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The One Investment Strategy You Need to Know to Protect Yourself Against the Coming Inflation Monster

by Tom Chatham, SHTFPlan:

Let’s just take a quick review of the situation as we know it. The real inflation rate is over 10% and the real u6 unemployment rate is over 22% according to  General Mills recently reported that their input costs rose from 10% to 11% year over year. This is no shock to anyone that goes to the grocery store every week.  The Baltic dry index, the measure of shipping rates worldwide , dropped over 65% between Nov 2011 and Mar 2012. This means a lot of cargo ships are sitting around with nothing to do. The housing sector is still in shambles and will take at least a decade to work off the Millions of foreclosures  on the books and the millions about to be added in the next few years.  This means the price of houses will continue to fall for the foreseeable future so if you decide to buy please do some research and go into it with both eyes open.

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  • Anon

    60% Silver, 40% gold, or, if you like, 50/50. Those are your options, now, in a totally RIGGED (WALL ST.) GAME. Buy, take possession of, and hold, physical SILVER and some gold, as a hedge vs. silver manipulations. Remember, SILVER is the money of the people. The 1% own most of the gold, which is why it is TOTALLY ridiculous to return to a ‘gold standard’. The same people running the show now (Central Bankers) will still be running the show then, under a return to ‘sound money’ or a gold standard. This is the SINGLE POINT OF CONTENTION THAT I HAVE WITH RON PAUL. I agree with him, on every other issue. Maybe State-Run banks, like in N. Dakota is the answer. I don’t know.

    Use CASH, or BARTER – whenever possible, to procure necessities. Keep the silver and gold long-term, as you’ll need it (as the article states) 1) to protect your wealth now, 2) to barter with, during full-scale hyperinflation/collapse, and 3) to preserve, continue on with life/finances more or (probably) less, intact, under the new monetary currency. Remember, only part with silver and gold, when absolutely necessary, and keep it LOCAL (among family, friends, local barter network, mom-and-pop stores).

    Remember, also, that there are MANY other items, that will also be used as BARTER, when the SHTF: 1) Clean drinking WATER, and filtration systems, 2) FOOD, primarily, but also just about anything you can think of that EVERYONE USES! Example: Toilet Paper. Just list the things that will disappear, in the event the trucks can’t make it to the stores! Make your own list!

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