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The Fractional Reserve Bullion Banksters Are DOOMED [a SGTreport Metals UPDATE]

A SGTreport silver update. The Banksters prevented the Pan Asia Gold Exchange from ever doing damage to their fractional reserve bullion banking monopoly, they won’t be so lucky a second time.

For the Andrew Maguire KWN interview, click Here.

For the Ned Naylor-Leyland TFS Metals Report interview, click Here.

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56 comments to The Fractional Reserve Bullion Banksters Are DOOMED [a SGTreport Metals UPDATE]

  • John

    Maybe this is why JPM made such a large purchase last week, true price discovery? You definitely want to have silver in your possession . I’d like the price to rise, but I also like to add as much as I can.. I hope we can last until September or so, without any major upside move.. I have a good chunk, but I’d like yet more…


    • Steve_D

      I don’t think there is ever a time when you can sit back and look at your stack and say “well that’s it, I have enough now”

      Just keep stacking.

  • A

    Not much more needs to be said.


    thx for the info win 2 win!!

  • Hman

    The last take down of gold and silver was so obvious that the skeptics are turning to believers, the technical damage is serious and needs some some effort to repair it.

  • Warp

    Do you mean:
    “Freddy KRUGER-style nightmares”

  • Tony

    Curious to know what deal the banksters worked out with their fellow commies on the mainland? My guess is they promised them the State of California…..If thats the case they can have it with my blessings & Arnold can be their house boy like hop-sing doing the emperors dirty laundry.

  • Tim

    This is encouraging, Sean. I hope it comes to fruition.

  • flicks

    There seems to be some people in China who have a hell of a lot of money and do strange things. I first realised this when a Qianlong vase went for 50million, then more and more crazy prices for ‘art’. When I heard Ned saying these guys who wanted to set up this exchange walked into the LBMA and told them their plans – I mean come on. Andrew and Ned need to be very very careful about all this. But hell I wanna see it big time, dont we all ! ! !

  • colin

    Saun, i actually dont really get why this will change the game. Because does not Eric Sprott allread have this? If people want allocated silver, they can just switch over to the eric sprott fund. I really dont understand why this is going to change anything? dont get me wrong here, i am the biggest silver bug of em all. but this does not get me excited. Perhaps u can ask this question in your next interview with someone like Ranting Andy , or Mr Bob.

    • J A Brown

      That is the theory evidenced by hundreds of years of proof, most recently in the Americas leading to the close of the gold window. The only issue is for the consumer is trying to find a “GOOD” money or in this case good paper. The issue has been the amount of garbage in terms of the paper market violating promises, e.g. MFGlobal and the “AAA” securities in the CDS crisis. These used to be seen as the “GOOD” money to the majority of investors. Unless you have the ability to have a proper price discovery mechanism, in which all actors have common information, to allow a proper knowledge of what is “GOOD” v. “BAD” money, then Gresham’s Law will not affect the market.

      However, it seams as all paper is looking bad, so the gold/silver in physical will be saved and paper sold off. What is interesting is that the latest drop in price has spurred more physical buying according to Ranting Andy rather than a panic sell. Gresham’s Law is a good reasoning behind the current strong hands.

      The main thing is that if you believed a week ago that gold/silver were a good buy at 1750 because of a line of reasoning, e.g. government debt, and that line of reasoning still holds, it does, then 1675 is an even better buy. So thank goodness for the PM suppressors for giving us some more time at cheaper prices to stack up and get our houses in order.

  • rodjen78

    One should not underestimate the paper pushers. All I heared in the last weeks raises huge concerns. It points towards extreme and efficient global networking, a technologically fine tuned machinery running in the background, secrecy and political control beyond everyday imagination. Slashing PAGE, global PM suppression coordination, global central bank intervention … these people are very powerful, like it or not.

    I expect a very long, very exhausting, very painful war between paper and physical. With the kind of determination and dedication the paper criminals are conducting their business, this won’t end nicely. These are literally suicide banksters, they won’t quit unless the entire system goes down with them. They will stay and mess around until the whole thing blows up.

    Also, for your own sake, realize that most PM enthusiasts like the guys on KWN do regularely underestimate the fraudsters, be it in price or endurance. Take this seriously and learn from it. These are not free and fair markets, these are epic battlefields, every dirty trick is admissible and must be expected. You cannot assess it with simple notions like fundamentals, supply and demand, it is about paradigms. You cannot expect higher prices and profits, because it is a war, so there will be first and foremost considerable losses on both sides.

    These are not markets for the faint-hearted ones. You need to be a true PM soldier used to bite dust to stay. You will have to fight and wage everything, probably even your own lifes. Expect a long, brutal war. Expect to be alone. Expect to be the last one standing, your friends all gone when stuff gets tough.

    I have learned to know and respect the enemy. Therefore I don’t like the PM fairy tales and fortune tellers, because they play childrens games on a battlefield, they don’t realize how serious the situation is.

    • Jim

      Have you listened to the entire interview with Andrew Maguire? And keep in mind…if you play by the Cartel’s rules, you WILL get burned. There isn’t any question about it. Don’t let your past mistakes cloud your present judgment.

