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UPDATE: Server Goes Nuts, Publishes Old April Fool’s Article Titled ‘North Dakota Votes to Secede from Union’

UPDATE: We just received this note from the author Roger Strukhoff who writes:

It was an April Fool’s story from a few years back — thus the anachronistic public figures — that got re-posted by a berserk back-end server this week with the current date. The story has now been killed. I’ve mentioned this a few times at my twitter site and to people who’ve contacted me. Sorry for any confusion.” -Roger Strukhoff

by SGT:

An article by Roger Strukhoff posted Tuesday on his website claimed that the North Dakota legislature voted over the weekend to “declare its independence from the United States, in a measure that passed both state houses over the weekend.

The article went on to quote world leaders and Governor “John Hoeven”, claiming the Governor will sign the measure “which creates a new nation to be called The Dakota Republic”.

We wouldn’t have spent a minute sharing this piece of blatant disinformation with you if it weren’t for the e-mails we received asking about the veracity of the claims, and the 9,383 reads the article has got in just 24 hours.

The good news is, it turns out that this article was originally written as an April Fool’s Day post several years ago. Due to a server issue, the old article re-posted yesterday with a current date. So no disinfo here, just a Gremlin running loose in Mr. Stukhoff’s machine!

We regret not contacting Mr. Stukhoff directly and flushing this out for the benefit of our readers.

For us, the problem was that the word “satire” appeared no where in or on the article written by Strukhoff. And a cursory web search about North Dakota’s imagined “secession” for the quotes from the world leaders Strukhoff cited, showed no results other than direct links back to the author’s own story, with the current date.

And unfortunately, after the accidental re-post, the Strukhoff article had been posted at the Daily Paul, the SHTFplan forum and on other sites. Clearly Liberty-minded folks are enthusiastic about the potential for states to assert their sovereignty and shared the article in hopes it was accurate information. Our goal was to protect the integrity of those fine sites, and to shine a light on the article as not being accurate in order to prevent further dissemination of it on other quality alternative media sites.

As we all know, the option for states to secede from the stranglehold of an increasingly tyrannical Federal government is one of the last-resort remedies for Americans who yearn to be free. It is therefore a serious topic that ought not be marginalized, April Fool’s Day being the single exception!

We are grateful to Mr. Roger Strukhoff for contacting us and clearing this up. We are relieved to learn the article was indeed intended as satire.

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20 comments to UPDATE: Server Goes Nuts, Publishes Old April Fool’s Article Titled ‘North Dakota Votes to Secede from Union’

  • Carl

    I figured it was bogus. I just sent it to you guys because i couldn’t verify

    • SGT

      Not just you Carl, a bunch of folks. And I wanted to post it hoping it was accurate, but thought better to flush it out first. Thanks for sending the link.

    • Phez

      The first clue that gave it away was the fact that Hoeven is not the Governor! LOL Now what is true and may grab the attention of the “Liberty-minded” folks is that there will be a measure on the ballot this summer to vote for an abolishment of the property tax. This vote will make national headlines as other states may look to doing the same thing! Personally I will keep about $400/month in my pocket if/when this bill goes through and if it does not make through this summer, I guarantee it WILL make it through eventually. You tell half a million people that they will get to keep that much of their own money every month and see what they think! Small population yes, but you get the point! 🙂

  • dishesdealer417

    Although this isn’t true, it is very interesting because it shows the current zeitgeist. People are thinking about this stuff and obviously when the write about it on the internet, even jokingly, it gets our attention as it certainly got yours.

    I think articles like this are important because it shows that states are thinking about stuff, citizens are thinking about it too and discussing it. The mainstream media will either ignore it or make fun of it but since they have little relevency left, who cares what they do?

    States are making contingency plans. They won’t go quietly into their “fema region” by giving up state elected officials and offices. This is important, even though said jokingly.

  • david

    Don’t think they’d make it that far anyway, considering they have what, four or five major roads through the whole state, a handful of towns placed along them, and nothing but wilderness leftover.

    • Phez

      Maybe you should visit the state so you can be more more accurate in your description! There is more than just “four or five” major roads, have you heard of the Bakken Shale? Do some research and you will find out that the western part of the state looks like a disaster area with the oil and gas industry! North Dakota is rather filthy rich with a few major resources! Plus the cold weather keeps the riff-raff OUT! 😉

      • david

        Phez….its an exaggeration. And, I have done my research.

        There are indeed, few roads, considering the size of the state. Try traveling from Dickinson to Minot and see how many travel options you get.

