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Spain Bans Cash

from The Daily Bell:

Spain Bans Cash Transactions Over 2,500 Euros … Spain has outlawed the use of cash in business transactions in excess 2,500 euros in order to crack down on the black market and tax evaders. The motivations behind the push for digital currencies is exposed as Spain heads down the road of the Greeks in combating their sovereign debt crisis. As the government scrambles for every tax dollar it can get its hands on, even though they already gave every Spaniard $23,000 Euros in debt last year alone (approximately $32,500), they are now banning all large cash business transactions. Why? So they can track the transactions and make sure that people and business are paying taxes. Being able to track the transactions is also aimed to combat the growing black market in Spain. – Alexander Higgins’ blog

Dominant Social Theme: This cash has gotta go. It’s evil.

Free-Market Analysis: They are not even making a pretense anymore that the West is run via market economies. As we have long predicted, the phony “sovereign debt” crisis in Europe is being used to justify all sorts of authoritarian measures.

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  • 74°N 56°E

    Greece was just the canary in the mine – Spain is the big one. When Spain tumbles so will Italy and France, then its game over for the Euro currency and in short order the US Dollar too.

    After a short period of chaos (to focus everyones attention, impoverish the majority, and of course write off all Government debts and liabilities) a new global currency will be ‘suggested’. This new currency (which will not be Gold or Silver) will of course bring order out of the chaos, but serve to effectively enslave the masses. If the chaos phase is bad enough we may all end up with a single North American-Western Europe Government too.

    This NWO stuff is so predictable its almost as if it was all planned and put into play decades ago (sarc).

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