      • rodjen78

        Jim, I am in the PM markets for half a decade. I have not lost money because I buy physical for the long run, not paper metal, with the exception of some selected shares of junior miners. So I am not clouded by past mistakes. But I know all experts out there, including their interviews and track records.

        I have high respect for everybody who comes out with creative ideas and shares them with others. But meanwhile the track records speak for themselves and give a less romantic picture than is cultivated in the PM community. It is difficult to take somebody seriously, who made statements in the form of absolute certainty, and then was totally wrong, over and over again. It is about the lacking quality of information, analysis and improper attitude. Somebody who is repeatedly totally certain, but wrong in essential points, either suffers from lack of information, lack of intelligence, mental defects, illusions, tries to reap attention, or is a pathological liar. Unfortunately a lot of the “truthers” in the PM community seem to fall into this category. They are just riding a bull market for SOME reasons, and feel confirmed by the price action that ALL their crazy ideas must be automatically true as well. They are like gesticulating conductors standing besides a highway and making the impression they control the traffic. The truth however is, that the traffic would roll anyway, and that their gesticulation is irrelevant.

        In my opinion those who rule us have the right to rule as long as they are better than that. Now, if the PM community is unable to rationally uncover the market mechanisms, it won’t succeed in playing the guys at the levers. It is like a chess game: either you are a good player and anticipate the play in essential detail, or you lose. We are in the age of information. If your information is wrong, endurance won’t save you.

    • BUZZ

      This is good advice.

      The fairy tale from the those like Mcguire and Bix are based on faith and hope.
      The banking cartel have been in control of this country and world power structure for centuries.

      Sure silver and gold are real money and it’s honest money, but look around. There is nothing honest about our systems and society. The United States created by our framers is TOAST! Ron Paul and a few others are trying to remind people of just how far we have gone.

      Criminals run and own the systems which we are forced to endure. Look at what Ron did last week during hearing with Benny. Ron shows a silver dollar (competition) to the criminals and the wizards dropped the silver spot 10 percent within an hour just to remind you of who runs it.

      These financial oligarchs have the patriots running for the hills. Most of us who understand the truth sit idel. Some of us only try to profit from it. 99.9% of us don’t place ourselves in positions of power. Thus…nothing changes.

      IMO….the only way to restore a honest free repbulic is to have an aware, honest, moral, base. Look around….NFL, American Idol, porn, whoppers, and hollywood is what Americans understand.

      Perhaps silver and gold are great investments. But maybe only for your grandchildren.

      Jefferson and Jackson would be disgusted with what we have done.

      • Jim

        At best he states the obvious…unless you are brand new to PMs then you already know this. otherwise its just pessimism.

        Keep in mind that although most people do not actively fight against the powerful and influential financial establishment, the few that do are also extremely powerful and influential, and are themselves in the process of creating a new financial establishment.

        History has shown many times that the backs of bankers can be broken. Until the goal of population reduction is accomplished, as specified on the Georgia Guidestones, don’t think it can’t happen again.

      • Jim

        At the end of the day you either have to believe that the evil we see will be destroyed, or you have to conclude that it will overcome us. There is enough evidence to conclude either one will happen. But at the end of the day, you have to make your choice. If you choose to believe that evil will overcome us, then what is your purpose even coming to this website? You ought to be off in a bunker somewhere.

      • Jim

        Enough already of this vacillation back and forth.

      • Jim

        Okay…okay…so…honest question. If it is going to be so long, what am I doing wasting all this time missing such excellent opportunities for arbitrage in the silver market?? Prices fluctuate by a dollar in price one to two times a week. I can literally make up to two hundred dollars on each fluctuation while still keeping a good amount of silver on the side which I do not gamble with.

        So you tell me geniuses…cause I’ve been listening to this buy and hold bs for a long time.

        • Jim

          Just a cuople wise moves and that’s rent..just sayin.

        • Zyll

          All truly addicted junkies start dealing to support their habit…

        • Phez

          My advice is don’t listen to the “buy and hold” bulls**t. If anyone knows simple mathematics, you can easily profit with the ups and downs in silver spot price. I personally have been playing the game that way for awhile and it has worked out excellent. I have a “buy and hold” stack and a stack I trade with. Buy the dips and sell the rips. And if you are a damn fool, you could sell everything you own including your house and vehicles like some other well know self proclaimed “silver know it all” and when your cold, you can rub that silver together for warmth and chew on it when you get a little hungry. I believe in sound money and that silver is truly undervalued, but I use common sense too. If you can’t beat them, play the game with them! There will be no comex default, no legal actions taken by the CFTC, nothing. Why the hell would jeopardize the fat wads of cash put in their pockets by the banksters and dirty politicians? I think it is all up to the miners who produce the silver to find and establish the true value of silver. Until a day like that comes, it is pretty damn easy to play the game with them and no easier way to play it than there is with the physical metal….

    • Jj

      You are capturing my take. This effort was horsed, as in Trojan Horse. To have missed the certainty of such a maneuver is Rookie in the extreme. Now expect a rules change on the eve of launch. As stated, these are Kamikaze bankers, all in. Their daddies left them with no choice, holding the bag. It may be the idea that someday arises, but with the playing field as it is today, do not get your hopes up any time soon. As the Ron Paul sense of Liberty develops, the lines will be drawn. Be patient. Be real.

