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CNBC Anchor and CFR Member Erin Burnett Pushes Her Bankster Master’s Agenda: What if We BANNED Cash?

We wonder, what if we got rid of cash? After all, cash is what keeps terrorists, drug dealers and gun dealers in business.” – Erin Burnett

by SGT

As I outlined in my recent article, Stumbling Blocks to ‘Global Governance in a Changing World, mere “human resources” like us can get an insider’s look at the very real problems plaguing the folks that seek to enslave the world by tuning into the CFR’s own You Tube channel, where they regularly discuss these issues. Now we can get some of that CFR spin on CNBC too.

CNBC’s Erin Burnett is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as is NBC’s Brian Williams and many other public figures. And each does their best to toe the line for their Bankster Oligarch masters, helmed by the Sith Lord himself, David Rockefeller.

In this clip, Burnett excitedly promotes the NWO plan of killing physical money through her “interview” with former Israeli Ministry of Defense consultant Jonathan Lipow who demonizes cash in a NY Times article only Edward Bernays could love titled ‘Turn in Your Bin Ladens’.

Burnett asks: “So your solution is let’s get rid of the cash and that would cut off a lot of the illicit activity out there, and certainly a lot of the funding for terrorists.”

Burnett doesn’t ask if this should be done, nor does she attempt to debate the concept in any way. She tows the line with this follow up question: “So how do we do that practically?

As we know, there is also a parallel Department of Homeland Security strategy to depict those who use physical cash as terrorists. This CNBC interview is yet another blatant piece of Bankster propaganda. A cashless society is part of a long-term plan designed to enslave you as the Banksters push for implantable biometric chips containing all of your personal financial data. A meme eagerly conveyed here by the despicable Erin Burnett. And why not? Burnett has committed to the CFR’s mission of destroying national sovereignty and implementing global governance. And as NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams enthusiastically stated in the CFR’s own 2007 promo video:

“I am always six to nine months away from next trip to Afghanistan and Iraq. And before I go I rely on the resources of the Council. I think it would be foolish not to.”
– Brian Williams, 2007

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44 comments to CNBC Anchor and CFR Member Erin Burnett Pushes Her Bankster Master’s Agenda: What if We BANNED Cash?

  • AgShaman

    Whoa!…..pure evil

    I never thought it would be so easy to hate a good lookin’ woman as much as I hate this NWO Harpy.

    The interview was a scripted failure…and didn’t go smooth at all.

    Not as much of a scripted failure as the Bush Crime Syndicate’s “War on Drug’s”….but, they will not be able to sell this one to the public. There are too many people clued in to their schemes.

    Biometrics and a cashless society will have to be forced upon the proles….most likely after another big Neocon “rah rah Hitleresque” 9/11 false flag event.

    That should do the trick nicely to “lock in” the cattle inside their pens

  • Tony

    This is a plan to prevent bank runs, if it happens it will be rejected and fail. black market will crop up.

  • Travis

    Total filth, well they will get their just rewards with the implantable chip.

  • Tony

    What about the terrorists who sunk the USS Liberty

    • James B - Canada

      USS liberty had no right to spy on Israel during the war that began because the US did not keep its word. Eisenhower promised Israel that the US govt would ensure that war will not occur. So Israel, in 1956, retreated from the Sinai. One of many lies from the Us govt.

      It has been proven that the USS liberty attack was an error.

      If you are so concerned about friendly fire, you should write your congressman that there should be more investment in R&D to prevent this.

      If I was an Israeli pilot, I would have sunk it myself before they could send news to their arab financiers or the Saudi Lobby.

  • snowmover

    yeah – single worldwide currency–that’s working out well in europe isn’t it.
    The single currency that would work world wide would be gold or silver. For anyone that thinks there’s not enough to go around, think again. It simply has to be valued to reflect it’s rarity.
    The powers that be want total control of all the sheeple. Don’t fall for that crap.

  • Sigo Plapal

    Before asking people to turn in their Bin Ladens, how about putting the Jon Corzines in jail first?

  • Julie

    “CNBC Anchor and CFR Member Erin Burnett Tows the Line for Her Bankster Masters: What if We BANNED Cash?”

    OK, I’m going to be the spelling/grammar Nazi on this one – this drives me nuts because I see it all over the place… You don’t TOW the line, you TOE the line, as in sticking your toe across it but staying on the other side. Please correct this. AAARRGH!!!

    • AgShaman

      DTOM is the website for proof-readers and spelling/grammar Nazis

      Here at SGTReport…it’s a little more laid back…and people don’t get so caught up in that sort of thing.