        The state is also the third least populated state in the country, even less than Alaska. There are approximately 9.9 inhabitants per square mile which is tiny, as compared to some place like New Jersey which has almost 1,200 inhabitants per square mile.

        How big of a military do you think North Dakota can muster under these circumstances? No one wants to live there now, under an arguably democratic and capitalist nation, let alone a dictatorship or communist rule, in which case you can kiss good bye the wealthy that do live there.

        • david

          I’d also wager to say the tourism rate is pretty low as well. I’ve never heard anyone say, “let’s go visit North Dakota!” Tourism is a huge source of revenue for any country. If a country has very low tourism population, there is usually a reason for it.

          Yes there are wealthy people that do live there, but many more wealthy people live in states like California, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas, and for much better reasons. Also, a good percentage of the wealthy people that “live” in North Dakota, actually just own a second or third home there and reside elsewhere most of the year.

        • Phez

          Military? WTF do we need a military for here in ND? Everyone owns a dozen guns and what kind of “tourist attraction” does someone need to travel from Dickinson to Minot? All you need is a firearm and a full tank of gas! Tourist activities solved! And who gives a damn about the low population? The topic at hand was the fabricated April fools joke about ND succeeding from the Union. There was a time Alaska considered that very thought, but gee whiz, the population there is just over half a million also. Anyway……the idea itself for ND to succeed is silly, hence the joke. I’m damn proud to be a resident of ND, we take care of our own so if you wanna talk wealth and tourist attractions, contact your local liberal representative. One more assignment for you, before you go and claim “No one wants to live there now”, please explain to me the reason for the continuous growth rates on average over 7% for the past decade, look to Fargo for that one, why and how on earth our 2 major Universities have increased enrollment year after year, large industrial factories are either expanding or have moved here in recent years, and WTF the crime rate keeps rising?? I’ll answer the last one for you, increased populations come with increased crime rates, a natural cause and effect perhaps? or is it nobody wants to live here anymore and people are robbing themselves for lack of better things to do? Hmm, I’d say we have all the ingredients for growth, prosperity, happiness, your occasional drive by shooting, etc…Seems to me when people are looking to survive the political and financial crap WE ALL face, the least of their worries would be tourist attractions or the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot……you follow me? Or is this all to “exaggerated” for you, or are you one of those spoon fed individuals that cannot live and function without all the material gadgets and technologies? No, I don’t think you have a damn clue…………

          • david

            lmao, okay phez. Why don’t you come back when you learn to think critically. By the way, aren’t you the same “phez” that just claimed to live over in Europe not long ago?? lmao

            • Phez

              Think critically?? now that’s lmfao……nope, never claimed to have lived in Europe, don’t know where you fathomed that idea, probably in your adolescent little mind of fantasies…….I’m done with you sonny…..

  • Zyll

    The only reason it got my attention is because it sounded like the interview of “Drake” by David Wilcock on 3/28/12 talking about the “nation states” supposedly filed with the Hague last October.

    But I agree, the zeitgeist is definitely heading this direction.

  • david casciano

    Sean, imo the writer got what he wanted.Buzz.Regardless of the voracity or the truth of it.My suggestion ,in lieu of NDAA being challenged at the state level,obama care,and even paper vs hard currencies also challenged.Maybe we can focous the discussion on the idea of what are, REALLY STATES RIGHTS and how abusive or over reaching the federal gov. has gotten in states rights.

  • Roger Strukhoff

    SGT, I suppose you could’ve lifted a finger and contacted me about the story instead of leaving it to “anyone’s guess.” It was an April Fool’s story from a few years back — thus the anachronistic public figures — that got re-posted by a berserk back-end server this week with the current date. The story has now been killed. I’ve mentioned this a few times at my twitter site and to people who’ve contacted me. Sorry for any confusion.

    • SGT

      Thanks for the clarification Roger, I will post and Editor’s Update immediately so people know you’re a good guy and not one to spread disinfo. Sorry I didn’t contact you to ask you first hand.

  • Roger Strukhoff

    Thanks for the kind words. The spokesperson “Avrile LaPlaisantrie” in the story was my attempt at a French-ish version of April Fool’s. And as I said, the original date was April 1 2009 or 2010, I can’t remember what year.

    By the way, did you hear that the Obama Administration has mandated the use of Facebook to login to government services? See below 🙂

    From April 1, 2012

  • rudenewt

    What I find most interesting is the quantity of hits in the first 24 hours AND MORE the fact of so many inquires of “is this real?”. Sign of the times my friends, that a State succession story isn’t dismissed out of hand.

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