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Free People of the World UNITE: The Use of Gold Dinars and Silver Dirhams GOES VIRAL!

by SGT

Well friends, things are looking up for free people around the world who value REAL money. I just received an update from reader and physical precious metals stacker Dean Arif, the Program Director of Dinihari Dinar (The Dawn of the Dinar) in Malaysia.

Dean reports that the use of physical gold and physical silver in the form of gold dinars and silver dirhams, has spread from Malaysia to Indonesia and has now gone viral in Singapore, Brunei and Philippines!

Dean writes, “The silver dirham coins will unite the people of this region (Southeast Asia) as the dirhams from Indonesia can be used in Malaysia and the ones from Malaysia can be used in Singapore WITHOUT THE NEED FOR THE MONEY CHANGER’S fiat! And the coins follow WIM (World Islamic Mint) standards (consistent weight, purity and size), so they are fully interchangeable anywhere in the world, making it a true global mode of payment.

If you don’t think that’s bad news for the Central Banking criminals, check this out. Dean reports that exchanging physical silver for everyday goods is simple, and one ounce of silver – while still representing a ridiculous 50 to 1 silver to gold ratio – goes FAR. There are 31.1 grams of silver in one troy ounce, so 1/10th of an ounce, around $3.10 in silver value (USD) will buy 5 loaves of organic wholewheat bread.

1 dirham (2.975g of 999 silver) =
1 whole organic, free-range chicken
5kg of brown rice
10kg of unbleached flour
5 loaf, organic wholewheat bread, etc.

1 dinar (4.25g of 917 gold) =
1 goat
1 sheep
1 month apartment rent

Dean writes, “Suddenly, we see true freedom on a whole new level as more and more people awaken to the nature of “divide-and-conquer” paper currencies!

Once again we say, take THAT criminal Banksters. Good luck trying to put the genie back in the bottle now.

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55 comments to Free People of the World UNITE: The Use of Gold Dinars and Silver Dirhams GOES VIRAL!

  • g

    Where should we buy these coins in California?

  • Dave


  • dishesdealer417

    Why is it that only societies that treat my kind (women) like crap understand real money? Mormons and Islamics, great.

    • Chumbawamba

      Oh, calm down, they choose to cover themselves out of modesty, which is valued in their culture. Yes, I’m sure there are some women there who don’t appreciate having to cover themselves when out in public, but who are you to judge? Like women have it any better in American culture where they are basically seen as bitches and whores.

      Try covering yourself someday when you go out in public. You might find that you rather enjoy the respect you’ll receive.

  • rich

    $3.10 does not buy 6 bagels in my neck of the…unreal..boy is this guy spot on!

    Mr. Salinas, if silver money is so advantageous, why is there no silver money anywhere in the world?

    The economic thinkers of the West are paralyzed. They have been trained in their Universities to consider the present system of fiat money — money with no intrinsic worth — as the only possible system.

    The present money system of the whole world, depends on debt. All digital money in banks in the world today, exists against debts which cause interest. Thus, the population requires money to carry out economic activities, but is obliged to pay a continuous interest burden, related to the money in circulation. Only real, tangible money such as the silver dirham can have an independent existence which, once created, implies no further cost for the population.

    If the Islamic Republic of Iran decides to create the monetized silver dirham, it will have turned on a light in monetary affairs that will affect the future of the world and probably save human civilization from a return to complete barbarism.

    It is important that we monetize the “Libertad” silver ounce and build this bridge between fictitious money and real money, because all historic experience demonstrates that “fiat” money invariably goes down in value to zero. Never has any fictitious or “fiat” money with no intrinsic value been able to endure over time. The currencies of today, including the most prestigious such as the dollar, the euro, the pound sterling or the Japanese yen will not be exceptions to this experience. Everyday statistics confirm the historic experience: all monies are on their way to a total loss in value. As a grim example, Argentina has cancelled out 22 zeros from its currency, from 1930 to today.

    • Phez

      $3.10 won’t buy you that loaf of organic whole wheat bread in my neighbor hood either! That organic crap is twice the price of non-organic, hmm, who woulda thunk it! roflmao….at least I can still buy about 8 gallons of gas per/oz of silver!

