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MY RANT to USA Today


Sherrie over at Sherrie Questioning All makes note of the recent blatant mainstream bias against the Ron Paul Revolution. What’s going on is beyond the pale. In fact, it’s nothing short of an outrage.

Sherrie writes:

The MSM is really starting to Pi** me off!

SNL this last Saturday (April 14th) pretended that Ron Paul never existed in the Presidential race in their cold opening.

Now, take a look at USA Today’s Political page of Candidates in the Presidential Race, they have them all listed except for one.

I know, you will just never guess who that one person is that does not exist it seems.

Seriously?!  Do they really think people are going to believe Ron Paul never existed?  Do they really think that people are going to just forget about Ron Paul?

You can read the rest of Sherrie’s much appreciated rant, here.

I decided to write to the various editors at USA Today to tell them what I think about their despicable “news” publication and the direct role they play in MIS-informing the American people. I hope you will send them a letter of your own.

To: Heather Frank, Editor in Chief, USA WEEKEND,
To: Ken Paulson, Editor, USA Today,
To: Kinsey Wilson, Editor-in-Chief,,
To” Chet Czarniak, Managing Editor,,

Subject: Dr. Ron Paul and USA Today

Dear Editors,

Thanks for selling out America. The USA Today “News” paper and associated website is ABSOLUTE TRASH!!

You have Rick Santorum TV Ads on the USA political page of candidates in the Presidential race and Santorum ISN’T EVEN IN THE RACE any more!!!!

But of course you don’t have ONE SINGLE RON PAUL TV spot on that page, nor do you even mention Ron Paul at ALL! Dr. Paul is invisible to you, isn’t he? Well, I assure you he IS CERTAINLY NOT invisible to the millions of Americans who are sick and tired of FASCIST publications like yours and a system that long ago threw the people under the bus. Ron Paul stands for the people. You stand for the corrupt status quo. Thanks for making that so clear. You can ignore Dr. Paul, but the REVOLUTION he has inspired isn’t going to go away. Plug your ears.

You see, this is exactly WHY crappy mainstream “news” sources like yours are a dying breed and NO ONE believes the crap you push any more. Do you report “NEWS”? Absolutely not! You push the PROPAGANDA of the masters you serve.

Here’s a NEWS FLASH for you: The people who run ‘USA Today’ and who allow travesties like this one are traitors to this Republic. USA Today is directly responsible for failing to properly inform the people of the USA. SHAME on you.

Ron Paul UCLA Rally 2012 Best footage compilation (in HD)

Most Sincerely,

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29 comments to MY RANT to USA Today

  • Bobby

    Bravo Sean! I will be writing these scumbags as well…

  • stacker

    I regularly tell the reporters and editors of Bloomberg what douche bags they are. LOL.

  • DaveL

    Off topic but of value to those that were unable to find the Alex Jones/James wesley Rawles interview. I know I had trouble via the posted link.

    You will find it here:

  • harman kardon

    Well done!

  • Avadoro Worden

    Writing letters will do nothing, as noble as it sounds.

    Ron Paul supports should just record, with their phones, the journalists in the field, while they are conducting reporting, a wide frame view with constant rolling video recording shows all their mistakes. It hurts new organization because it reveals the heavy editing that goes into their footage as well as the deliberated narrative and questioning.

  • Freaked Out

    Here in MN we are still cacusing and Ron paul has picked up 80% of the delegates. Not sure how the MSM will ignore that, but im sure they will try.

  • Jeorge of the Jungle

    Time for RP to sue them. Under what charges I don’t know but there must be something he caan pin on them.

  • Philip

    Dear Sean,

    I copied your rant letter, said in my letter to them that I copied it, that it registered my sentiments exactly. The Detroit News and Free Press are just as guilty. I live for the day these publications disappear.

    • SGT

      copy away. I hope they get 200 of them. it’s a suck-O publication, and unfortunately every time I’m on a plane every third person is reading a copy of the USAtoday RAG; pure programming .

  • Red Oak

    and as a result of their actions the main stream media is dying. Don’t watch it, don’t buy it, don’t read it, strangle the them one fiat dollar at a time.

