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Exclusive Interview: Bank of America Targets US Firearms and 2nd Amendment – Kelly McMillan

by SGT

McMillan International Group and SGTreport have a lot in common. They make guns. SGTreport writes and reports the real news. And Bank of America is a fan of neither. Last year was the target of a series of vicious attacks from IP addresses all linking back to the fractional reserve banking giant, here’s the proof. And now, McMillan Group International has been told by Bank of America that it needs to “carefully assess the risks of doing business with a firearms manufacturer” and apparently a law-abiding U.S. weapons manufacturer who builds their firearms in the United States doesn’t cut the mustard. Here’s my interview with the Director of Operations for McMillan International Group, Kelly McMillan.

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23 comments to Exclusive Interview: Bank of America Targets US Firearms and 2nd Amendment – Kelly McMillan

  • Mike

    It seems that only thing corporations understand is money. The have no concern for customer service, but they understand when people close accounts. I support McMillan and I would recommend a small local bank and leave the giants to whither. Great job getting this information to us so quickly SGT.

  • Kimo

    Mahalo SGT keep it up. Ben Bernanke video today

  • dishesdealer417

    Anybody who hasn’t already done so, please boycott Bank of America. If you have money in their bank remove it and if you must do some banking please go with a local credit union.

  • Dissident Thinker

    The thing I find strange is that every time I look at YouTube videos like this, which you would assume would have higher hit counts, are ALWAYS at 301 or 304 and so!!!

    Why are SGT or Jones or other videos I view ALWAYS at 300 when I view them early on and NEVER 156 or 248 or 400 or something?

    YouTube clearly fudges the numbers. I should do a print screen of this, I’m not crazy!

    • SGT

      DT, it’s a function of their view counter. It always “freezes” in the low 300’s until they vet the total view count, then it updates some time later at whatever the current count is; 1,200… 3,400… etc.

  • Joe


    Great to hear Mcmillan is taking another road away from BOA. They sell some very nice items and are considered to be on the higher end of the food chain when in comes to long range rifles. I am glad to see you are getting a little more intrest in the world of firearms. I have heard you say more and more as of late that firearms are an important element in our lives and how we hold the last threads of liberty in this county. Thanks alot for posting this as I relly enjoyed hearing it, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall while this BOA jerk talked to Kelly.

  • DaveL

    Just curious. How much more blatant Facist Police State BS is the “public at large” going to accept before the second American REVOLUTION begins? Unfortunately, the “entitlement/handout/welfare/food stamp genetations” will never be a part of the coming solution…AND WE DON’T NEED THEM. As for me, just waiting on the “starting gun”. In the illusionary words of a part of the 9/11 fairy-tale…Lets Roll!

    • bubba

      many of us with you DaveL.

    • SGT

      “Let’s roll”, a classic Bush-ism-era slogan based on a fable, or as David Ray Griffin coined “a sacred myth”. Remember too, “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists”, which, when your eyes are not wide shut, is quite the mind-bending proclamation.

  • Kimo

    Some people are more worried about American Idol and The Voice besides other programing instead of learning and preparing about the upcoming collapse. People still have the funds in the banks and or safety deposit boxes etc. We are preparing out here and getting stocked up and loaded. Keep stacking in precious metals!!!!

  • stacker

    SGT – Have you guys seen this ?

    You have got to read the “Personal Letter” from Moynihan linked in lower left.
    Spin masters hard at work.

  • Paul Repas


    Didn’t see an email for you, so this seemed to be the only way to contact you.

    Great interview of Jim Willie that you & your visitors will love.

    The always great Jim Willie discussing some pretty incredible things. See Tues, Apr 24th show.

    • SGT

      Thanks Paul. I’m not sure how to add any of those particular stories b/c they aren’t broken down individually, but looks like a terrific site. I’ll do a general post about it, and listen to it.

      • Paul Repas

        I don’t know much about the site because i just found it today (wanted to hear Jim Willie). This interview with him is a MUST listen and is right up most people’s alley who frequent this site. Don’t worry about the stories — listen to this Jim Willie interview and direct your readership there.

  • harman kardon

    Great work, SGT. Please keep exposing these criminals for the soul-less scum they are. BOA Constrictor will get exactly what they deserve.

  • david

    Yeah it doesn’t really surprise me considering bank of america’s reputation….spineless thieves do not like violence. Spineless thieves operate in the dark and are afraid of being caught because they know exactly whats coming for them when they do.

  • Julie

    You know it would be hilarious if we all used our Bank of America credit cards to go buy a bunch of guns and ammo…

  • dennis l taylor

    I like Julie’s approach,charge a bunch of guns on a BOA card but take it one step further run it up to the max and don’t pay for them.

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Do you have a list of the manufacturers of the serious weapons, like battle tanks and jet bombers, that Bank of unAmerica does do business with ?

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