      • bubba

        Phez…that loaf of O-bread may have more than twice the nutrition and less is needed for fueling your system…In the old days before processing, people only ate once or twice a day. It was because there were “real” ingredients in food…I have been finding this by doing it…try it.

  • Troy

    I’m leaving in 45 minutes for my coin dealer to buy 90, 1964 Kennedys. He sold a massive amount of silver last week and he says the tide is turning in the silver market. Gold is not selling very well at his shop, seems everyone wants silver.

  • A047

    Yes! This is great! The word is getting out about owning physical Gold and Silver. The flock will awaken. Look out banksters. Hope you like prison food.

  • Tony

    Where is Blythe with her naked shorts?……….Ughhh naked Blythe what a repulsive thought. LOL

  • Tony

    JFK must be rejoicing from the grave.
    President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110

    • rodjen78

      Yeah, just look at JFK’s power and authority!

      They may have killed his body, but they couldn’t kill neither his spirit nor his Executive Order 11110. Nothing can stop this order from being enforced by the very people who find what they are meant to be: free and independent.

      What is truth?

      Truth is the one thing you cannot get rid off.

      Truth is eternal and inevitable.

  • Iguana One

    Great news! Hope the criminal politicians don’t put a bullet in their heads like they did to Saddam and Gadafffi for using silver and gold instead of the dollar. By the way, I check out King World News each day and listen to the 50 year veterans of money and metals and a majority of them including John Mauldin, Bill Haynes and Dan Norcini say that Silver will probably go down this session week to maybe as low as 28. bucks again. Even though Silver is a great buy now…..why not wait and buy the dip?
    Just sayin”.



  • Loren

    The governments want digital money to track all you buy and sell to ensure they get their piece of your pie while producing and providing nothing of value. Imaginary money solves so many problems for them. The people of course want tangible money that they hold in their hand, it has steady value, and is transportable anywhere. These desires are at odds and if people don’t reject digital currency, it will enslave you. Go for the Gold….and the silver, … and the platinum, and….anything else that can be used as a currency. Reject digital money and send the banks back to the stone age where they belong. Money is what we say it is…not what the banks decide it is. When up to the banks the money is either wothless or made worthless with time. Money for nothing and the chicks are free. That ain’t workin, that’s the way you do it…..

  • Steve_D

    Imagine a world that turns its back on Fiat currency in favour of Gold and Silver.
    Imagine a global refusal to pay for the Banksters greed.
    Imagine a world without usury, where you could keep the fruits of your labor.

    You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

    • dishesdealer417

      Usury = getting interest for someone else’s usage of my money? I don’t mind interest being charged for that. Libertarians and others who actually believe in free markets don’t have a problem with charging interest on loans or earning interest on deposits etc.

      • SGT

        NOT accurate dishes. USURY is the practice of charging EXCESSIVE interest rates on loans. It’s the difference between a 5% loan and a 30% loan or a 50% pay day loan. The latter two are USURIOUS, and used to be illegal in this country until the criminal banks took over. Few would loan their money to another for free, but to charge USURIOUS interest rates is a crime, otherwise knows as LOAN SHARKING.

        Liberterians and the practice of USURY are not connected. One despises the other.

        Usury: the practice of charging excessive, unreasonably high, and often illegal interest rates on loans.

        • dishesdealer417

          Who gets to decide what is usurious? That is the problem with a supposedly free society, who gets to decide? So people who would otherwise have no choice but to go to lenny the legbreaker for a loan have a better choice where default doesn’t mean bodily harm? so? Why do you get to decide what individual’s get to have or not? What is excessive? That is how these bad laws get passed. People who have a vested interest in “helping” the poor get laws passed that outlaw their competition.

  • Steve_D

    Really? So your ok with the Fed loaning your money back to you and charging you interest for the privellage?

    Or when they only issue the principal, yet still add on an additional % to be paid back upon damand.

    Is that really a free market, or a market that’s doomed to failure?