  • Scott Sando

    Vincit qui patitur.

  • John

    I think we’re headed to the 32 area, complete the second shoulder of an inverse. Take the S&P to the 1330’s, before the buying kicks in again..

  • Sandor Bors

    Your trepidations are well founded and you are right, it is a battlefield. Freedom, though, is more guerrilla like in its tactics to frustrate the powerful yet predictable machinery of the NWO. This will wear them out because we keep gaining recruits by exposing their shenanigans. If it takes our lifetime then so be it. We can die in peace.

  • Sandor Bors

    My point exactly 🙂

  • mad man

    great spirit, god bless your heart, Sean

  • davepa

    All the cheer-leading in the world is only hopium. Once price, has a weekly close above 50, the true celebration begins. Then, the “arrow will have it the target, the Achilles heel.

  • Troy

    $500 silver might be cool at first…but then I will really miss buying rolls of Canadian wildlife for $950, Chinese Pandas for $45, Kookaburras for $44, 1964 Kennedy halves for $13. That will suck shit to pay $191 for a 1964 Kennedy half when silver get to $500! I personally do not want higher silver prices. JP Morgan, keep slammin the prices, daddy needs more shine!

  • Troy

    In the year 2013….A call to Gainsville coins. Ya, I’d like to order a roll of Silver Eagles please. That will be $10,500 plus shipping sir.

  • Troy

    The 2012 Pandas are listed on Gainsvilles site, pre-order. I just pre-ordered 4 of them. I think they will sell out fast. I figure I better order now before silver goes to $500. I would hate to pay $2,100 for 4 Pandas! Todays price was only $190.45

  • Travis

    I figured that there was manipulation/ roadblocks behind the scene and that is why PAGE went nowhere. I was wanting to know about this for ages. The new exchange sounds exciting. Thanks for getting information out to us.

  • david


  • david


    Okay sorry for all the caps…just got excited…but check out, click your state and all states you and your family has lived in to see if you have anything waiting.

    I live in Pennsylvania, but I when I clicked on another state where my dad lives, I found out he’s got a hole stash of fiat in my name just sitting in a bank somewhere just waiting to be devalued. I literally found this out like two days ago when a friend told me about it. I’m taking full delivery and buying physical with every cent.

    Make sure to do this, you never know if the state has something in your name that is owed to you. Now is the most important time before another round of QE is introduced.

  • Troy

    I must be silver crazy…I just used a 10 ounce Engelhard bar to check my shave, and to see my nose hairs.

  • StormJackal

    Sorry, I don’t buy it. Were we not lead to believe that the HKMEx would be a game changer as well?

  • rich

    The Joke’s On US

    Our whole system or Rule of Law and accountability has completely broken down at the highest levels of Government and banking. Our system is no better than the Banana Republics we grew up to mocking and despising – THAT’s our system now…

  • hoser

    Everytime Dr Paul gets in Bernankes’ face about how stupid he is, the Cabal takes down Gold/Silver to proove a point. BTFD’s because these prices are a gift from the God’s!

  • CLARKY545

    Hey SGT I was just reading the comments on your YouTube video and there is a guy called silvercommunity2 giving away private information might want to check it out hopefully He is just trolling. Really appreciate all the work your doing keep it up

  • Frodus

    I suspect Silver will continue to go down until the election is over.I really don’t see where they have much choice,considering what is at stake.

  • dale

    Why is it that no one is talking about THE FED’S 100 YEAR CHARTER THAT EXPIRES AT THE END OF 2012? I find it so funny that everyone talks about 1 million issues going on around the world on a daily bases,when in fact it is all manufactured based on this one issue. Ron Paul if he as spoke about it should drive the issue into the public mind set.

    My two cents worth!

  • Troy

    Hey SGT, would that be cool if a bunch of us bought a few thousand acres of land. Used silver for money, grew our own organic food, raised our own cattle and chickens, had our own school systems, our own banks, with paper bills backed in gold. It would be cool. It would be an old school, low stress, wholesome living, real money way to live.

  • flicks

    Guns and Butter

    “There IS An Alternative To European Austerity: Modern Money Theory (MMT)” with Stephanie Kelton and Michael Hudson in Rimini, Italy:-

  • dale

    Hey you guys if you want that kind of life style read this


    may be helpful!


  • Joe

    Off topic post…

    Have any of you watched this story about Joseph Kony? It is the latest buzz on facebook and youtube, the video is only a few days old with nearly 50 million views. It states he is a child war lord in Uganda? The message has a good point that no child should be subject to a childhood miltary lifestyle, but it seems the maker and founder of this program is a far left shill for this coming election. The video release seems like perfect timing…

    Seems funny to me that you will see our current POTUS name show up several times thoughout the video (which is a long dragging 29 minutes in lenth). I wonder what other stories may come of this later in the year. Watch the video and you decide. Just thought some of you may find it has more meaning than whats on the surface.

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