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The FUKUSHIMA HORROR: Spent Fuel Rod Pool No. 4 Completely Exposed to the Elements, Supported By Temp Rigging

by SGT

This horrifying video footage shows just how dire the situation in Fukushima still is, 13 months after the earthquake and tsunami.

The temporary support structure helping to support SFP #4 is at 4:00. The support provided by that temporary structure – which could easily fail in the event of even a moderate earthquake – is all that stands between humanity and the ingredients for an ‘extinction-level’ event. White sheets can be seen covering the completely exposed fuel pool as rain begins to fall, at 6:00.

As IntelHub has reported, The worst-case scenario drawn up by the government includes not only the collapse of the No. 4 reactor pool, but also the disintegration of spent-fuel rods from all the plant’s other reactors.

The wall of the south side is falling apart at reactor No. 4 and Dr. Helen Caldicott said she would evacuate her family from Boston if it did.

Consolo says, “If this pool collapses, as Senator Wyden is now saying too, we would face a mass extinction event from the release of radiation in those rods. This may be the most important thing you ever pay attention to for the sake of your family, friends, your neighbors, every one you know and meet, all of humanity.

This video of building #4 was taken when the deputy minister of the Cabinet Office visited the plant on April 24, 2012. He went inside the reactor building to inspect the support structure for the Spent Fuel Pool, and went up to the operation floor to view the SFP.

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22 comments to The FUKUSHIMA HORROR: Spent Fuel Rod Pool No. 4 Completely Exposed to the Elements, Supported By Temp Rigging

  • Steve_D

    Holy shit, humanity is dependant on half inch boards tied together with rope for its survival.
    I know that’s how they run the economic safety of the world, but this is crazy.

  • Bobby R

    I can’t even comprehend the magnitude of this problem. How can we fight to fix something that is completely out of our control? I’d rather fight monetary problems and the police state, but this looming over our future is terrible.

    • 74°N 56°E

      A quick copy and paste from an earlier post:

      ‘Fukushima has the potential to be worse than 99.999% of the population can even imagine. There is also little governments can do at this stage without risking a serious breakdown in social order by making overt attempts to take pro-active action. If Plutonium gets into the jet-stream and/or the deep ocean conveyor currents it will be ‘game on’ and ‘game over’ in very short order.’

      That said, Fukushima is at the moment ‘only’ an immediate threat to Japan (the mainland and all islands – inc the US base in Okinawa), and the west coast of the Americas (due to the jetstream). It is not a global threat – at the moment.

      If this crisis develops for the worst then Korea (N&S), China (most of), Russia (parts of), the Philipines, and large sections of North America are in trouble (cancers and birth defects yes, but probably not death). Fukushima is serious, potentially very serious indeed, but a global extinction level event it is not.

      Keeping it simple, there is ‘radiation’ and then there is ‘radiation’, there are many, many variables in all this and they may take decades to play out. We may be lucky and things may not get as bad as some as suggesting. What is lacking at the moment is a clear and uniformed ‘picture’ – there simply is not enough reliable information to give anything but ‘guesstimates’. I find this a little suspicious.

      The big issue to me is the Plutonium at the site. That ‘unnatural’ element is key to how bad this could get. If no Pu gets into the environment we still have a very serious problem, but certainly not an ‘ELE’ by any stretch of the imagination.

      Pu is the game changer – and its release into the biosphere in any quantity will trigger global intervention. China and Russia have the most to loose (after Japan) from inaction, so dont expect them to sit back and just watch this event unfold. If enough people jump up and down in the US old uncle sam will make a move too.

      But, unless / until you see these ‘big boys’ move there is no need to panic.

      HOWEVER: Watch out for politically motivated ‘false panics’ and ‘scares’ which may be used as cover to introduce more draconian / restrictive legislation, or even justify martial law. This unfolding disaster could be viewed as an opportunity too good to waste by those pursuing a NWO or similar agenda.

      I worry about this last issue more than the radiation.

    • cyrus

      Move along! There is nothing to see here! These are not the droids you are looking for.

  • dishesdealer417

    I guess we know what all those undgeround bases and bunkers are for now. If this was a planned event to reduce the population you would need lots of underground bunkers and wait, they do have them. How surprising.

    • Pete

      I do not disagree on the underground bunkers. They do indeed exist.