    • dishesdealer417

      Individuals like myself who support the constitutional right of individuals to be free of governmental or religious interference in our lives can support the use of interest for both purchases or interest income on savings.

      If you are a supporter of the constitution, capitalism, Austrian Economics, or Libertarianism then you will understand the difference between governments or criminal banking cabals putting fake fiat money on us as a matter of corrupt law is not the same thing as what individuals choose to do with their own capital.

      It sounds like the religious extremists or communists are here against interest being charged.

  • Mr. Williams

    This news is so exiting to me. As a 23 year old man stacking silver, I know I have a chance to have a better life if the US turns completely fascist. I don’t want to spend my life living in totalitarianism. At least I know that my children have a chance at a better future if I decide to have any.

  • Ed_B

    It isn’t interest on loans that is inherently evil. It is the creation of money as a debt instrument that is evil. Notice that all US currency now says “Federal Reserve Note” on the bills. A “note” is a debt instrument, such as a mortgage. Currency should not BE a debt instrument. It SHOULD be payment in full of debts and not the promise to pay the debt. Gold and silver are payment in full while “notes” are nothing but promises to pay.

  • davepa

    as long as blythe and company can create and sell virtually unlimited paper silver, thus suppressing and manipulating silver price, we will likely never see the price where we dream it should be. /// just saying, as I am disciplined stacker.

    • harman kardon

      That is exactly what they, TPTB, thought back in the mid-late 60’s with the London Gold Pool. That system lasted a few years and was eventually over-run by the market. Nature is much more powerful than man and the actual market is a product of nature.

  • bob a

    guys/gals, sloooooow done. I’m busy stacking at these prices. relax. let them keep’er down at these prices for the forseeable future. sell your home if you need to (like we did), and buy, buy, buy, buy silver. I got a little too caught up in the ‘art work’ of silver…side tracked if you will…you know, somalian elphants, pandas, tigers, birds, fish, titanic, britannias, etc…no more. Back on purpose. Loading up the silver eagles from here on in. Oh, I’ll probably buy a couple 2012 colorized somalians, but that’s it. but no more 10, 20, 30 at a shot. back to the 100’s of eagles baby. stack’em boyz and girls.

  • Troy

    I bought 97 1964 Kennedy halves, and 8 Roosevelt dimes today..I cleaned out my silver dealer of 90%…he does have 999 fine yet. He is out of 90% “junk silver”, he told me this is the first time in over 20 years that he 90% coins are sold out. He has graded MS silver dollars yet, but thats it.

    • The Old Man

      The term ‘Junk Silver’ always makes me smile. As if something made from 90% Silver could EVER be junk – lol. The other term I find strange (and also annoying) is ‘Scrap Gold’ – yea really, like Gold has ever been ‘scrap’ – lol but even louder.

      I would laugh at these terms all day in knowing circles, but for those who still dont understand these terms are very dangerous. They originated in the banking industry (no suprise there then) and were intended to psychologically separate the association of Gold and Silver from real wealth/money. The terms have more recently been propagated and taken to the next level by the ‘we buy your old gold’ scammers (which has become a global phenomenon) to cheat the ‘not-yet-awake’ out of the last pieces of true wealth they may still have.

      In a year or so from now all of those people who gave away their old gold and silver jewellery/coins/antiques for a few pieces of paper will be kicking themselves (or crying).

      Regarding half-dollars and other similar international coins, I certainly agree that lower weight Silver rounds / old coins are very important for any stacker, especially for barter. If the price of a 1oz bullion coin goes well into triple figures and you only want a loaf of bread and some milk, it may be difficult to get ‘change’ (just as a 1oz gold coin today would pose a real problem at a gas station or store). Smaller coins will assist in such cases. Same goes for light pieces of gold and silver jewelery – chains, rings, etc of varifiable quality and purity – all good barter items which are often overlooked.

      Either way just buy and store whatever Gold and Silver you can get, whatever its form – it will all come down to ‘total ounces owned’ eventually.