      But if you need something to do with your free time….I could purpussly start to misspell sum werds, if that’s your thing, and you want to corect the misteaks of others

      • SGT

        Get caught up in all you want guys, I appreciate the help. I work full-time and do this truth-telling ‘on the side’ which equals another full-time job. I more than welcome any support and pro-active help.

        • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

          Perhaps not being fully polished like the corporate media gives it credibility.
          It may be fully polished but what the corporate media present is still is a piece of s**t and all the polishing in the world won’t change that.

      • Julie

        AgShaman – Just trying to help – I’m not worried about spelling or grammar in the comments, so feel free to misspell sum werds if you want to. But I believe in what SGT is trying to communicate, and if we are trying to wake up our friends and neighbors, any small dings in credibility can slow this down!

        • dishesdealer417

          Now now. Content over form should be the order of the day, after that I obsess about the form. I think that this is one more misguided attempt at control by the nwo elites.

          Most people see themselves as law abiding and part of the “good guys”. If they outlaw all cash then they would also have to get rid of all cash equivalents which I believe has recently been reported includes such items as Tide Laundry Soap. Once you put anybody who trades on the Underground free market (a.k.a. Black) into the terrorist bad guy category then they get even more significant unintended consequences. People may start to identify with and sympathize with the “terrorists” or “drug dealers”.

          They would then be less likely to be helpful to any central authority & more likely to be helpful to those who they see as being like themselves.

  • BladeMcCool

    Why do you guys care if they get rid of cash? Don’t you think that would just promote the use of Gold+Silver more for everyday transactions and boost the power of the SLA? Also, dont you think that it would spur the widespread adoption by anyone with a brain of anonymous p2p value transfer systems instead of using the governments shitty electronic system? If I was _going to_ make an electronic transaction, I’d want it to be in something that my name and slave card number were not attached to, wouldnt you? … So again not sure why you see this as a bad development for freedom. Shitty Fed central bank money should be gotten rid of in my opinion and people just need to start using something else. And if you dont earn your pay in something they can track …

    • AgShaman


      I think you miss the point. Once a cashless money system is in place…you will be fully confirmed in your slavery. There will be no place left for you to hide. Sooner or later you will need to convert your PM’s and pay your tribute to your masters in some form of taxation….then the anonymous nature of holding “original money” will be gone…and your secret life of living free and privately…gone with it.

    • dishesdealer417

      Gold/Silver/Copper etc. IS CASH. The fake green paper some shaman at the fed. reserve printed up and waved the fed. reserve act over is what is not really cash. When it is inevitably no longer acceptable in return for goods & services is when everybody will go to bartering for real items or CASH (gold & silver money which is what our constitution says is money).

  • Troy

    I’m sure glad I bought…and am buying more…90% silver coinage.

  • Scott Wolf

    These NWO scumbags are right in one regard.Trillions of dollars have been facilitating terrorism for over a decade now.Unfortunately that terrorist network is the United States Military Industrial Complex.

    Ms.Burnett better be careful what she wishes for.

    How would the Fed prop up her precious assets and stock market if we lived in a cashless world?How would the U.S. maintain its hegemony without that worthless piece of paper known as the dollar it foists upon the world?

    She’s too stupid to even understand her own ignorance.What a piece of work.

  • Bob

    That’s too bad, she’s such hottie too. This is ok though as the end will soon be here for all the banksters.

  • Nathan

    Guys, remember one thing: The BRICS just announced the creation of their own bank, and half the world, literally, isn’t using the dollar in mutual exchange.

    If these tools pushed for a cashless society, they’d be confined to their own respective nations. The East doesn’t not only wants cash, but HONEST cash(ie gold and silver).

    Putin’s the NWO’s worst nightmare, literally. Russia just bought 17 more tons of gold in March, and the Russians know of the manipulation. Believe it or not, China and Russia are some of freedom’s best hopes at this time.

  • Nathan

    The East wants cash. So, cash will always be available if they continue to want it. We may all just have to end up leaving the West if the Good Guys really do exist and if they can’t overcome the cabal.

  • Ajw

    Who cares what this fat girl says? Lauren lyster at RT is way hotter and SMARTER anyways

  • 74°N 56°E

    A cashless society is one of the most powerful mechanisms of control any government can have (or wish for). Such a system would potentially give the government absolute power over how a citizen lives their life.

    If you want to buy or sell, pay your bills, pay your taxes, receive welfare (and eat), etc, etc, you will comply and take the ‘number of the state’ – if you dont, you learn what social exclusion really is.

