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BIX WEIR: Are There Signs the ‘Good Guys’ Are Winning? [a SGTreport Exclusive Interview]

Greetings friends. Here’s my latest with Bix Weir of This time Bix and I about evidence that suggest that the ‘Good Guys’ may be gaining some ground on the bad guys; 450 Banker resignations in recent months. We also talk about the Ron Paul Revolution, the crooked & corrupt mainstream media, the 100% RIGGED metals and stock markets, and much more.

Part 1:
 Are There Signs the Good Guys Are Winning?
Part 2:
 The Market is RIGGED 100%, Every Day
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30 comments to BIX WEIR: Are There Signs the ‘Good Guys’ Are Winning? [a SGTreport Exclusive Interview]

  • Zyll

    Great Interview Sean, Thanks!

  • Tony

    These bankers are heading to the underground bunkers at Denver Airport like cockroaches.

  • A

    Another great interview!
    You need to get The Admiral Eric Sprott on the show for a one on one.

  • zepster

    Hmmm…. me thinks that China will become the next global currency.

    20th century – Britain -> US
    21st Century – US->China

  • rodjen78

    Nice interview SGT, thank you.

    Bix’ timeline improbable, as usual. Most probably nothing will happen by August, and no, 2012 won’t be the year of delivery. Doesn’t mean one shouldn’t continue to accumulate metals at artificially depressed prices.

  • Nathan

    Very timely interview Sean, thanks for it.

    And a very happy Easter to both you and Bix!

    Christ is risen indeed. He’s our hope, not gold or silver.

  • Cory

    FUCK YOU BRIT CUNT LYING THIEVING HOME-WRECKING MANIPULATING ASS-WIPE! There is no language too harsh to fight the Illuminati…

  • mike

    Bix is a little out there but I still like to listen. I hope he is right about Ron Paul! ..Speaking of Ron Paul how in the world is he losing? I really don’t know one person who is supporting anyone else? The majority of these people were life long Dems!

  • mike

    Silly me..I may have answered my own question..I just roll with the finest people!

  • Daniel

    Don’t think for one moment these bloodline psychopaths won’t
    consider taking out a few billion lives before it over!

  • smf

    In Bix’s last interview with SGT he claimed the system was going to crash in March, we would then go through a 6 month depression, then Paul would win in November. What is Bix’s explanation for the system not collapsing last month?

    • SGT

      I’ll ask him for an update next time we talk. My recollection is that he said “Spring”, but you might be correct. That’s why I personally never make any timeline predictions – 98% of them are always wrong.

      • John

        Gerald Celente likewise has been calling for a crash for over a year. Now it’s delayed until after the elections… hehehe, does that mean it may happen in a month or so? No one really knows, I’m sure the Cabal is having a problem themselves, this collapse may be the end of them, damn well hope so..

  • rainmaker

    Sean, we love you and your work. We love Bix too, but most of us who been at this as long as you think Bix is living in a fantasy. Alan Greenspan is not Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny cvand even if he were, we would not believe in him anyway. I agree with most of “the truth tellers”, as you say, but one subject that seems to be avoided is what actually happens when the crash occurs, how are things going to shake out in the aftermath. There are too many scenarios to count, but several a possible (likely) and those are not pleasant. Why are these issues being avoided and not discussed?

    • SGT

      rain, Thanks for your support and kind comments. Bix is a smart guy and his heart is in the right place. His research is interesting, and since he’s willing to talk about the criminal Federal Reserve System, False Flag terrorism and Government corruption, he’s gold in my book, whether his “predictions” come true or not. But I agree with you, and Bix knows this, I think Greenspan is a most likely a Luciferian and undoubtedly a criminal. Having said that, what unpleasant scenarios haven’t I talked about? With more than 100 interviews with many interesting folks, I’ve covered a lot. Gimmee a list and I’ll explore the issues.

      • rodjen78

        Hi SGT. I use the opportunity of your question to propose a new direction to explore.

        I think the contemporary gold and silver bull markets are not what they seem to be on the surface, they are much deeper. “On the surface” for instance means being a reaction to criminality on wall street, to political corruption, geopolitical instability and economic decline of the west. You will see, a few years from now all the actors we identify as criminals right now will be gone and forgotten, but the PM bulls won’t be gone. Why?

        As Chris Duane puts it, the Why is more important than the How. Recently there was an article posted on your blog, explaining a 1972 study by MIT researchers of planetary limits and their effect on the end of growth:

        The anticipations are now very well confirmed by 40 years (!!!) of actual data, so the MIT model seems to be working. In the past years we have learned that one should only listen to people “who got it right”, so the MIT model is extremely precious, as it is a long term and obviously functioning predictor. What the model tells us is, that we are only about 10 to 20 years away from the apex of global industrial output, just based on the interaction of declining resources and an increasing number of world inhabitants. The MIT model also tells us that sticking to the growth paradigm will trigger a true crash, namely when declining resources put a limit on global food production.

        I really think this is the most important issue here. I have read the underlying report, and I think the FREE MARKET (not the criminal paper market) is anticipating the very scenario of the study. The 10 year bull market in gold and silver is a huge move, it tells us something big is on the horizon. If the free market succeeds to drain resources from industrial production, this will flatten the peak and thereby possibly avoid the crash the MIT model predicts on the basis of mathematically modeled dynamics.

        So basically, as accumulators of resources we are fighting the destructive crash dynamics that could bring the planet into a new dark age. I think this is the true fight here. In reality the paper criminals are students of the limitless growth model, raping the planet until everything goes to hell. The PM accumulators on the other hand voice an expression that wants to avoid this planetary destruction by early draining resources from the market. This seems to be the big story here.

        And it goes much deeper, which for a great reporter like you could be a gold mine of hot information: delocalized resource based capital, resource pools, local communities, agricultural societies, these are all things that await us if we are successful.

  • Troy

    Pay off your home…if you can’t, sell it, and buy a small cheaper home, buy food, guns/ammo, clothes, everyday supplies, and lots and lots of silver….and make others around you aware of whats going on.

  • frank

    for any interested

    There is a “new” guy on the scene that is saying things that sort of back up what Bix says. His name is drake, you can find some of his interviews on He covers history and speaks of a coming secret revolution that will set things right again.

    I hope these guys are right, but i agree…sometimes I think they live in fantasy land. Hope I’m wrong!

  • Elijah Johnson

    Great Interview Sean! When’s the next time you’re going to interview Bix Weir?

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