      • dishesdealer417

        I totally agree with you. Buy silver/gold/copper in whatever form you can. New jewelry and household items like salt/pepper shakers etc. have a ridiculous mark-up so buy what is known as old/new stock. Somebody got it for a wedding present back in the 50s, never used it and it now selling it. My brother for christmas got sterling salt & peppers on a tray. My female relatives all got sterling jewelry, my sister in law just had a birthday and she got a scotty dog pin made from thick heavy sterling.

        They can enjoy them and they can use them to buy food/meds/services when the time this mess collapses. I also stack copper. Jim rogers states that we need items of real value & copper has been money for just as long or longer than silver/gold. Didn’t that hedge fund guy just buy a million dollars face value of nickels which are 75% copper/25% nickel??

  • Bruce

    Here in Los Angeles we have military aircrafts flying around the city. Hummmm what are they getting ready for. Rumors are Marshall law coming to a city near you. Soon

  • Jr

    I’m sorry
    Im a young stacker in my 20s
    Live in Singapore
    And does not see anything close to what was described
    We start accept dirham and dinars?
    Tell that to majority of the population and they dont even know what is a dirham or a dinar

  • kubumonster

    I am from Malaysia and can vouch for that .Not only that peoples in this region are accumulating physical silver/gold like there is no tomorrow.

    So manipulation of price , keep it coming

  • David Oldfield

    You know this is right when it feels right, mankind should be using it work, ideas and resources building a better world, not wasting its time paying back fraudulent debt.

  • Bob

    Thats ok! obama will just bomb them and bomb them until they do AS he directs them. Use paper mpney.

  • john

    Yeah keep on stacking,I’ve been stacking for 6months now,but funds are too low at the moment.I wouldn’t worry about the price,as long as you know the end game.

    • dishesdealer417

      Then stack copper if you can’t afford silver/gold. Each U.S. pre oct. 1982 copper penny is worth about 2.25 cents in metal content and has been worth over 3 cents before copper prices went down some lately. I have over a hundred pounds of these and am looking to add more. They are heavy but worth it.

      They will be excellent for small purchases in the future. You can go to your bank and ask for say $10 in rolled pennies. Search through them. Most 1982 pennies are real copper but I check each one individually to weed out the worthless ones, stack the good ones & return or spend the bad ones, then repeat. If you don’t think pennies are worth it, check out this stat. what one american dollar will buy today could have been bought for 3cents back when the federal reserve criminal conspiracy was shoved off on us back in 1913. There are a lot of videos on youtube to help you get started if you want to watch them.

  • WMoksg

    I’m from Singapore and definitely nothing is happening close to what had been described in this article. As far as Singapore is concerned, fiat money and fiat money changers are the only means, not gold nor silver. JR is absolutely truthful and correct. I have yet to see anyone in Singapore other than fiat, using dinar nor dirham as a form of exchange. Lol … going viral, really ?

  • Bruce

    Look around you are you asleep, the whole world will be going to gold n silver. If you think that paper currency is not in trouble, then you’ll be one of those people starving to death, because your paper money is going to be useless. The time is near where the use of paper money, will no longer survive the current times.

  • rich

    read it…you’re all part of the experiment….

    Negative Nominal Interest Rates: History and Current Proposals

    Thus, Gregory Mankiw (2009), in an article in the New York Times,
    reflected on the possibility of negative interest rates as a way to
    revive lending. The idea might seem absurd at first glance, but, as
    Mankiw’ points out, the same applied to the idea of negative numbers,
    which were rejected by early mathematicians as impossibility. Indeed,
    in an internal study, the Federal Reserve Bank specified the ideal
    interest rate at minus five percent (Guha, 2009) and the Swedish
    central bank actually cut its deposit rate to minus 0.25% at the
    height of the crisis (Sveriges Riksbank, 2009). Thus, the financial
    crisis fired a monetary policy debate that took place mainly in the
    blogosphere, in parliamentary or congressional evidence or in speeches
    (see for further references Buiter, 2010, p. 216). As a consequence
    negative interest rates received popular attention beyond the small
    group of academics who have worked on the issue since the millennium.