      I do think that this is NOT what they want to use the bunkers for as the half life on on this junk is way high… Surely they do not have the food and preps for a 100-300 year wait in the bunkers…

  • Glitter1

    People,this is a nightmare event for these people to contend with. I just recently retired after 30+ years from working at a similar GE Reactor. When I watched that hydrogen explosion on TV for this site, I had a cold chill run down my spine. I knew exactly what had occurred while the taliking heads had not a clue. I told my wife, if that were to ocurr at the plant I worked at she wouldn’t see me for six months just to start with. Here are some of the issues and hurdles.The containment building is comprimised by the metal siding being blown off, this prohibits the negitive pressure ventilation from functioning exposing all of the airbourne contamination to the atmosphere.There is no power to the systems in the building, so the equipment/lighting is dead, hampering repairs/restoration efforts.As long as the fuel rods remain covered with water, which provides cooling and shielding of the very high radiation,the situation is stable as much as it can be.The spent rods will vary in age from start of the plant all the way up to recent offload from the core.Fuel rods have to remain for a minimum of ten years,due to being to hot(radioactive)and cooled temp wise, before they can be removed from the pool via a 100 ton lead lined transport cask for either temp or perminant storage.This process is very delicate and requires that big traveling crane you can see in the video.This process is difficult under perfect conditions and takes 7-14 days for one cask, which would hold ~ 65 rods.This pool has over 1,500 rods in it. You do the math on how many casks it will require to empty the pool. However, the newer rods have to stay put for 10 years before they can be moved under ideal conditions, so figure out how long they have to keep this situation stable. The pool has to be kept cool and covered with water period!If the pool were to be drained for some reason there could be a fire due to overheating of the rod materials.No living person would be able to get near the openning overhead due to the radiation.Where the real disaster comes in is the uncontained smoke/plume resulting from a fire, which will contain all of the fission products that where contained in the metal fuel rods.I’ve provided a very brief overview of this disaster that Japan has to deal with, trust me, it is much much bigger then I can explain here. This is going to require a Global Response to secure this problem.Iran is a none issue compared to what the potential consequences to all nations will be, of not dealing with this in an expeditious manner!

  • mike

    Completely inept..No excuses. Doesnt matter what normal procedure would be in an emergency. This has gone too far and they are simply going to have to start dealing with it as a true emergency…Meaning send people in to retreive the rods have a new cooling pool built and ready. Shouldnt take any longer than 1 week to complete. If their guys have to take one for “Team Humanity” then so be it. Their nightmare is becoming a nightmare for all of humanity.

  • Glitter1

    You need to grasp the level of severity here.A fuel bundle weighs ~ 800lbs, once spent it has to be handled under 40ft of water with remote tooling.The 100 ton cask is lowered into the fuel pool by overhead crane to be loaded. It’s not like you can just go in and pick it up and move it. It will emit deadly levels of radiation for 10,000 years. Like I said, a team of highly skilled technicians, working around the clock/24/7, takes almost two weeks to process one cask load under ideal circumstances. This is a disaster, worse case senario.This stuff will not be getting moved anytime soon!

    • mike

      Well then build a new deeper pool near the existing one, fill it up with water and dig a channel between them. Have nuclear and contaminated waste divers move the rods into the new deeper better pool. I understand its a difficult situation but the 100 ton cask it doesnt seem like much of an emergency option. Seems more like something you do when you build a new reactor and want to move rods in a nonemergency enviroment. You know more about this stuff, working around it for 30 years. I am not arguing with you or even pretend to know anything about it. All I am saying is the existing procedure has passed as an option and someone better think of something quick.

      • mike

        Did want to add..I do know about building pools..Built them for 10 years. A pool that size could be built in a week with effort and I would give it another two weeks to fully set…

      • Glitter1

        You have no understanding. There are no options other then working with what they have. The structure has to be re-inforced and stabilized then work on moving the fuel rods.

  • mike

    Ok got it..Nothing at all can be done, except the what is already being done no exceptions.

    • Glitter1

      Correct!This construction is not tinker toys. You have to see first hand to grasp the magnatude and potential consequences of the issues.

  • Nick Thabit

    I’ve started a petition at, also posted on my Facebook page, to tell Pres. Obama to intervene actively and swiftly to help deal with this situation.
    You all know what’s at stake, please sign mine, and every other petition you can find to bring this to the attention of the powers that be, in every corner of the Earth. And start your own petition, or other communication to government or regulatory body. We maybe can’t do much, but we can do something.

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