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MY RANT to USA Today


Sherrie over at Sherrie Questioning All makes note of the recent blatant mainstream bias against the Ron Paul Revolution. What’s going on is beyond the pale. In fact, it’s nothing short of an outrage.

Sherrie writes:

The MSM is really starting to Pi** me off!

SNL this last Saturday (April 14th) pretended that Ron Paul never existed in the Presidential race in their cold opening.

Now, take a look at USA Today’s Political page of Candidates in the Presidential Race, they have them all listed except for one.

I know, you will just never guess who that one person is that does not exist it seems.

Seriously?!  Do they really think people are going to believe Ron Paul never existed?  Do they really think that people are going to just forget about Ron Paul?

You can read the rest of Sherrie’s much appreciated rant, here.

I decided to write to the various editors at USA Today to tell them what I think about their despicable “news” publication and the direct role they play in MIS-informing the American people. I hope you will send them a letter of your own.

To: Heather Frank, Editor in Chief, USA WEEKEND, [email protected]
To: Ken Paulson, Editor, USA Today, [email protected]
To: Kinsey Wilson, Editor-in-Chief,, [email protected]
To” Chet Czarniak, Managing Editor,, [email protected]
To: [email protected]

Subject: Dr. Ron Paul and USA Today

Dear Editors,

Thanks for selling out America. The USA Today “News” paper and associated website is ABSOLUTE TRASH!!

You have Rick Santorum TV Ads on the USA political page of candidates in the Presidential race and Santorum ISN’T EVEN IN THE RACE any more!!!!

But of course you don’t have ONE SINGLE RON PAUL TV spot on that page, nor do you even mention Ron Paul at ALL! Dr. Paul is invisible to you, isn’t he? Well, I assure you he IS CERTAINLY NOT invisible to the millions of Americans who are sick and tired of FASCIST publications like yours and a system that long ago threw the people under the bus. Ron Paul stands for the people. You stand for the corrupt status quo. Thanks for making that so clear. You can ignore Dr. Paul, but the REVOLUTION he has inspired isn’t going to go away. Plug your ears.

You see, this is exactly WHY crappy mainstream “news” sources like yours are a dying breed and NO ONE believes the crap you push any more. Do you report “NEWS”? Absolutely not! You push the PROPAGANDA of the masters you serve.

Here’s a NEWS FLASH for you: The people who run ‘USA Today’ and who allow travesties like this one are traitors to this Republic. USA Today is directly responsible for failing to properly inform the people of the USA. SHAME on you.

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Most Sincerely,

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