    Scholars have come up with various schemes for removing the zero bound
    via negative interest rates. Buiter (2010) proposes three different
    methods for removing the zero bound. One very interesting proposal is
    separating the means of payment function of currency and its unit of
    account role, was already suggested by Einaudi (1953) and Gaitskell
    (1969). Buiter (2005a) refers to Eisler (1932), who distinguished
    between the function as “unit of account” on the one hand and as a
    “medium of exchange” as well as “store of value” on the other hand.
    Eisler himself was rather not concerned about the implications of the
    zero bound, but his motivation was to shield the economy from the
    negative effects of inflation. Nevertheless, in the recent literature
    Eisler’s proposal is taken up as a method for removing the zero bound
    by separating the means of payment function of currency and its unit
    of account role (Boyle, 2002, Davies, 2004, and Buiter, 2005a; 2010).

    According to Buiter’s (2005a; 2010) scheme, the existing currency is
    withdrawn and replaced by a new government-issued currency. This new
    currency only serves as legal tender and cannot be used to denominate
    prices of commodities and hence all prices, wages and contracts are
    denominated in a different unit of account. Since there are no coins
    or notes of the currency that serves as the unit of account, the
    monetary authorities may set a negative rate of interest on all
    registered accounts in the manner described above. In order to avoid a
    flight into the legal tender, it is constantly depreciated against the
    currency which serves as a unit of account. Covered interest parity
    demands that the rate of depreciation of the legal tender must equal
    the negative interest rate on the unit of account (Buiter, 2010, p.
    230). Thus, the whole monetary base is subject to negative interest
    rates, although the nominal interest rates on coins and bank notes
    respectively remain zero. Indeed, Eisler-like schemes have been
    adopted in Latin America to fight inflation, most notably in Chile,
    but so far have not been used as a method for removing the zero bound.

  • people's currency

    refer the producer of these gold dinar and silver dirham

  • A047

    Buy whatever Gold, Silver,Copper you can afford and start stacking. If you have change at home start there. Sort through and seperate all the good coin years from the newer garbage coins. Go online to to see what coins are worth by the year. If you cannot afford Gold then buy Silver. If you cannot afford Silver then go to your bank and buy Nickel rolls. Just by buying Nickel rolls with your worthless paper money you make 6% walking out the door. Also the daily spot price on Copper and Nickel is also on
    What kind of interest is your bank giving you these days on your paper? Next to nothing right? Once you figure in inflation you are actually LOSING money by holding on to paper Dollars. Stock Market? Too risky. Look what happened to MF Global. Google it if you don’t know. The bottom line is this. The Dollar is crashing. It is being devalued every day. No paper currency has EVER lasted. Google that too. It’s a fact. Unless you own PHYSICAL Gold,Silver or Copper you will lose everything you have worked so hard for. This is not a scare tactic. This is a warning. This is a call to wake up and do what you need to be doing to protect yourself and your loved ones. The prices are good right now but this won’t last. Once the masses get clued in that they should be BUYING physical Gold and Silver INSTEAD of SELLING then the prices will go to the moon. Yes, it is about ounces. That’s why they call it stacking. The more you have, the more you are worth. This will be the greatest transfer of wealth ever seen. Some people will lose everything holding paper. Others that accumulated physical Gold or Silver will become wealthy. Remember this always. If you don’t have it then you don’t own it. Good luck and God bless.

  • bronki

    Na die Mädels sind nett,aber ob das Essen was ausmacht für den Geist ,ist eine andere Frage !Einen lieben Gruss aus Deutschland von einem Deutschen !!

  • bronki

    Is only metal interst for me ,cheap metal(physic) is my faforit !Go to Hell papergays!

  • Joe

    Absolutly wonderful, I support this and those people 1,000,000%, good to see rational people taking their own destiny into their own hands.

  • NHJ

    I’ve been searching for these coins for 2 days in Jakarta but can’t seem to find them or any local that has even heard about them. Its great to see this movement spreading though. I just hope more of us in the west start catching on.

  • Every nation should be using gold and silver for money. Gold and silver are the universal currency. That’s what the world was using a hundred years ago. But the bankers and politicians don’t want that! Gold and silver would put an end to theft through inflation – which is counterfeiting by governments and central banks.

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