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The Mainstream Media’s Nightmare: Romney vs. What’s His Name

By Gary North,

From the day Ron Paul declared he was running, the mainstream media have had a problem: how to keep Paul’s message from getting a hearing.

With a bunch of conservatives in the race, the media could safely focus on the conservative-of-the-month. But now Santorum has quit. It’s down to three: Romney, Gingrich, and Paul.

How will the media spin this? How will they make it a race between Romney and Gingrich, with what’s his name not mentioned?

Paul has money to spend. He will run TV ads. Here’s one aimed at Texans.

If Gingrich is in second place in the primaries, that benefits the mainstream media. They can try to make it a two-horse race. But that tactic will be obvious. It will not work. The Web will not let them get away with anything like this.

If Paul beats Gingrich, the media will keep saying he should pull out of the race. Why should he? He is building his mailing list, primary by primary.

The media will hammer on this: Ron Paul is eccentric who cannot win. This raises a question: How come his campaign has money? How can he afford ton run those ads? How does an eccentric raise so much money?

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2 comments to The Mainstream Media’s Nightmare: Romney vs. What’s His Name

  • Travis

    Media is only interested in pumping up what they want- Romney vs. Obama
    The talking heads have already started discussing who will win.

  • uncviper23


    I am so tired of listening to other folks regurgitate to me the GOP and Fox’s talking points.

    Ron Paul from what I saw had a lot of turn out in his California swing. The GOP convention IMO is going to get black and blue as they attempt to control RP’s believers. Watch Fox and others attempt to act like he’s not even a candidate at the convention.

    I am so tried of others deciding for us who is best at anything just because “they” want someone else.

    Cancer cures require aggressive therapy most to the time. Our debt is a cancer. The patient “USA” is not going to survive if we don’t eliminate the tyranny and fraud and cut the debt.

    God bless the Ron Paul Revolution!

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