  • Pete

    Sean, keep it up bro… Did we really expect anything else from the “lame-stream” USA Today … Go away ! I can say one thing;The finest yellow journelism money can buy… I haven’t purchased a USA today in years… Let’s vote with our dollars and show these scum bags how real economics work!
    KEEP STACKING …RP is steal cleaning there clock!

  • Tony

    Just got a reply back from USA Today regarding my e-mail. They said they are passing it on. I guess that means I’m on the List….Again. My neighbor used to give me his old USA Today was great for lining the bottom of my birdcage.

  • Jolly Roger

    Sean – the article that’s out there about Delaware redefining the role of the Sheriff – this together with this article really has rattled me. They are going to keep changing the law until the average citizen is unable to stand still and breathe without violating some code or statute. If the sheriffs are taken away then there is nothing left to stand up to these insurgents. Put this together with the 450mln hollow point bullet purchased by “Our Government” to “Keep Us Safe” and its clear that we need to more than to write a letter as laudable as the exercise is.
    I wrote sometime ago about a million man march on Washington and trying to get that arranged. I noted recently you raised a similar idea (I can’t recall who you were speaking to, GC perhaps?)and it was shot down because they have changed the law regarding free speech areas.
    If some action is not taken soon to gather people together and to make a stand on Washington to stop this legislative juggernaut which is eviscerating the Constitution and which has already turned America into a captured society / police state – then its over.
    Posse comitatus allows for citizens to be deputised and to become the law. How about a million deputies descending on Washington? Would the TSA dare to manhandle a deputized police officer, escorted by several thousand fellow deputized officers? Who would be arresting who? And once in Washington might we be able to make a few arrests too. Somewhere along Pennsylvania Avenue, perhaps?
    Action needs to happen very soon Sean – someone must make that fateful first step and call people to gather. If it doesn’t happen it will have all been for naught and yes, either way blood will be spilt. It’s unavoidable at this stage.

      • Jolly Roger


        I went over to and found this:!

        07m:30s – shows that they are indeed doing something very similar to this to “deepen their bench in case there’s an emergency”. I haven’t found anything that would suggest that they have linked to this next step of taking their “Guardians of the Constitution” for a jolly on tax payers expense on a Greyhound to Washington to show TOTUS how useful the Sheriffs still are. This would be one expense I’m sure almost all tax payers would be happy to shoulder, especially if they carried on to Wall Street, the Pentagon and all those ICLEI linked cities.

        Sean, could you reach out to the folks at CSPOA and perhaps arrange an interview with one/some of these brave men and women to show them they have our support and to discuss the ideas raised in this forum for resolving this horror show before it’s too late. To see what ideas they have for achieving this which are timely enough to take effect before those hollow point bullet stock piles reach ‘critical mass’?



  • Jimmy Mize

    Nice work SGT. They have now posted 2 Ron Paul ads

  • Steve_D

    Perfectly said Sean, Shame on them.

  • Ed Hunter

    Just Follow the Money Sean.

    Who owns the so-called “newsmedia”? What is their Agenda?

    Don’t mess with the branches, strike the root.

    • SGT

      Gotcha Ed, we know it. But it doesn’t mean we should stand down or give up. If 100,000 of us wrote them e-mails and letters, they’d be more responsive.

  • Frank

    My email and I hope I conveyed my my displeasure. Maybe it should have been stronger.

    Dr. Ron Paul and My USA Today Subscription
    Your recent Article in your lying rag was in grievous error. You owe an
    apology to me your subscribers and most of all Dr. Ron Paul.

    This article shows that your rag is now part of the propaganda machine and
    I am cancelling my subscription. I hope others follow suit. and N/G and were rejected.

  • Hman

    This how it would sound if it was fair and balanced:

  • dishesdealer417

    When Obama signed the NDAA into law I sent him an email stating I wouldn’t vote for him again, he was a sell-out and that I was going to tell everybody I knew not to vote for him. The said my letter had been “recorded”. I think it was a blatant attempt at intimidation. Screw em.

  • Tony bologny Silverdick

    what is the point of writing in ? baby Bush was president and he didnt even get voted in remember it was Al gore

  • Klare




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