    Yes, on other levels electronic ‘money’ is inherently worthless,
    Yes, it will prevent ‘runs’ on less worthless paper assets.
    Electronic money also negates the need to print paper in ever higher volumes and denominations. Should a hyperinflationary period occur there will be no need to do a Zimbabwe and print Billion Dollar bills, just press a few buttons and add a few zeros to everyones account, or even introduce new forms of ‘bit based’ digital currency.

    Ultimately electronic money and a cashless is society is about power – and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    If things do go down this route the servers had better be well shielded from EMP or CME (or Stuxnet type code and people with fat fingers for that matter).

  • Bob

    I will bet you one one thing! If this is obamas next step It will pass the house and senate easily because as I’ve said many times on major legislation the GOP will always support obamas agenda and on garbage legislation the GOP will scream and hollar at how corrupt the dems are.
    VOTE for Ron Paul!

  • Steve_D

    You better believe this is their ‘out’ when the current system collapses, its already being indoctrinated into our children through the schools so that the next generation will think nothing of having to thumb scan/ Iris scan in order to buy and sell.
    It is up to us, right here, right now to stop this before it starts I urge everyone to reject it at every turn.

  • Hman

    Cash is ths last thred of freedom left. We loose it, and we will bee completely controlled ..

    • bubba

      Hman…you forgot to mention the 2nd amendment…it will be necessary once they “attempt to shove this shit down our throats.”

      “We the people” will have to take our rights back…again.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Just a minute, 9/11’s Mohammad Atta was wired $100,000 by somebody in Pakistan’s ISI, so should we also ban wire transfers too ?

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    With fractional reserve banking currency or perhaps zero reserve banking currency, money will become even more of an illusion than it is now. Whatever happened to weights and measures ?

  • Scott

    It seems the populace is schizo-confused, stockholme syndromed… The NWO must think they are in the final stretch if they are planting the meme-seeds of ”abolishing currency” in order to get at the terrorists.

  • Daniel

    wow, thx for sharing this.

  • Julian

    Totally agree, once cash has gone, we’re doomed.

    Don’t forget you are a terrorist if you use cash in Starbucks/Costa etc – see ZeroHedge article.

    Here in the UK just last week, they put out a piece on cupronickel coins being a health hazard, no seriously. Even though Cupronickel has been around for umpteen years. They are promoting the change to nickel coated steel!

    LOL. Anyone with a brain know’s this is debasement. As is the loss of the humble penny. As it’s worth more in metal content. But the argument on this was will retailers add upwards or subtract downwards (ie £1.99 to £2 or £1.98). A) Of course it will be £2 and B) That is not the point.

    Of course that is a health hazard, but mobile phones, electricity pylons, microwaves etc etc are totally safe!!!


  • kahoneez

    What the hell does her looks have to w/ anything , go rent some porn if that’s so damn important . I’d rather listen / Watch a butt ugly Independent Journalist who spoke the truth .
    Sure Biometrics scan for a candy bar , sounds good to me . Will there be extra charges too , not that it matters , it’s no starter to begin with bcs do u want some European Bank controlling your money , deciding WHERE , WHEN and HOW you make a purchase .

    Here’s a scary scenario from Anti- NWO Arron Russo . You go to store to buy groceries but find out by Cashier , ” Sorry you have money taken from account for past due TAX ; speeding ticket or property tax or ANY FINE ” so you only have 1.50 sir , sorry ” IT WILL HAPPEN bcs the collusion between Government and corporations is complete and deep .
    It’s all about CONTROL of people and Erin Burnett undoubtedly KNOW the Globalist AGENDA and is all good with it . Traitor

  • mark

    1:16 – at least half are used for gang…..
    I can’t believe this was aired on television, but yet again, Americans are programmed like a computer, they believe everything they see and hear on TV. A shame what happened to a once great country.

  • Winston Smith

    Erin-thanks for being a useful tool…….

  • davepa

    nice lady, to bad she is a brainwashed schill.

    there will always be a black market, no matter what the controllers attempt

    • dishesdealer417

      Exactly right. The billions spent on the “war on drugs” is a joke. There are actually honest cops out there killing themselves to try to stop a “war” that is being perpetuated by the elite who are the main drug lords behind the scenes and really only exists for a reason to put people in corporate for profit jails. But they haven’t even come close to stopping it.

      Cash will always exist. Nobody has ever found a way to stop the underground free market. Some real experts have tried in places like the former East Germany & Former Soviet Union and they couldn’t do it either.

  • Hman

    What you would expect from a Zionist CFR member.

  • Disavowed 1

    Didn’t’ pay your Obama insurance surcharge? Your card gets shut off. Late on your child support payment…. well, you get the drift. Cash under the mattress= useless, .27 cents on the dollar redeemed to you local bank after the Feddy’s get recalled from the field.

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