or so out there who know nothing and are ‘dumbed down’ and ignorant to how we are vastly controlled. If they don’t realise or understand the life structure we are under…what motivation or knowledge do they have to break free? These are the people who get massively into debt, buy into credit by design etc, etc. If you can’t see that Bubba then I feel sorry for you.

        I didn’t have a malicious attack on Duane, I spoke out against his point of view that I believe is very, very important. I understand there are individuals just like yourself who misinterpret stuff…I won’t attack you because I believe it comes from passion…however, read what I said subjectively, not objectively. Objectively you would have seen what I was trying to get across.

        Anyways, I bear you no grudge…we are after all on the same side. Lets leave the malicious attacks to the other side hey.

  • Dan

    SGT is the best site on the web.

  • rich

    The Action Plan to Reform

    Contextually speaking, I am asking your help in forming and executing solutions to the current crisis. I know I am asking a great deal of you . But I know that you want America to change. I know this because many people would like to have Ron Paul as their representative in government. We need to leverage his work, build upon it, and then go further in scope and application. It will take the actions of many of us to move forward. We must move forward before we see the dim-remaining light of liberty perish before our eyes. Thus;

  • Troy

    Wild rice, if kept dry never expires. Handy Pantry organic 5 part sprouting seeds and a sprouting kit can grow you food with no soil and if kept cool never expires, and is one of the ultimate survival foods. You can make trays of live food for pennies! You can also buy 35 lb pails of grains for making breads. Try Amazon, type in Handy Pantry.

  • duckvision

    SGT and Chris, I really appreciate your hard work getting out information for the masses. On this single topic about Fulford and Wilcock, they are factually correct about the hidden gold in the mountains of the Philippines. The bonds for 134.5 billion dollars are REAL. These bonds are for the leased gold that the Western cabal took control over after WW2. There are trillions of dollars of bonds printed for the stolen gold by the Japanese during WW2. Many names hide the identity of the gold like Black Eagle Trust, Durham Trust, Project Hammer, Yamashita’s gold, and Golden Lily. This event is factual and can easily be documented. The Black Eagle Trust is easily the most important hidden secret since WW2. This single trust fund financed 911 attacks, Iran-Contra, Cuban Missile Crisis, Cold-War and many other historical events. I understand that Fulford and Wilcock has some credibility issues on other topics but that doesn’t mean that they are wrong on this single topic. I have personally read for hours on the hidden gold in the Philippines. Sterling Seagrave wrote a book called “Gold Warriors.” Many others have written on this topic as well. E.P. Heidner wrote a unbelievable 58 page report that detailed the financing of the Black Eagle Trust. Understand, I appreciate your work SGT and Chris, but I truly believe you guys are missing the point of this subject. Please do your own research and don’t trust Fulford or Wilcock on their research. You will be blown away with information and the importance of this stolen gold and who controls it. If this story comes out and the truth is told, it will change the global financial world. Forget about the white dragon society and the ninjas. Get to the real information and the meat of this topic. You will not be disappointed.

  • Supernatural

    Excellent, though imperfect analysis. How can anyone so perceptive miss the INVISIBLE ELEPHANT bisecting reality? Not some, not most, but ALL prophesies in the Bible come true. Ya all may make poo-poo of this until you stand in front of Him. Then it will be too late to accept the free gift of forgiveness and redemption from Our Lord Jesus Christ, risen for the last 2012 years. BTW, the ‘world’ is headed towards a One World Dictatorship where one man will be granted the authority to command everyone to receive a mark in their hand or forehead, without which you will not be allowed to buy or sell. That’s Revelation 13:16,17, of the Bible. Check out 14:9-11 while you’re at it. Hey, God Bless Ya. Not the George Bush hypocrisy kind, where buildings fall down magically, but for real. So you can know your eternal soul is . . . secure.

  • Pam

    Have you seen the “Thrive” movie by Foster Gamble? If so, what did you think of it?

  • Bob a

    As the wisest man once said, ‘no prophet has honor in his hometown. For obvious reasons! But I wish C.D. Would smile and laugh more. Heck, even his profile pic on the videos is a frown or scrawl. I don’t care how bad things get, I highly doubt it will be as mr doom C.D.says. I think he out does Marc faber of doom, gloom, and boom fame! Humans are resilient, we will make this world a better place for tomorrow’s children.

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